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    ® No oNe Dares Come Close ® O W N E R’ S G U I D E 3 1 0 5V...

  • Page 2: What You Get

    Reading this Owner’s Guide prior to using your system will help maxi- mize the use of your system and its many features. For more informa- tion please visit the below website: http://www.viper.com – For general and additional guide informa- tion. For any additional questions please contact your authorized Directed dealer or contact Directed at 1-800-753-0600.

  • Page 3: Important Information

    Important information Government Regulations and Safety information Read the Government Regulations and Warning! Safety First sections of this manual prior to operating this system. Your Warranty Your system comes with a warranty. Please make sure you receive the warranty registration card and proof of purchase from your dealer indicating the product was installed by an authorized Directed dealer.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents 1-way remote control ..................3 Control Center ..................4 Remote control command table .............. 5 Three- button remote configuration ............5 Remote control functions ..................6 Arm ....................6 Disarm ....................6 AUX ....................6 Panic ....................6 Using your system ....................7 Active arming ..................

  • Page 5

    Battery Information .................... 30 Battery Replacement ................30 Battery Disposal ................30 Glossary of Terms ....................31 Government Regulations ..................34...

  • Page 6: Way Remote Control

    1-way remote control Internal antenna Transmit LED Command Buttons Feature Description Internal Antenna Used for transmitting information Transmit LED Active when transmitting information Command buttons (4) Used to perform locking, unlocking, arming and disarmig, auxiliary channel and panic activation. © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved.

  • Page 7: Control Center

    Control Center Control button Antenna Status LED The Control Center, typically located on the upper part of the front windshield. It consists of: The In-vehicle system antenna. The Status LED, as a visual indicator of the system’s status. The Control button, for placing the system into Valet Mode* and to perform the Emergency Override* operation.

  • Page 8: Remote Control Command Table

    Remote control command table Feature Description Lock the doors and arm the vehicle Unlock the doors and disarm the vehicle Activate Silent Mode and Auxilairy functions Panic Press together to control an Auxiliary output Three- button remote configuration This system may be used with an optional 3-button remote, which is available for purchased through your authorized Directed dealer.

  • Page 9: Remote Control Functions, Disarm, Panic

    Remote control functions The remote control buttons are used to send commands to the sys- tem.The descriptions below reflect the standard configuration for this system. The buttons can be custom configured for the user’s specific needs by the installer. Press and release Doors lock and system is armed.

  • Page 10: Using Your System, Active Arming, Passive Arming

    Using your system Active arming You can activate or arm the system by pressing for one second. When the system arms you will hear a short siren sound or chirp, and the parking lights flash once. If the vehicle’s power door locks have been connected to the system, the doors lock.

  • Page 11

    When the system is armed: Light impacts trigger the Warn Away® signal. When triggered,the siren chirps and the parking lights flash for a few seconds. Heavy impacts trip a Triggered Sequence. The sequence consists of the siren sounding continuously and the parking lights flashing for a pre-programmed period, which can range in duration from 1 to 180 seconds.

  • Page 12: Multi-level Security Arming

    Multi-level security arming Multi-Level Security Arming allows you to select which of the security system’s inputs or sensors are active, or are bypassed when the system is armed. (See the Table of Zones section of this guide) Press one time to arm the system, siren chirps one time. Pressing again activates Multi-Level Security Arming.

  • Page 13: Arming While Driving, Disarming

    Arming while driving Your system can be armed while driving the vehicle. Press on your transmitter for two seconds while the vehicle is run- ning or while the ignition is on. The siren chirps once, and then once more indicating that the ignition is on. The security system does not respond to any input except the door triggers and the Failsafe®...

  • Page 14: High Security Disarm, Disarming Without A Transmitter

    High Security Disarm High Security Disarm makes it possible to silence and reset the system when it is triggering, without disarming. If the system is triggered, and the siren sounds for longer than six seconds, pressing will stop the trigger and return the system to an armed state. The system does not disarm, but rather reset.

  • Page 15: Dome Light Control, Silent Mode

    Location of Valet Button_________________________________ Number of Pulses______________________________________ The unit responds to one to five pulses of the Valet button when dis- arming. Check with your installer to discuss how you want the system configured. Note: As a precaution, if programmed for passive arming the system should be placed into Valet Mode until a remote is available.

  • Page 16: Panic Mode, Valet Mode

    Panic mode If you are threatened in or near your vehicle, you can attract attention by triggering the system with your remote. Press for approximately two seconds, to enter Panic Mode. The siren sounds and the parking lights flash for the programmed siren duration.

  • Page 17: Nuisance Prevention Circuitry

    Nuisance prevention circuitry Your system has Directed’s Nuisance Prevention Circuitry (NPC). It prevents annoying repetitive trigger sequences due to faulty door pin switch es or en vi ron men tal con di tions such as thunder, jack ham mers, or airport noise. For example, if the alarm triggers three times within a 60- minute period and each time the same sensor or switch triggers the alarm, NPC will interpret those triggers as false alarms.

  • Page 18: Auxiliary Outputs, Diagnostics

    Auxiliary outputs This system also supplies outputs that can control convenience options such as remote control trunk release and window automation. Consult your dealer for available options for your system. Channel 2 Trunk release: When connected, pressing AUX for 1.5 seconds will remotely release the vehicle trunk lid.

  • Page 19: Arming Diagnostics, Disarming Diagnostics

    Arming diagnostics If the system is armed while an input is active - door open, sensor triggering - the unit chirps once when arming and then one more time a few seconds later. This is called Bypass Notification. Bypass Notification does not occur when using Silent Mode or if chirps have been programmed OFF.

  • Page 20: System Status Chirps, Table Of Zones

    System status chirps The siren chirps when arming/disarming the system. The pattern of chirps audibly report the system’s status as described below. Action Chirps Description System armed 3-second delay, System armed with Bypass Notification Disarm System disarmed Disarm System disarmed with Tamper Alert Disarm System disarmed NPC active Table of zones...

  • Page 21: Interpreting Zone Diagnostics, Vehicle Recovery System (vrs)

    Interpreting zone diagnostics Warn Away responses are not reported by arming or disarming diag- nostics. If you receive a Bypass notification when arming or a Tamper Alert notification when disarming, look at the in-vehicle status LED. Active or triggered zones will be indicated by a pattern of blinks by this LED.

  • Page 22: Arming The Vrs

    installed, the system can never in ad vert ent ly stop your vehicle in traffic or on railroad tracks while the vehicle is in operation. It is unlike other systems that shut down your engine while it is running. This sys tem is de signed to per form starter in ter rupt, or starter kill.

  • Page 23: Triggered Sequence, Vrs

    Triggered sequence, VRS Fif teen seconds after the last door has closed, the in-vehicle LED will begin flashing. This delay is intended to allow you time to distance your self from your ve hi cle in the event of a carjacking. Forty-five seconds later, the siren begins chirping and the park ing lights begin flashing.

  • Page 24: Disarming The Vrs

    Disarming the VRS Take the time to familiarize yourself with the VRS trig ger ing se quence and the disarm pro ce dure. It is important to recognize and identify the VRS trigger sequence and know how to disarm it in case of ac ci den- tal activation.

  • Page 25: Code Hopping, Owner Recognition

    Code hopping The receiver and transmitters each use mathematical formulas called al go rithms to change their codes each time the transmitter is used. This technology has been developed to increase the security of the unit. The control unit knows what the next codes should be. This helps to keep the transmitter “in sync”...

  • Page 26: Rapid Resume Logic, Power Saver Mode

    Rapid resume logic This Directed system will store its current state to non-volatile memory. If power is lost and then reconnected, the system will recall the stored state from memory. This means if the unit is in Valet Mode and the battery is dis con nect ed for any reason, such as servicing the car, when the battery is re con nect ed the unit will still be in Valet Mode.

  • Page 27: Programming Options

    Programming options Programming options control what your system does during normal op er a tion, and require few or no additional parts. However, some may require additional in stal la tion labor. The following is a list of the program settings, with the factory settings in Bold: Active arming (only with the remote) or passive arming (au to mat- ic arming 30- seconds after the last door has been closed).

  • Page 28

    Panic mode en abled/dis abled with the ig ni tion on: Some states have laws against siren ca pa bil i ty in a mov ing vehicle. Forced passive arming On or off: If your system is programmed for passive arming and the forced pas sive arming feature has been pro grammed on, the system will passively arm af ter one hour, even if a protected entry has been left open.

  • Page 29

    Full trigger response 30 or 60 seconds: This determines how long the full triggered sequence lasts. Some states have laws regulat- ing how long a security system can sound before it is considered a nuisance. If your installer is programming the security system with the Directed Bitwriter, the full triggered response can be programmed for any duration ranging from 1 to 180 seconds.

  • Page 30: Installation Options

    Installation options The system has many options that may require extra parts and labor. Some of the possibilities are listed here. Progressive unlocking: In most cars with electric power door locks, the system can be configured so that when the system is disarmed, only the driver’s door unlocks.

  • Page 31: Security & Convenience Expansions

    Security & Convenience Expansions Listed are some of the many expansion options avail able. Please con- tact your dealer to find out about all the convenience options avail- able to you. Audio Sensor: Metal on glass, cracking glass, and breaking glass each produce dis tinc tive acoustic signatures.

  • Page 32

    Power Window Control: Automatic power window control is pro vid- ed with the 529T and 530T systems. Tilt Sensor: The 507M tilt sensor can be added to your system to protect your car when its parked. An alarm is triggered if the vehicle is lifted, to protect expensive rims.

  • Page 33: Battery Information, Battery Replacement, Battery Disposal

    Di- rected at: One Viper way, Vista, CA 92081 (Shipping and/or handling costs are the sole responsibility of the owner/sender and will not be covered by Directed ).

  • Page 34: Glossary Of Terms

    Glossary of Terms Document Terminology Amplitude Shift Keying—a method of transmitting data. 1-way Remote A hand-held remote control, also called transmitter that oper- Control ates the various functions of your system but does not provide message display.. Control Button A small push button located on your system’s control center. It (Valet Switch) is used to override (disarm) the system when a remote is not available or to enter/exit valet mode...

  • Page 35

    Document Terminology Warn Away® Lighter impacts to the vehicle generate a Warning Zone response, several seconds of siren chirps and parking light flashes. Zone Input that the alarm recognizes as unique. Each input is con- nected to a particular zone. Two or more inputs may share the same zone.

  • Page 36: Patent Information

    Patent Information This product is covered by one or more of the following United States patents: Vehicle Security Patents 5,467,070; 5,532,670; 5,534,845; 5,563,576; 5,646,591; 5,650,774; 5,673,017; 5,712,638; 5,872,519; 5,914,667; 5,952,933; 5,945,936; 5,990,786; 6,028,505; 6,452,484 Remote Start 5,349,931; 5,872,519; 5,914,667; 5,952,933; 5,945,936; 5,990,786;...

  • Page 37: Government Regulations

    Government Regulations This device complies with Part 15 of FCC rules. Operation is subject to the fol- lowing two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesirable operation. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 38

    Receiver antenna To satisfy FCC RF exposure compliance requirements, the device and its antenna must maintain a separation distance of 20 cm or more from the person’s body, except for the hand and wrists, to satisfy RF exposure compliance. This device complies with the Industry Canada Radio Standards Specification RSS 210.

  • Page 39: Limited Lifetime Consumer Warranty

    Limited lifetime consumer warranty Directed Electronics. (“Directed”) promises to the original purchaser to repair or replace (at Directed’s election) with a comparable reconditioned model any Directed unit (hereaf- ter the “unit”), excluding without limitation the siren, the remote transmitters, the associated sensors and accessories, which proves to be defective in workmanship or material under reasonable use during the lifetime of the vehicle provided the following conditions are met: the unit was purchased from an authorized Directed dealer, the unit was professionally...

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    © 2012 Directed. All rights reserved.

  • Page 42

    The company behind Viper Auto Security ® Systems is Directed. Vista, CA 92081 Since its inception, Directed has had one pur- www.viper.com pose, to provide consumers with the finest vehicle security products and accessories available. The recipient of nearly 100 pat- ents and Innovations Awards in the field of advanced electronic technology.

  • Page 43: Wiring Connections

    Quick Reference Install Guide Vehicle Security System Models 3105 and 3305 Wiring Connections Remote control configuration Channel 2 Output: Connect to the Programming Port: The 998T Bit- vehicle negative (-) trunk release re- writer can be connected to this port lay or other low current device for programming feature options.

  • Page 44

    Programming System Features Feature Menus Remote control learn routine Long Term Event History The System Features Learn Routine dictates how the unit operates. It is possible to ac- Default factory settings are in bold type. cess and change most of the feature settings using the Valet switch/Control button.* The system comes with two remote controls that have been taught to the control The system stores the last two full triggers in memory.

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