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Instructions for use


   Summary of Contents for Philips DVDR1000

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    Instructions for use...

  • Page 2: General Information


  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction DVD Video Recorder________________________________________6 Box contents_______________________________________________7 Placement _________________________________________________7 Cleaning discs ______________________________________________7 Remote control ____________________________________________7 Loading the batteries_______________________________________7 Installation Connections - back side of your DVD recorder __________________8 Connecting to the antenna____________________________________8 Connecting to a TV set ______________________________________8 S-video (Y/C) connection ___________________________________8 Video (CVBS) connection ___________________________________8 Connecting to audio equipment________________________________9 Connecting to A/V receiver or A/V amplifier with digital...

  • Page 4

    Operation Important notes for operation________________________________21 Loading discs ______________________________________________21 Disc types _______________________________________________21 The following disc types can be used for recording and playback __21 The following disc types can be used for playback only __________21 The following disc types cannot be used at all, neither for recording nor for playback _________________________________22 On-screen display information ________________________________22 System menu bar_________________________________________22...

  • Page 5

    Special DVD-Video features__________________________________41 Menus on the disc ________________________________________41 Camera Angle ___________________________________________41 Changing the audio language________________________________41 Subtitles ________________________________________________41 Special VCD-Features_______________________________________42 Playback Control (PBC) ___________________________________42 Playing an audio CD ________________________________________42 Pause __________________________________________________42 Search _________________________________________________42 Moving to another track ___________________________________42 Repeat track/disc_________________________________________43 Repeat A-B _____________________________________________43 Scan ___________________________________________________43 Access control Child Lock (DVD and VCD) _________________________________44...

  • Page 6: Introduction

    This process can be repeated more than a thousand times. Your Philips DVD recorder is a recorder and player for digital video discs, with a two-way compatibility to the universal DVD Video standard. This means that:...

  • Page 7: Box Contents

    Box contents Cleaning discs First check and identify the contents of your DVD Some problems may occur because the disc inside the recorder package, as listed below: recorder is dirty. To avoid these problems clean your - DVD recorder discs regularly, in the following way: - Remote Control Handset with separately-packed batteries When a disc becomes dirty, clean it with a cleaning...

  • Page 8: Installation

    Installation Connections - back side of your S-video (Y/C) connection DVD recorder Connect the S-video output socket to the corresponding input socket on the TV set, using the - Please refer to your TV set, VCR, Stereo System and supplied S-video cable (3). any other User Manual(s) as necessary to make the Connect the audio Left and Right output sockets to optimal connections.

  • Page 9: Connecting To Audio Equipment

    If you cannot connect your DVD recorder to an A/V Connecting to audio equipment receiver with Multi-channel decoder, choose one of the following alternatives. Connecting to A/V receiver or A/V amplifier with digital Multi-channel decoder Connecting to a receiver equipped with two channel digital stereo (PCM) The best possible sound quality is obtained by connecting your DVD recorder to an A/V receiver with...

  • Page 10: Connecting To Other Equipment

    Connecting to other equipment Connections - frontside of your DVD recorder Use the top connector (EXT 2) on your DVD SCART recorder to make connections to a: Camcorder connection - Satellite receiver or Set top box, - VCR, If you have a DV or Digital 8 camcorder, connect - DVD Video player the i-link DV input socket (1) to the corresponding Most pre-recorded video cassettes and DVD discs are...

  • Page 11: Power Supply

    Power supply First time set-up: virgin mode After switching on the DVD recorder for the very first time the ‘virgin mode screen’ will appear. In ‘virgin mode’ you may have to set your preferences for some of the recorder features. If the ‘virgin mode screen’...

  • Page 12: Manual Setting

    TV Shape Manual setting Virgin mode When a menu is displayed: Use the w v (down up cursor) keys to go through TV Shape the options in the menu. The icon of the selected 4:3 letterbox option will be highlighted. Use OK to confirm your selection and to select the 4:3 panscan next menu.

  • Page 13

    Country Time/Date Select your country. This is used as input for the When Channel auto search is completed the actual Time ‘Parental Control’ feature (see ‘Access Control’) as well and Date are also set automatically. as the searching of TV channels. If the time in the DVD recorder display is not correct, the clock must be set manually.

  • Page 14: Quick Start

    Quick start Recording and playback are the basic functions of your DVD recorder. In this chapter the elementary operations for recording or playing a disc are presented separately for quick reference purposes. Detailed information on different modes, settings and features can be found in the chapter ‘Operation’. Switching on Switch on the TV set and select the programme number that you have chosen for video playback...

  • Page 15: Timer Programming

    Timer programming Timer programming without ’VIDEO Plus+’ Timer programming with ’VIDEO Plus+’ Press TIMER on the remote control. A PlusCode is a number of up to nine digits, printed in Select ‘Timer programming’ with v (up cursor) or most TV guides next to the start time of a TV w (down cursor).

  • Page 16: Playing A Pre-recorded Dvd-video Disc

    Playing a pre-recorded DVD- Playing a recordable DVD+RW Video disc disc Insert a pre-recorded DVD-Video disc. Insert a recordable DVD+RW disc. When ‘Autoresume’ is set to ‘On’ (see ‘User If the disc is a new blank disc, the display will show ‘EMPTY DISC’.

  • Page 17: Functional Overview

    Functional overview Front of recorder B STANDBY/ON - switches the recorder to power/standby mode Standby indicator - lights up red when the recorder is in standby mode - lights up green when the recorder is operative PANEL - to open and close the panel DISPLAY - displays the current status of the recorder 0 RECORD...

  • Page 18: Rear Of Recorder

    Rear of recorder MAINS - connection to the mains - RF connection to TV set ANTENNA - RF connection to antenna/cable TV signal VIDEO (CVBS) - OUT: for connection to a TV, receiver or amplifier with CVBS video inputs - IN: for connecting a video source with CVBS outputs S-video (Y/C) - OUT: for connection to a TV, receiver or amplifier with S-video (Y/C) inputs - IN: for connecting a video source with S-video (Y/C) outputs...

  • Page 19: Display

    Display DECODER - DVD Video disc inserted - Decoder activated for current preset - DVD+Rewritable disc inserted - Video Programming System/Programme Delivery Control active on current preset TITLE - DVD title number CHANNEL - Preset name or number TRACK - VCD/CD track number RECORD - Recording in progress - Video CD inserted...

  • Page 20: Remote Control

    Remote control TV/DVD switch TV/DVD STANDBY STANDBY B - DVD mode/TV mode selector for TV set* REC/OTR STOP PLAY REVERSE FORWARD PAUSE SLOW - stop DISC MENU - displays DVD disc menu or index PREVIOUS NEXT - direct recording of the currently picture screen selected programme SYSTEM MENU...

  • Page 21: Operation

    Operation Important notes for operation The following disc types can be used for recording and playback: You can switch on the DVD recorder with the B STANDBY/ON key. Keep your DVD recorder DVD+RW connected to the mains at all times to ensure that Records and plays;...

  • Page 22: The Following Disc Types Cannot Be Used At All, Neither For Recording Nor For Playback

    Super Audio CD On-screen display information Of hybrid SACD discs, the CD layer can be played. System menu bar (Super) Video CD Depending on the material on the disc (a movie, video clips, a drama series, etc.) these discs may have one or more tracks, and tracks may have one or more indexes, as indicated on the disc case.

  • Page 23: User Preference Menu Operation

    Repeat Title Repeat Track Repeat Chapter Repeat A to end Repeat A-B Angle Child Lock On Child Safe Resume Action prohibited User preference menu operation Press SYSTEM MENU on the remote control. Select in the system menu bar and press w (down cursor).

  • Page 24: Tuner Info Box

    Disc status icons Timer info box recording The timer info box is located above the tuner info box stop and is displayed in tuner mode. It displays the current stop status of the timer. play playing When a timer is programmed it shows a timer indication pause pause play and the start time or date of the first programmed...

  • Page 25: Index Picture Screen

    Index Picture Screen On the right hand side of the Index Picture Screen, you can see the disc bar. This gives an overview of all titles on the disc, as well as any empty spaces. The Index Picture Screen displays an overview of the On the disc bar, an arrow –...

  • Page 26: User Preferences

    Video shift User preferences Factory setting is such that the video will be centered on your screen. Use this setting to adjust the position of Setting user preferences the picture on your TV set by scrolling it to the left or right.

  • Page 27: Language Settings

    Surround: Select this setting when using equipment Adapt disc format with a Dolby Surround Pro Logic decoder. In This options adapts the menu of a DVD+RW disc, this setting the 5.1 audio channels (Dolby recorded on a different brand of recorder, to the own Digital, MPEG-2) are downmixed to a recorder.

  • Page 28: Remote Control Settings

    In the record settings menu, select ‘Record mode’. Remote control used If you want to use the remote control of a Philips DVD R e c o r d s e t t i n g s player instead of the standard DVD recorder remote control, select ‘DVD player’.

  • Page 29: Installation

    Sat record Installation You can only use this function, when you have a satellite receiver, which can control other equipment by a Auto TV Channel Search ’programming’ function. In this mode your DVD Your DVD recorder will search for all TV channels. recorder starts recording when the satellite receiver It stores channels in the sequence they are found.

  • Page 30

    Manual TV channel search Sort/Clear TV channels manually You can perform a search to select and store TV If the DVD recorder is connected to the TV set channels manually. with Easy Link or a similar system, manual sort Press SYSTEM MENU. cannot be executed.

  • Page 31: Recording

    Recording Before you start recording Switching on Recordings on a disc are started from the position of the Switch on the TV set and select the programme so-called disc pointer, i.e. the point where the last number that you have chosen for video playback recording was stopped.

  • Page 32: Manual Recording

    Manual recording After a short recording on a new disc, a few minutes will be needed to complete the formatting of the disc. Checking input Direct record Normally, the DVD recorder displays the contents of Make sure ‘Direct record’ is switched On. the disc on screen.

  • Page 33: Recording With Automatic Switch-off (otr One-touch Recording)

    What is ’VPS’/‘PDC’? Recording with automatic switch-off (OTR With ’VPS/PDC’, the TV station controls the One-Touch Recording) beginning and the length of the programmed recording. This means that the video recorder CLEAR SELECT TIMER switches itself on and off at the right time even if a TV programme you have programmed begins earlier TV/DVD STANDBY...

  • Page 34: Timer Programming Without 'video Plus

    T i m e r T i m e r V I D E O P l u s + p r o g r a m m i n g p r o g r a m m i n g V I D E O P l u s + V P S R e c...

  • Page 35: Programming With 'nex Tv Iew Link

    If desired, select recording at daily or weekly Programming with ’N Link’ intervals in the field ‘Date’ with SELECT. ‘Mo-Fr’: Recording to be made from Mondays to Fridays This DVD recorder is equipped with the function inclusive. ‘Weekly’: Recording at weekly intervals on ’N Link’.

  • Page 36: How To Check Or Alter A Timer Block

    How to check or alter a timer block How to clear a timer block Press TIMER on the remote control. Select ‘Timer list’ with w or v (down up cursor). T i m e r CLEAR SELECT TIMER V I D E O P l u s + p r o g r a m m i n g T i m e r p r o g r a m m i n g Press TIMER on the remote control.

  • Page 37: Playback

    Playback Note: Playing a pre-recorded DVD- During playback you can display and enter the menu by Video disc pressing DISC MENU. To stop play at any time, press 9 STOP. The default screen will appear, giving information about the current status of the recorder. REC/OTR STOP PLAY...

  • Page 38: Playing A Dvd+rw Disc

    Playing a DVD+RW disc Press T/C. Press K NEXT during play to step forward to the next title. Press J PREVIOUS during play to return to the beginning of the current title. Rapidly press J PREVIOUS twice to step back to the previous title.

  • Page 39: Slow Motion

    Slow Motion Search REC/OTR STOP PLAY REC/OTR EDIT STOP PLAY EDIT REVERSE FORWARD PAUSE SLOW REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD PREVIOUS NEXT PREVIOUS NEXT EDIT EDIT Select (Slow motion) in the system menu bar. Select (Fast motion) in the system menu bar. Use the w (down cursor) key to enter the slow Use the w (down cursor) keys to enter the fast motion menu.

  • Page 40: Repeat A-b

    Repeat A-B Zoom EDIT ZOOM ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO REPEAT REPEAT SCAN A/CH ZOOM ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO REPEAT REPEAT SCAN To repeat or loop a sequence in a title: Press REPEAT A-B at your chosen starting point; The Zoom function allows you to enlarge the video appears on screen.

  • Page 41: Special Dvd-video Features

    TUNER Special DVD-Video features Menus on the disc ZOOM ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO For titles and chapters, selection menus may be included on the disc. Use the w v keys to select the required angle in the The DVD’s menu feature allows you to make selections angle icon.

  • Page 42: Special Vcd-features

    Special VCD features Pause Press ; PAUSE during play. Playback Control (PBC) To return to play, press 2 PLAY. REC/OTR STOP PLAY Search REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD REC/OTR STOP PLAY PREVIOUS NEXT EDIT REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD Make sure PBC is switched On. See ‘User Preferences-features settings’.

  • Page 43: Repeat Track/disc

    Repeat track/disc ZOOM ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO REPEAT REPEAT SCAN To repeat the currently playing track, press REPEAT. Repeat track appears on screen. To repeat the entire disc, press REPEAT a second time. Repeat disc appears on screen. To exit repeat mode, press REPEAT a third time. Repeat A-B ZOOM ANGLE...

  • Page 44: Access Control

    Access control Child Lock (DVD and VCD) Authorizing discs when Child Lock is activated When activating Child lock, only discs that are authorised can be played without PIN code. Insert the disc. The recorder memory maintains a list of 50 authorized The ‘Child protect’...

  • Page 45: Parental Level (dvd-video Only)

    Parental Level (DVD-Video only) Use the w v (down up cursor) keys or the numerical keys 0-9 on the remote control to select a rating from 1 to 8 for the disc inserted. Movies on pre-recorded DVD discs may contain scenes Rating 0 (displayed as ‘–...

  • Page 46: Managing Disc Content

    Managing disc content Title settings Press OK to confirm. ‘Erasing title...’ is shown until the action is completed. For each title on the discs the default settings can be After the title has been erased, the Index Picture changed to your personal preference in the title settings Screen will show an empty space instead.

  • Page 47: Disc Settings

    Disc Settings Erasing a disc In the Disc Info Screen press u (right cursor). For each disc the settings can be changed to your You will now enter the ‘disc settings’ menu. personal preference in the disc settings menu. Select ‘Erase disc’ and press OK. In the Disc Info Screen press u (right cursor).

  • Page 48: Favourite Scene Selection

    The maximum number of chapter markers per title is 99. Favourite Scene Selection Per disc the maximum number of chapter markers is 254. When this maximum is reached the on-screen message With the EDIT key on the remote control the ‘Too many chapters’...

  • Page 49: Edit In Record Mode

    Divide a title Append recording If you want to divide one title into two seperate titles, REC/OTR STOP PLAY TUNER do the following: REVERSE FORWARD PAUSE SLOW ZOOM ANGLE SUBTITLE AUDIO REC/OTR STOP PLAY PREVIOUS NEXT REVERSE PAUSE SLOW FORWARD If you want to append a video recording to an earlier PREVIOUS NEXT...

  • Page 50: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If it appears that the DVD recorder is faulty, first consult this checklist. It may be that something has been overlooked. Under no circumstances attempt to repair the system yourself; this will invalidate the warranty. Look for the specific symptom(s).

  • Page 51

    No new title can be recorded Check if the maximum number of titles has been reached (message: ‘too many titles’ on screen). If so, delete a title next to a free space. Check if the disc is write protected. If so, unlock the disc in the disc settings menu (message: ‘Disc locked’...

  • Page 52: Diagnosis Programme

    In this case you should consult your dealer or the Philips Customer Care Centre for further assistance in solving the problem.

  • Page 53: Glossary

    Glossary This section explains most important terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used in this document. Term Explanation AC-3 Audio Coding 3, also known as Dolby Digital. Multi-channel digital audio compression system from Dolby Labs. Audio/Video Chapter A part of a title. Disc Bar A graphical representation of the contents of a (DVD+RW) disc.

  • Page 54

    Red-Green-Blue. A top-quality video connection where red, green and blue components of a video signal are carried through separate wires. cable Also known as Euro-AV cable. This standard cable is an easy way to SCART connect various AV devices and televisions. In addition to audio and video it can carry control signals.

  • Page 55: Appendix

    Appendix If your TV set does not respond to the remote control, Using your DVD recorder you can re-programme your remote control. Below you remote control with your TV set will find a list of all available remote control codes for various TV brands.

  • Page 56

    Kingsley....243 Philips. . 064, 039, 081, 401, 581 Sontec ....064 Korpel.

  • Page 57: Specifications

    Specifications DISC FORMATS SUPPORTED FRONT CONNECTIONS Disc type Playback Recording i.LINK DV IEEE 1394 4-pin • • S-video Input Hosiden 4-pin DVD+RW • – Video Input Cinch (yellow) DVD-R • – Audio Left/Right Input Cinch (white/red) DVD-Video • – SVCD •...

  • Page 58

    • Mois year • Année 20 The products and services described herein are not necessarily available in all countries Due to continuous product improvements this document is subject to change without notice. ©2001 PHILIPS Printed in Belgium 3104 125 2409.1...

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