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Basic Working Techniques - Husqvarna EA 850 Operator's Manual

Edger attachment
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Basic working techniques

Safety instructions while working
Always ensure you have a safe and stable working
Always use both hands to hold the machine. Hold the
machine at the side of your body.
Use your right hand to control the throttle setting.
Make sure that your hands and feet do not come near the
cutting attachment when the engine is running.
When the engine is switched off, keep your hands and feet
away from the cutting attachment until it has stopped
Always carry out edging at full throttle.
Always keep the cutter close to the ground.
Always slow the engine to idle speed after each working
operation. Long periods at full throttle without any load on
the engine (i.e. without the resistance that the cutting
attachment exerts on the engine when you are using the
machine) can lead to serious engine damage.
Be especially careful when pulling the edger towards you
during work.
If any foreign object is hit or if vibrations occur stop the
machine immediately. Disconnect the HT lead from the
spark plug. Check that the machine is not damaged.
Repair any damage.
6 –
WARNING! Sometimes grass or stones can
get trapped in the cutter guard and cutter.
Always stop the engine before cleaning.
WARNING! Watch out for thrown objects.
Always wear approved eye protection. Never
lean over the cutting attachment guard.
Stones, rubbish, etc. can be thrown up into
the eyes causing blindness or serious injury.
Safety instructions after completing work
Make sure the cutting attachment has stopped before
cleaning, carrying out repairs or an inspection.
Disconnect the HT lead from the spark plug.
Always wear heavy-duty gloves when repairing the cutting
attachment. This is extremely sharp and can easily cause
Store the machine out of reach of children.
Use only original spare parts for repairs.



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