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Step 4 - Make Tubing Connections; Installation Steps - Whirlpool WHED20 Installation And Operation Manual

Undersink drinking water system
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Step 4 - Make Tubing Connections

1. Allowing some slack, measure and cut a length of 3/8" tubing to connect between the supply fitting
and the filter system inlet, Figure 1. Cut the ends of the tubing square.
2. Insert tubing all the way into the supply fitting and inlet fitting. Pull on the tubing to be sure that it's
held firmly in the fittings.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to connect tubing from the faucet to the filter system outlet, Figure 1.
Tubing Connection (all push-in fitting locations):
This system includes push-in fittings for quick tubing connections. If working with the fittings, do the fol-
Connect Tubing:
1. Use a sharp cutter or knife to cut the end of tubing square.
2. Inspect the end (about 1") of the tubing to be sure there are no nicks, scratches or other rough spots.
If needed cut the tubing again.
3. Push tubing through the collet and all the way into fitting. Full engagement is 3/4" length of tube into
the fitting.
If tubing other than supplied with the system is used, be sure it is of high quality, exact size and round-
ness with a smooth surface.
Fig. 4
Disconnect Tubing:
1. Push the collet inward and hold with a finger while pulling the tubing out.
Fig. 5
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Installation Steps

Tubing correctly cut and connected
end of tubing round and smooth,
with no cuts, nicks or flat spots
Incorrect partial engagement
collet (depress to remove tubing)
correct full 3/4" engagement



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