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Introduction - Husqvarna iZ4821KAA, iZ5223KAA, iZ5223KOA, iZ4217SKAA, iZ4817 SKAA, iZ4817KAA, iZ6123KAA Operator's Manual

Husqvarna tractor operator's manual
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Thank you for purchasing a Husqvana ride-on mower. This machine is built for the greatest effi-
ciency and rapid mowing of large areas. Convenient controls and a hydrostatic transmission regu-
lated by steering levers also contribute to the machine's performance.
This manual is a valuable document. Following the instructions (use, service, maintenance, etc.)
can considerably increase the life-span of your machine and even increase its resale value.
If you sell your machine, be sure to give the operator's manual to the new owner.
The final chapter of this operator's manual comprises a Service Journal. Ensure that service and
repair work is documented. A well kept service journal reduces service costs of the season-based
maintenance and affects the machine's resale value. Take the operator's manual along when the
machine is left at the service center for service.
In this operator's manual, left and right, backward and forward are used in relation to the machine's
normal driving direction.
Driving and Transport on Public Roads
Check applicable road traffic regulations before driving and transporting on public roads. If the
machine is transported, you should always use approved fastening equipment and ensure that the
machine is well anchored.
This machine is constructed only for mowing grass on lawns and other free and even ground
without obstacles such as stones, tree stubs, etc. The machine can also be used for other tasks
when equipped with special accessories provided by the manufacturer, for which the operating
instructions are provided in conjunction with delivery. All other types of use are incorrect. The
manufacturer's directions concerning operation, maintenance, and repairs must be carefully fol-
The machine must only be operated, maintained, and repaired by persons that are familiar with the
machine's special characteristics and who are well versed in the safety instructions.
Accident prevention regulations, other general safety regulations, occupational safety rules, and
traffic regulations must be followed without fail.
Unauthorized modifications to the design of the machine may absolve the manufacturer from liability
for any resulting personal injury or property damage.

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