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Assembly; Fitting The Bevel Gear; Fitting The Cutter - Husqvarna EA 850 Operator's Manual

Edger attachment
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Fitting the bevel gear

Fit the bevel gear on the shaft. Turn the cutter so that the shaft
engages in the bevel gear.
Position the bevel gear so that the slot aligns with the line on
the shaft.
Firmly tighten the screw.


Fitting the cutter

Fit the cutter as follows:
1 Fit the drive disc (A) on the output shaft. Make sure that
the edge that engages in the hole in the cutter is facing
2 Prevent the cutter from rotating by inserting the locking pin
in the hole behind the cutter guard, so that it engages it in
the corresponding hole in the drive disc.
3 Place the cutter (B) on the drive disc.
4 Fit the support flange (C). The support flange must be
fitted so that its outer edge presses against the cutter.
5 Fit the locking nut (D). CAUTION! The locking nut has a
left-hand thread. Tighten the locking nut to a torque of 35-
50 Nm.
6 Remove the locking pin.
CAUTION! Do not forget to remove the locking pin before
using the machine.
WARNING! Under no circumstances may the
edger cutter be used without the cutter
guard fitted.
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