Brother DCP-9055CDN User Manual
Brother DCP-9055CDN User Manual

Brother DCP-9055CDN User Manual

Brother dcp9055cdn mfp user's guide
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Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Brother DCP-9055CDN

  • Page 2 Network User's Guide This Guide provides useful information of PDF file / wired network settings and security Documentation CD-ROM / settings using Brother machine. You can In the box also find supported protocol information for your machine and the detailed troubleshooting tips.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents General Setup Memory storage..................... 1 Set Daylight Saving Time ..................1 Ecology features....................2 Toner Save ...................... 2 Sleep Mode ..................... 2 Deep Sleep mode .................... 2 LCD Contrast ......................3 User Settings List....................3 Network Configuration List..................4 Security features Secure Function Lock 2.0 ..................
  • Page 4 Options Optional paper tray (LT-300CL)................28 Memory board......................28 SO-DIMM Types ....................28 Installing extra memory .................29 Glossary Index...
  • Page 5: General Setup

    General Setup Memory storage Set Daylight Saving Time Your menu settings are stored permanently, and in the event of a power failure will not be You can set the machine to change for lost. Temporary settings (for example, Daylight Saving Time. If you choose On, it will Contrast) will be lost.
  • Page 6: Ecology Features

    Chapter 1 Ecology features Deep Sleep mode If the machine is in Sleep mode and does not Toner Save receive any jobs for a certain length of time, the machine will go into Deep Sleep mode You can save toner using this feature. When automatically and the LCD will show you set Toner Save to On, prints appear Deep Sleep.
  • Page 7: Lcd Contrast

    General Setup LCD Contrast User Settings List You can change the contrast to make the You can print a list of the settings you LCD look lighter or darker. programmed. Press Menu, 1, 5. Press Menu, 5, 4. Press c to make the LCD darker. Press Mono Start or Colour Start.
  • Page 8: Network Configuration List

    Chapter 1 Network Configuration List The Network Configuration List is a report listing the current network configuration including the network print server settings. Note Node name: Node name appears in the Network Configuration List. The default node name is “BRNXXXXXXXXXXXX”. Press Menu, 5, 5.
  • Page 9: Security Features

    Make a careful note of your password. If you forget it, you will have to reset the password stored in the machine. For information about how to reset the password call your Brother dealer for service. Note • Secure Function Lock can be set manually at the control panel or by using Web Based Management.
  • Page 10: Changing The Password For The Administrator

    Chapter 2 Changing the password for Setting up the public user the administrator mode Public user mode restricts the functions that Press Menu, 1, 6. are available for Public users. Public users do not need to enter a password to access the Press a or b to choose Set Password.
  • Page 11: Setting Up Restricted Users

    Security features Setting up restricted users Turning Secure Function Lock on/off You can set up users with restrictions and a password for functions that are available to If you enter the wrong password, the LCD will them. You can set up more advanced show Wrong Password.
  • Page 12: Switching Users

    Chapter 2 Switching Users Note • If the current ID is restricted to the function This setting allows you to switch between you want to use, Access Denied will registered restricted users or Public mode appear on the LCD and then the machine when Secure Function Lock is turned on.
  • Page 13: Making Copies

    Making copies Copy settings Enlarging or reducing the image copied When you want to quickly change the copy settings temporarily for the next copy, use the You can choose the following enlargement or temporary COPY keys. You can use different reduction ratios: combinations.
  • Page 14 Chapter 3 Do one of the following:  Press a or b to choose the enlargement or reduction ratio you want. Press OK.  Press a or b to choose Custom(25-400%). Press OK. Use the numeric keys to enter an enlargement or reduction ratio from 25% to 400%.
  • Page 15: Using The Options Key

    Making copies Using the Options key Use the Options key to quickly set the following copy settings temporarily for the next copy. Press Menu selections Options Page Press a or b, then press OK Press a, b, d or c, then press OK Stack/Sort Stack* (Appears when the document is...
  • Page 16: Sorting Copies Using The Adf

    Chapter 3 Sorting copies using the ADF Improving copy quality You can sort multiple copies. Pages will be You can choose from a range of quality stacked in the order 1 2 3, 1 2 3, 1 2 3, and so settings.
  • Page 17: Adjusting Contrast, Colour And Brightness

    Making copies Adjusting Contrast, Colour Use the numeric keys to enter the number of copies (up to 99). and Brightness Press Options. Press a or b to choose Brightness. Contrast Press OK. Adjust the contrast to help an image look Press d or c to make a lighter copy or a sharper and more vivid.
  • Page 18: Making N In 1 Copies

    Chapter 3 Making N in 1 copies After the machine scans the page, press 1 to scan the next page. (page layout) Flatbed Copy: Next Page? You can reduce the amount of paper used a 1.Yes when copying by using the N in 1 copy b 2.No feature.
  • Page 19: In 1 Id Copy

    Making copies 2 in 1 ID Copy If you are copying from the scanner glass: You can copy both sides of your identification Insert your document face down in the card onto one page, keeping the original card direction shown below: size.
  • Page 20: Tray Selection

    Chapter 3 Duplex (2-sided) Press Mono Start or Colour Start. The machine scans the other side of the copying card and prints the page. Note If you want to use the automatic duplex copy When 2 in 1 ID Copy is chosen, the feature, load your document in the ADF.
  • Page 21: Advanced Duplex Copy (Short Edge Flip)

    Making copies Advanced Duplex Copy (short edge flip)  1 sided i 2 sided S Portrait Landscape Load your document. Enter the number of copies (up to 99) using the numeric keys. Press Duplex and a or b to select 1sidedi2sided S.
  • Page 22: A Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance Cleaning and checking Checking the Page Counters the machine You can see the machine’s Page Counters for copies, printed pages, reports and lists or Clean the outside and inside of the machine a summary total. regularly with a dry, lint-free cloth. When you Press Menu, 5, 3.
  • Page 23: Replacing Periodic Maintenance Parts

    50,000 pages for PF KitMP and 100,000 pages PF Kit 1, PF Kit 2, Fuser and Laser. Please call your Brother dealer when the following messages appear on the LCD. A4 or Letter size single-sided pages. LCD message Description Replace the fuser unit.
  • Page 24: Packing And Shipping The Machine

    Packing and shipping Note the machine If for any reason you must ship your machine, carefully repack the machine in the original packaging to avoid any WARNING damage during transit. The machine should be adequately insured with the This machine is heavy and weighs carrier.
  • Page 25 Routine maintenance Turn off the machine. Disconnect all Hold the green handle of the drum unit. cables, and then unplug the power cord Pull the drum unit out until it stops. from the electrical socket. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover.
  • Page 26 Turn the green lock lever (1) at the left of IMPORTANT the machine anticlockwise to the release position. Holding the green • Hold the green handles of the drum unit handles of the drum unit, lift the front of when you carry it. DO NOT hold the sides the drum unit and remove it from the of the drum unit.
  • Page 27 Routine maintenance Hold the green handle of the belt unit Note with both hands and lift the belt unit up, This step is only necessary when you are then pull it out. replacing the waste toner box for the first time, and is not required for the replacement waste toner box.
  • Page 28 Put the belt unit back into the machine.  Install one orange packing material Make sure the belt unit is level and fits (3) to the drum’s side protruding firmly into place. section on the right side. Install orange packing materials to the drum unit as follows: ...
  • Page 29 Routine maintenance Put a piece of paper (A4 or Letter) on the Match the guide ends (2) of the drum belt unit to prevent damage to the belt unit to the c marks (1) on both sides of unit. the machine, then gently slide the drum unit into the machine until it stops at the green lock lever.
  • Page 30 Push the drum unit in until it stops. Put the Styrofoam piece (1) into the carton. Then put the waste toner box in the Styrofoam piece. FRONT Wrap the machine with a plastic bag. Put the machine on the Styrofoam piece (1).
  • Page 31 Routine maintenance Put the two styrofoam pieces (1) into the carton matching the right of the machine to the "RIGHT" mark on one of the styrofoam pieces, and the left of the machine to the "LEFT" mark on the other styrofoam piece. Put the AC power cord and printed materials in the original carton as shown in the illustration.
  • Page 32: B Options

    Options Optional paper tray Memory board (LT-300CL) DCP-9055CDN has 128 MB of standard memory. The machine has one slot for An optional lower tray can be installed, and it optional memory expansion. You can can hold up to 500 sheets of 80 gsm paper. increase the memory up to maximum of 384 MB by installing one SO-DIMM (Small When an optional tray is installed, the...
  • Page 33: Installing Extra Memory

    Turn off the machine. not work with the machine. • For more information, call the dealer you Disconnect the interface cables from the bought the machine from or Brother machine, and then unplug the power Customer Service. cord from the electrical socket.
  • Page 34 Hold the SO-DIMM by the edges and Plug the machine’s power cord back into align the notches in the SO-DIMM with the electrical socket first, and then the protrusions in the slot. Insert the connect the interface cables. SO-DIMM diagonally (1), then tilt it Turn on the machine’s power switch.
  • Page 35: C Glossary

    Glossary This is a comprehensive list of features and terms that appear in Brother manuals. Availability of these features depends on the model you purchased. ADF (automatic document feeder) OCR (optical character recognition) The document can be placed in the ADF ScanSoft™...
  • Page 36: Index

    Index Apple Macintosh Machine information See Software User’s Guide. checking remaining life of parts .... 18 page counts .......... 18 Macintosh See Software User’s Guide. ControlCenter2 (for Macintosh) Maintenance, routine ....... 18 See Software User’s Guide. checking the remaining life of parts ..18 ®...
  • Page 37 Scanning See Software User’s Guide. Security Secure function lock administrator password ......5 Public user mode ......... 6 restricted users ........7 Sleep mode ..........2 Sort ............12 Temporary copy settings ......9 Toner Save ..........2 ® Windows See Software User’s Guide.
  • Page 38 The machine is approved for use in the country of purchase only, local Brother companies or their dealers will only support machines purchased in their own countries.

Table of Contents