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Faucet Timer

Inside the faucet base is a battery operated 6 month timer.
An amber LED indicator is also located in the front of the faucet base. This LED will flash continuously
after 6 months have passed. This indicates that it is time to replace the battery and filters.

Battery Change

To change the battery, complete the following steps.
1. Loosen the screw on the right side of the faucet base.
2. Press the battery housing upwards from faucet base until it releases from the base.
3. Replace the battery (CR 2032 or equivalent). Place the positive (+) side down into the holder.
4. When the battery is first replaced the light in the base will flash six times and turn off. This indicates
the battery is fully charged. After the six flashes the timer enters the 6 month time cycle. If it repeatedly
flashes two times, the battery is weak and needs to be replaced.
5. Re-install the battery housing and firmly tighten the mounting screw.
Fig. 7
Problem: Taste and/or Odor.
Cause: Pre & Post filter expended.
Cause: System contaminated.
Problem: Faucet LED indicator light does not function after battery change.
Cause: Battery dead.
Cause: Battery installed incorrectly.
Problem: Water leaks at push connect fittings.
Cause: Tubing not pushed in all the way. Correction: Push tubing in all the way into fittings.
Cause: Tubing not cut square.
Cause: Tubing nicked.
Cause: Outer tubing surface not smooth. Correction: Remove rough portion, reinsert tubing into fit-
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Faucet Electronics

battery housing
battery, negative
(-) side facing out

Troubleshooting the System

Correction: Replace the filter cartridges.
Correction: Sanitize system. Call 1-866-986-3223 for
Correction: Replace with new battery.
Correction: Install battery correctly.
Correction: Cut tubing square.
Correction: Remove nicked portion, reinsert tubing into fit-

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