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Installation - Dell PowerConnect RPS720 Getting Started Manual

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Rack mounting kit
AC power cord:
RPS720—Type C13 plug
MPS600—Type C13 plug
MPS1000—Type C15 plug (with notch)
Switch DC power cords:
RPS720—14-pin DC power cords (4)
MPS600—16-pin DC power cord (1)
MPS1000—16-pin DC power cord (1)


instructions that came with the system.
Before you install the PowerConnect RPS720, MPS600, or MPS1000,
consult your PowerConnect Switch User's Guide to confirm that your switch
supports the PowerConnect RPS720 redundant power bank or the
MPS600/MPS1000 external power supply.
PowerConnect RPS720
Installing PowerConnect RPS720 on a Flat Surface
You can install the PowerConnect RPS720 on any appropriate level surface
that can safely support the weight of the switches, the PowerConnect
RPS720, and their attached cables. There must be adequate space around
the PowerConnect RPS720 for ventilation and to access cable connectors.
Allow at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) on each side for proper ventilation
and 5 inches (12.7 cm) at the back for power cord clearance.
1 Set the RPS720 on a flat surface and check for proper ventilation.
2 Attach rubber feet (optional) on each marked location at the bottom of
the chassis.
from slipping.
Before performing the following procedure, review the safety
Although optional, rubber feet are recommended to keep the unit
Getting Started With Your System

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