Honeywell ACUIX ES Installation Manual
Honeywell ACUIX ES Installation Manual

Honeywell ACUIX ES Installation Manual

Fixed camera


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Installation Guide

Document 800-02848 – Rev C – 03/2009


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Honeywell ACUIX ES

  • Page 1: Installation Guide

    ACUIX Fixed Camera Installation Guide Document 800-02848 – Rev C – 03/2009...
  • Page 2 Revisions Issue Date Revisions Jan 2009 New document Feb 2009 Addition of installation instructions as step 4 regarding the PCB cover; changed table and figure references to be sequential without a chapter number; note about the in-ceiling housing template being separate in the box Mar 2009 (1) Reorganized sections to improve flow (2) Table 4: 12VDC maximum cable length values changed (3) smoked lower dome installations: added step and...
  • Page 3: Explanation Of Symbols

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Explanation of Symbols WARNING! The exclamation point in a red octagon is a WARNING. Failure to take or avoid a specific action could result in physical harm to a person or irreparable damage to equipment. Caution The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle alerts the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the...
  • Page 4: Warnings And Cautions

    Users of the product are responsible for checking and complying with all federal, state and local laws and statutes concerning the monitoring and recording of video and audio signals. Honeywell Video Systems shall not be held responsible for the use of this product in violation of current laws and statutes.
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

  • Page 6: Warranty And Service

    Subject to the terms and conditions listed on the Product Warranty Card, during the warranty period Honeywell will repair or replace, at its sole option, free of charge, any defective products returned prepaid. In the event you have a problem with any Honeywell Systems Group product, please call Customer Service for assistance or to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Overview........
  • Page 9: Acuix Es Fixed Camera Overview

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Overview Housing and Mount Options Note PAL and NTSC video formats are based on camera model. Figure 1 ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Housing and Mount Options Pendant wall mount Indoor pendant Surface mount In-ceiling using the top cap...
  • Page 10: Surface Mount Or Indoor Pendant Housing And Gimbal Layout

    Installing the ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Table 1 ACUIX ES Fixed Dome Models Housing Camera and Communication Lower dome* NTSC Model PAL Model Surface 2.8 - 10mm VFAI camera, smoked lower dome HDV1NSFS HDV1PSFS mount/indoor video over coax pendant 2.8 - 10mm VFAI camera,...
  • Page 11 ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Table 2 Legend for Surface/Pendant Mount Figures 2 and 3 Camera lens 24 VAC / 12 VDC power input connector Mode setting DIP switches Video output connector Holes to insert cover Level adjustment pot (Iris level) Tilt screw (x2) VPH (V Phase) adjustment pot (24 VAC only) Lower dome screw (x2)
  • Page 12: In-Ceiling Housing And Gimbal Layout

    Installing the ACUIX ES Fixed Camera In-Ceiling Housing and Gimbal Layout Figure 4 In-ceiling Housing Layout 12 and 13 Table 3 Legend for In-ceiling Housing Figure 4 Camera lens Zoom lever to set focal length (lever closest to camera lens) Mode setting DIP switches 24 VAC / 12 VDC power input connector not applicable...
  • Page 13: Cable Requirements And Guidelines

    Cable Requirements and Guidelines Calculations are based on an unregulated linear power supply. Using a regulated or switching power supply can increase the cable distance. Honeywell recommends using a CSA Certified/UL listed Class 2 power adapter to ensure compliance with electrical safety standards.
  • Page 14: Installing The Acuix Es Fixed Camera

    Step 1: Install the Housing Installing the Surface Mount or Indoor Pendant Housing Note All ACUIX ES pendant/surface mount shipments include both the skirt and top cap. Use the part appropriate to the installation; the other is a spare part. Figure 5...
  • Page 15 You can install the in-ceiling housing in a dropped (false) ceiling or a hard ceiling. For dropped ceiling installations, use a separately ordered ceiling plate (Honeywell part number 517082-7130). In addition to the other items normally supplied by the installer, the following may also be required: •...
  • Page 16 Dropped (False) Ceiling Remove the ceiling panel at the installation location. Place the ceiling tile on the dropped ceiling plate (Honeywell part number 517082-7130). Trim the ceiling tile and press it into the dropped ceiling plate. Using the supplied mounting template, cut a 7 5/8” (194 mm) diameter hole in the ceiling tile flush with the hole in the center of the plate.
  • Page 17: Step 2: Connect Video And Power And Adjust Camera Position

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Step 2: Connect Video and Power and Adjust Camera Position Be careful while adjusting the camera position and rotating the gimbal. Do not over rotate the gimbal or bracket or it will damage the cables. Figure 2 (surface and pendant) and Figure 4...
  • Page 18: Step 3: Set The Dip Switches For Optional Camera Settings

    Table 6 to set DC/AES, white balance, BLC (backlight compensation), AGC (automatic gain control), flickerless, and line lock (24 VAC only). Figure 9 ACUIX ES Fixed DIP Switch Default Settings Table 6 ACUIX ES Fixed Camera DIP Switch Options Switch Default...
  • Page 19: Step 4: Install The Pcb Board Cover

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Step 4: Install the PCB Board Cover Note The purpose of the PCB board cover is to prevent anyone from seeing the inside of the camera from the ground. It is used for all installations. Align the open side of the PCB cover with the camera block (which includes the lens and green PCB board) using Figure 10...
  • Page 20: Step 5: Install The Trim Ring Or Cover And The Lower Dome

    Installing the ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Step 5: Install the Trim Ring or Cover and the Lower Dome Smoked lower domes only: In order to ensure maximum illumination, the light colored area through the center of the lower dome must be oriented correctly over the lens as Figure Installing the Lower Dome on Surface Mount or Indoor Pendant For both pendant and surface mount installations, align the three hooks on the...
  • Page 21: Camera Specifications

    ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Camera Specifications Table 7 ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Specifications Item Specification Video Signal Specifications Video Standard NTSC or PAL Based on camera model High Resolution Scanning System 525 lines, 2:1 Interlace Image Sensor 1/3” Interline Transfer CCD...
  • Page 22: Pendant Mount Specifications

    Immunity CE (EN50130-4) Safety UL60065, EU: 73/23/EEC LVD Pendant Mount Specifications Table 8 ACUIX ES Pendant Ceiling and Wall Mount Specifications Specification Ceiling Mount Wall Mount Dimensions 14.76" (375 mm) (H) x 5.51" (140 mm) (W) 5.51" (140 mm) (H) x 4.57" (116 mm) (W) x 4.57"...
  • Page 23 ACUIX ES Fixed Camera Installation Guide Document 800-02848 Rev C 03/2009...
  • Page 24 Document 800-02848 – Rev C – 03/2009 © 2009 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without written permission from Honeywell. The information in this publication is believed to be accurate in all respects. However, Honeywell cannot assume responsibility for any consequences resulting from the use thereof.

Table of Contents