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Faucet Electronics; Shutoff Assembly; Check Valve; Flow Control - Whirlpool WHER12 Installation And Operation Manual

Reverse osmosis drinking water system
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Faucet Electronics
If so equipped, the Re system will monitor the total product flow of the reverse osmosis system and
also length of time the filters have been installed.
The faucet base has an indicator light that flashes
to inform you of the status of the Re membrane
and filters. This indicator light will flash only when
water is flowing.
Green - Re membrane
and filters are good.
Amber - Warning, pre and post filters will need replacing
shortly. Filters need replacing, when
water has been drawn, after 182 days (or 750 gallons have been used).
Red - Re membrane
needs to be replaced.
When the two "AA" batteries are first applied at initial start up, the LED indicator light will flash in
a red, amber, green sequence.
All timers and counters are reset to zero.
In order to reset the monitor time and gallon count feature, the batteries should be removed for a mini-
mum of five seconds and then reinserted.
Batteries need to be replaced once a year at the time of filter replacement.
Do not mix battery types,
use only "AA" alkaline batteries. Improper placement of batteries could damage electronics.
Use care
when inserting batteries to align them correctly in manifold with the proper polarity.
Shut Off
models only)
models only)
Check Valve
To conserve water, the drinking water system has an automatic shutoff system. When the storage tank
has filled to capacity, and the drinking water faucet is closed, pressure closes the shutoff to stop flow
to drain. Pressure in the storage tank is about halt" of the water supply pressure. After drinking water
is used, and pressure in the system drops, the shutoff opens to allow water flow again.
Flow Control
A check valve (Figure 13) is located in the Re manifold, above the center sump. The check valve pre-
vents a backward flow of product water from the storage tank. A backward flow could damage the Re
Water flow through the Re membrane is regulated by the flow control. It maintains the desired flow
rate to obtain the highest quality drinking water. The flow control is located in the end of the 1/4" red
drain tubing, at the Re manifold drain port.


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