Bosch Microwave Oven Instruction Manual
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Making cooking as much fun as eating
Please read this instruction manual. This will ensure that you
make full use of all the technical benefits the microwave oven
has to offer.
It will provide you with important safety information. You will
be familiarised with the individual components of your new
microwave. And we will show you how to make settings step
by step. It is quite simple.
The tables list the adjustment values and shelf levels for
numerous well known dishes. All these dishes are tested in
our cooking studio.
In the unlikely event of a malfunction, look here for
information on how to rectify minor faults yourself.
A detailed table of contents will help you to find your way
around quickly.
Enjoy your meal.
Instruction manual
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Bosch Microwave Oven

  • Page 1 Making cooking as much fun as eating Please read this instruction manual. This will ensure that you make full use of all the technical benefits the microwave oven has to offer. It will provide you with important safety information. You will be familiarised with the individual components of your new microwave.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of contents Before connecting your new appliance ..Before installation ......Installation and connection .
  • Page 3 Table of contents Memory ........Storing memory settings .
  • Page 4: Before Connecting Your New Appliance

    Before connecting your new appliance Important safety Please read this instruction manual carefully. Only precautions then will you be able to operate your appliance safely and correctly. Please keep the instruction manual in a safe place. Pass on the instruction manual to the new owner if you sell the appliance.
  • Page 5: Installation And Connection

    Installation and connection This appliance is only intended for domestic use. Place the tabletop appliance on a firm, level surface (at least 85 cm above the floor). The ventilation slots on the left side, rear side and the underside must not be obstructed.
  • Page 6: Important Information

    This appliance is intended for domestic use only. Only use the microwave oven for preparing foodstuffs. Children must only be allowed to use the microwave if they have been properly instructed. They must be...
  • Page 7 Never store combustible items in the oven compartment as they may ignite when the oven switched on. There is a risk of burning. Do not open the oven door if you can see smoke inside the oven. Pull out the plug. Clean the appliance on a regular basis.
  • Page 8: Safety Information For Microwave Operation

    Any liquid that penetrates this ca vity could cause the ovenware to crack. There is a risk of injury. Meals heated in the microwave oven give off heat. The ovenware can become hot. There is a risk of burning.
  • Page 9 Drinks There is a possibility of delayed boiling when a liquid is heated. This means that the liquid reaches boiling temperature without the usual steam bubbles rising to the surface. Even if the container only vibrates a little, the hot liquid can suddenly boil over or spatter. There is a risk of burning.
  • Page 10: The Control Panel

    The control panel Display for clock and cooking time Rotary knob Clock button for setting the time and cooking time or for setting automatic programming Start button Stop button Buttons for microwave settings 90 watts Memory button 180 watts 360 watts Buttons for automatic 600 watts programming...
  • Page 11: Push In Control Knobs

    The knob can be pushed in at any position. Push in control Simply press the control knob to release it or push it knobs in. The knob can be turned to the right or left. Accessories The turntable To insert the turntable: 1.
  • Page 12: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time When the appliance is connected or after a power cut, three zeros will appear in the display panel. Setting the time The dark buttons in the picture are needed for making settings Press j clock. 12:00 and j appear in the display.
  • Page 13: The Microwave

    The microwave Microwaves are converted to heat in foodstuffs. The microwave is ideal for rapid defrosting, heating up, melting and cooking. Try out the microwave straight away. You could heat up a cup of water for your tea, for example. Use a large cup without any decorative gold or silver trim and place a teaspoon in it.
  • Page 14: Microwave Settings

    Unsuitable ovenware Metal ovenware is unsuitable. Metal reflects microwaves. Food in covered metal containers will remain cold. Caution. Metal e.g. a spoon in a glass must be at least 2 cm away from the walls of the cooking compartment and inside of the door. Sparks could destroy the glass on the inside of the door.
  • Page 15: Setting Procedure

    Setting procedure Example: 600 watts Press the desired microwave setting. The set microwave setting lights up and 1:00 min appears in the display. Set the cooking time using the rotary knob. Press Start. You will see the cooking time counting down. The cooking time has A signal sounds.
  • Page 16: Notes On The Tables

    Tables and Tips Notes on the tables The following tables provide you with numerous options and settings for the microwave. The times specified in the tables are only guidelines. They may vary according to the ovenware used, the quality, temperature and consistency of the food. Time ranges are often specified in the tables.
  • Page 17: Defrosting, Heating Up Or Cooking Frozen Foods

    Amount Microwavesetting in watts Notes Time in minutes Whole joints of meat 800 g 180 W, 15 min. + 90 W, 10 20 min. e.g. beef, pork or veal 1,000 g 180 W, 20 min. + 90 W, 15 25 min. (with or without bones) 1,500 g 180 W, 30 min.
  • Page 18 Always cover the food. If you do not have a suitable lid for your dish, use a plate or special microwave foil. You should stir or turn the food two to three times during heating. Once you have heated up the meals, leave them to stand for another 2 to 5 minutes so that the temperature can stabilize.
  • Page 19: Heating Food

    Heating food Take ready made meals out of their packaging. They will heat up more quickly and evenly if you place them in microwavable dishes. Different parts of the meal may heat up at different rates. When heating liquids, always place a teaspoon in the container to stop the liquid from boiling over.
  • Page 20: Cooking Food

    Cooking food Always cook food in covered dishes. You should stir or turn the food during cooking. The individual taste of the food is retained to a large degree. You can therefore go easy on salt and spices. Food which is laid flat heats up quicker than if it is piled high.
  • Page 21: Microwave Tips

    Microwave tips You cannot find any information Increase or reduce the cooking times using the following rule of about the settings for the quantity thumb: of food you have prepared. Double amount = double cooking time half amount = half the cooking time The food has become too dry.
  • Page 22: Automatic Programming

    You can use the automatic programming to defrost food with the greatest of ease and prepare dishes quickly and easily. Your microwave oven has 7 automatic programmes. You will find the appropriate food and weight range for each programme in the tables. You can set any weight within the weight range.
  • Page 23: Defrosting Programmes

    Notes For some programmes, a signal sounds after a certain time. Open the appliance door and stir the food or turn the meat or poultry. Press Start again after closing the door. You can query the programme number and weight using "P"...
  • Page 24: Cooking Programmes

    Food Programme number Weight range Minced Meat P 01 0,2 1,0 kg Meat in pieces P 02 0,2 1,0 kg Poultry, Poultry in portion P 03 0,4 1,8 kg Bread P 04 0,2 1,0 kg Cooking programmes You can use the 3 cooking programmes to cook rice, potatoes and vegetables.
  • Page 25: Memory

    Food Programme number Weight range Potatoes P 06 0.15 1.0 kg Vegetables P 07 0.15 1.0 kg Memory You can use the memory to create your own programme. The memory function is useful if you prepare one dish particularly frequently. You can store the setting and call it up at any time.
  • Page 26: Starting The Memory Function

    Notes You cannot store several microwave power settings one after the other. You cannot save automatic programmes. Adding to the memory: Press "M". The old settings are displayed. Save the new programme as described in steps 1 4. Starting the Memory function It is very easy to Start the saved programme.
  • Page 27: Changing The Signal Duration

    Changing the signal duration You will hear a signal when the appliance is switched off. You can change the duration of the acoustic signal. Press start for approximately 6 seconds. The new signal duration is adopted. The clock reappears in the display. The following are possible: Short signal duration - 3 tones Long signal duration - 30 tones.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Appliance interior Hot soapy water or a vinegar solution. Clean with a sponge. Use oven cleaner if there is heavy soiling: Only use in a cold oven. Turntable and roller ring Clean the turntable and the roller ring with washing up liquid. Wipe the recess in the cooker with a damp cloth.
  • Page 29 Problem Possible cause Notes/remedial action The microwave does not work. The door is not properly Check whether leftover food or a foreign closed. object is trapped in the door. Start was not pressed. Press start. The food takes longer than The microwave setting is Select a higher microwave setting.
  • Page 30: After Sales Service

    After sales service Our after sales service is there for you in the event that your appliance needs to be repaired. You will find the address and telephone number of your nearest after sales service centre in the phone book. The after sales service centres listed will also be happy to advise you of a service point in your local area.
  • Page 31: Technical Data

    Technical data Power supply AC220 230 V, 50 Hz Microwave Input 1.270 W Microwave Output 800 W Microwave Frequency 2.450 MHz Dimensions (H x W x D) appliance 28.0 x 46.2 x 32.0 cm cooking compartment 19.4 x 29.0 x 30.0 cm Weight 13.5 kg TÜV tested...
  • Page 32 Notes BO 9000370277 S en S 080588...

Table of Contents