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Safety Instructions; Machine's Safety Equipment; General Safety Precautions - Husqvarna EA 850 Operator's Manual

Edger attachment
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Machine's safety equipment

This section describes the machine's safety equipment, its
purpose, and how checks and maintenance should be carried
out to ensure that it operates correctly. See the "What is
what?" section to locate where this equipment is positioned
on your machine.
The life span of the machine can be reduced and the risk of
accidents can increase if machine maintenance is not carried
out correctly and if service and/or repairs are not carried out
professionally. If you need further information please contact
your nearest service workshop.
WARNING! Never use a machine with faulty
safety equipment. The machine's safety
equipment must be checked and maintained
as described in this section. If your machine
fails any of these checks contact your
service agent to get it repaired.
WARNING! Always stop the engine before
you work on any part of the cutting
equipment. This continues to move even
after the throttle is released. Check that the
cutting equipment has stopped completely
and remove the HT lead from the spark plug
before you start any work on it.
Cutting attachment guard
This guard is intended to prevent loose objects from being
thrown towards the operator. The guard also protects the
operator from accidental contact with the cutting attachment.
Check that the guard is undamaged and not cracked.
Replace the guard if it has been exposed to impact or is
Only use cutting attachments with the guards we
recommend! See the chapter on Technical data.
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Cutting equipment
The cutter is designed and manufactured to withstand the
loads that edging of a lawn involves.
Check the cutting attachment for damage or cracks. A
damaged cutting attachment should always be replaced.
Locking nut
The locking nut secures the cutting attachment on the output
Protect your hand from injury when assembling, use the blade
guard as protection when tightening with a socket spanner.
When fitting, tighten the nut in the opposite direction to the
direction of rotation of the cutting attachment. To remove it,
undo the nut in the same direction as the cutting attachment
rotates. (CAUTION! The nut has a left-hand thread.)
CAUTION! The nylon lining inside the locking nut must not be
so worn that you can turn it by hand. The lining should offer a
resistance of at least 1.5 Nm. The nut should be replaced
after it has been put on approx. 10 times.

General safety precautions

WARNING! The machine can cause serious
personal injury. Read the safety instructions
carefully. Learn how to use the machine.
WARNING! A faulty cutting attachment may
increase the risk of accidents.
CAUTION! Please read the operator's manual carefully and
make sure you understand the instructions before using the


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