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Step 2 - Make Hole For Faucet; Step 3 - Install Faucet - Whirlpool WHED20 Installation And Operation Manual

Undersink drinking water system
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Step 2 - Make Hole For Filtered Water Faucet
IMPORTANT:To avoid damaging the sink, consult a qualified plumber or installer for drilling procedures
in porcelain or stainless steel. Special drill bits are made for this.
1. Select one of the following places to install the faucet. Be sure there's room underneath so you can
make the needed connections.
S In an existing sink spray attachment hole.
S Drill a hole in the sink top.
S Drill a hole in the countertop next to the sink.
2. If drilling is needed make a 1-1/4" dia. (minimum) hole for the faucet.

Step 3 - Install Faucet

1. Feed the 3/8" tubing that is attached to the faucet through the mounting hole. Slide the toggle bolts
through the mounting hole. Tighten the screws to secure the base flat on the mounting surface. Do not
2. Move the faucet down onto the base. Turn 1/4 clockwise to attach the faucet to the base.
3. Install battery in base. See "Battery Change" section for instructions.
Fig. 3
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Installation Steps
toggle bolt
1/4 turn to connect
faucet to base
faucet base
rubber washer
hole in sink or


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