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Important Charging Notes - Bosch 32609 Operating Instruction

Cordless drill / drivers
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BM 2610925941 6-05
Strike long arm of wrench sharply
counterclockwise, remove wrench and
unthread chuck from spindle (Fig. 3).
Always keep the spindle threads, the threads
of the chuck and securing screw free of
debris. To install a chuck, reverse "removing
the chuck" procedure.
Release battery pack from tool by pressing
on both sides of the battery release tabs and
pull downwards. Before inserting battery
pack, remove protective cap from battery
1. The battery pack accepts only about 80% of
its maximum capacity with its first few charge
cycles. However, after the first few charge
cycles, the battery will charge to full capacity.
2. The charger was designed to fast charge
the battery only when the battery temperature
is between 40˚F (4˚C) and 105˚F (41˚C).
3. A substantial drop in operating time per
charge may mean that the battery pack is
nearing the end of its life and should be
4. If you anticipate long periods (i.e. a month
or more) of non-use of your tool, it is best to
run your tool down until it is fully discharged
before storing your battery pack. After a long
period of storage, the capacity at first recharge
will be lower. Normal capacity will be restored
in two or three charge/discharge cycles.
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FIG. 3
pack. To insert battery, align battery and slide
battery pack into tool until it locks into
position. Do not force.
Remember to unplug charger during storage
5. If battery does not charge properly:
a. Check for voltage at outlet by plugging
in some other electrical device.
b. Check to see if outlet is connected to a
light switch which turns power "off" when lights
are turned off.
c. Check battery pack terminals for dirt.
Clean with cotton swab and alcohol if
d. If you still do not get proper charging,
take or send tool, battery pack and charger to
your local Bosch Service Center. See "Tools,
Electric" in the Yellow Pages for names and
Note: Use of chargers or battery packs not
sold by Bosch will void the warranty.

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