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Operating Instructions - Bosch 32609 Operating Instruction

Cordless drill / drivers
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BM 2610925941 6-05
Your tool is equipped with a variable speed
trigger switch. The tool speed can be
controlled from the minimum to the maximum
nameplate RPM by the pressure you apply to
the trigger. Apply more pressure to increase
the speed and release pressure to decrease
speed. This accurate speed control enables
you to drill without center punching. It also
permits you to use as a power screwdriver.
Bits are available for driving screws as well as
running bolts and nuts.
Your tool is equipped with a forward/
reversing lever and trigger lock located above
the trigger (Fig. 1). This lever was designed
for changing rotation of the chuck, and for
locking the trigger in an "OFF" position to help
prevent accidental starts and accidental
battery discharge. For forward rotation, (with
chuck pointed away from you) move the lever
to the far left. For reverse rotation move the
lever to the far right. To activate trigger lock
move lever to the center off position.
Do not change direction of
rotation until the tool
comes to a complete stop. Shifting during
rotation of the chuck can cause damage to
the tool.
Move reverse switch lever to the center "OFF"
position. Remove battery pack and rotate the
clutch ring to the drill bit symbol
". Rotate the chuck sleeve counter-
clockwise viewing from chuck end, and open
chuck to approximate drill bit diameter. Insert
a clean bit up to the drill bit flutes for small
bits, or as far as it will go for large bits. Close
chuck by rotating the chuck sleeve clockwise
and securely tighten by hand.
Do not use the power of
the drill while grasping
chuck to loosen or tighten bit. Friction burn
or hand injury is possible if attempting to
grasp the spinning chuck.
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Operating Instructions

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Your tool is equipped with two separate gear
ranges, low gear and high gear. Low gear
provides high-torque and slower drilling
speeds for heavy duty work or for driving
screws. High gear provides faster speeds for
drilling lighter work. To change speeds slide
switch, to the high or low position.
ATTENTION: If your tool appears to be
running, but the chuck will not turn, check to
make sure the gear shifting switch is pushed
fully into desired setting.
Your tool features 15 clutch settings. Output
torque will increase as the clutch ring, is
rotated from 1 to 15. The drill "
will lock up the clutch to permit drilling and
driving heavyduty work, and also enables bits
to be changed quickly and easily in the
keyless chuck.
When the trigger switch is released it
activates the brake to stop the chuck quickly.
This is especially useful in the repetitive
driving and removal of screws.
Your tool is equipped with a bit storage
adapter that will allow you to store a longer bit
if desired. To install bit adapter, remove bit
from standard storage area, then snap
adapter into it's place. To use, hold bit
adapter in place when removing bit (Fig. 1).
Rotate the clutch ring to the drill bit
symbol "
". Open the chuck all the way,
remove left-hand thread screw inside chuck
by turning it clockwise (Fig. 2).
FIG. 2
Insert the short arm of a 3/8" hex key wrench
and close jaws on flats of wrench (Fig. 3).
" position

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