SodaStream Revolution Instruction Manual

SodaStream Revolution Instruction Manual

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Instruction Manual
Please read the Instruction Manual and the Safety Instructions before operating the Soda Maker.



  Summary of Contents for SodaStream Revolution

  • Page 1 Instruction Manual Please read the Instruction Manual and the Safety Instructions before operating the Soda Maker.
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  • Page 3: Important Safeguards

    WARNING: DO NOT operate the unit with a damaged supply cable or power supply or after the appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or damaged in any manner. If the power supply is damaged, immediately unplug the soda maker and contact SodaStream Customer Service for a replacement.
  • Page 4 • DO NOT attempt to carbonate with any bottle not designed to work with this machine. • DO NOT expose the carbonating bottles to temperatures above 120°F (49°C) or below 34°F (1°C). • SodaStream glass bottles should not be used in this soda maker, as they are not designed to work with this model.
  • Page 6 You can now enjoy fresh sparkling drinks in seconds with just the touch of a button. The new Revolution lets you choose the level of carbonation you like with the simple touch of a button. It also estimates how much gas is left in your cylinder.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    ....... 18 Troubleshooting Your Revolution Soda Maker ..... . 19–20 Warranty .
  • Page 8: Registration

    Registration Visit and click on “Registration” to register your product Scan this QR code with your smartphone to register your Revolution home soda maker...
  • Page 9: Product Features

    Product Features Model RV10001 LCD Display Carbonation Level Buttons Snap-Lock Bottle Mechanism Carbonating Tube Reusable BPA-Free Carbonating Bottle Base...
  • Page 10 Carbonation Level Carbonator Gas Level Indicator Reset Button LCD Display Reusable BPA-Free Carbonator Carbonating Bottle and Fizz-Preserving Cap...
  • Page 11: Get Started - Assembly

    Get Started – Assembly Carbonator Valve Adapter Place soda maker on flat, sturdy Remove seal and cap from Tip soda maker forward. carbonator. Insert 60L carbonator surface, in an upright position. Position carbonator valve into base. If using 33-ounce Remove packaging materials. under fitting.
  • Page 12: Make Soda

    Make Soda Carbonating Tube Snap- Lock Bottle Loader IMPORTANT: For best results, Securely plug the power cord into Insert bottle neck into Snap- base of soda maker and then into Lock. Firmly push bottle up prior to making soda, fill carbonating bottles with tap wall outlet.
  • Page 13: Add Flavoring

    Add Flavoring Holding the bottle at a slight Replace bottle cap and angle, slowly add the desired tighten; then mix with a flavor, letting it pour down the gentle rolling motion. inside of the bottle. See flavor UNCAP AND ENJOY! bottle for mixing instructions.
  • Page 14: Recommended Carbonation Levels

    Carbonation Matching Carbonation Level to Soda Flavor CARBONATION LEVEL SODASTREAM FLAVOR GROUP Cola 3 or 4 Dr. Pete, Root Beer 3 or 4 Ginger Ale Fruit 2 or 3 Sweetened with Stevia 2 or 3 2 or 3 Energy Drinks...
  • Page 15: Lcd Display

    LCD Display The LCD display lights up when you connect to a power source. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the display goes into sleep mode. Any interaction with the machine will wake up the display. The CO meter displays the amount of CO left in the cylinder.
  • Page 16: Care

    DO NOT place or store bottles close to a heat source, such as a kitchen stove. Every SodaStream carbonating bottle has an expiration date SodaStream carbonating bottles are designed to work with your printed on it. DO NOT use SodaStream home soda maker. bottle after this date.
  • Page 17: Replace Your Carbonator

    Replace Your Carbonator You may exchange your empty carbonator for a full one locally at a participating SodaStream-authorized retailer, or you may arrange your exchange online. Visit us at for a list of local retailers and for ordering information.
  • Page 18: Specifications

    Specifications Electrical: Machine: Input: 110–240V AC 24V DC Frequency: 50–60HZ Max Power Consumption: 1.2 Amp Output: 24V DC Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.1 kg) Max Current: 1.67 Amp Height: 17" (43.1 cm) Width: 5.6" (14.2 cm) Machine Rating: Depth: 10.6" (27 cm) Maximum Working Pressure: 145 Psi/10 bar Maximum Allowed Operating Temperature: 104°F/40°C Bottle Capacity: 33.8 oz.
  • Page 19: Troubleshooting Your Revolution Soda Maker

    POSITION. DO NOT TOUCH IT UNTIL YOU NO LONGER HEAR GAS ESCAPING. If the problem persists, please call SodaStream Customer Service immediately at 1-800-763-2258 in the U.S. or 1-877-436-5866 in Canada. When the soda maker is no longer releasing gas, tilt the carbonating...
  • Page 20 • Just add more flavor to taste! • DO NOT recarbonate after adding the flavor. WARNING: If you suspect your soda maker is damaged, stop using it immediately and call SodaStream Customer Service at 1-800-763-2258 in the U.S. or 1-877-436-5866 in Canada for assistance.
  • Page 21: Warranty

    Warranty Scan this QR code to activate your warranty when you register online, and receive a free gift by mail! Great care has been taken to ensure that your Revolution Soda Maker was delivered to you in good condition. However, if your soda maker malfunctions within 24 months from date of purchase, and we determine the problem is due to faulty workmanship or materials, SodaStream will repair or replace it free of charge at SodaStream’s discretion.
  • Page 22 SodaStream Carbonating Bottles Your soda maker has been designed to operate with a suitable SodaStream carbonating bottle. Use of a bottle other than a SodaStream bottle might void the warranty.
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