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Operating - Husqvarna DT18BF Operator's Manual

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Do not use the machine on grades of more than
20°. We recommend working across slopes rather
than up and down. This will yield a more even
result. Do not leave the machine standing on a
slope unattended.
Do not use the machine if you are tired, if you
have consumed alcohol, or if you are taking other
drugs or medication that can affect your vision,
judgment or co-ordination.
Never use the machine indoors or in spaces
lacking proper ventilation.
Do not use the machine on any surface other than
Make sure you have a proper foothold when using
the machine, particularly when backing. Walk,
don't run. Never work on wet grass. Poor traction
may cause you to slip.
Keep your hands and feet away from moving
Keep your hands and feet away from the work
Slow down and be especially careful on
slopes. Make sure to run the machine in the
recommended direction on slopes. Be careful
when working close to sudden changes in level.
Smoking, open flames or sparks in the vicinity
of the machine are strictly forbidden. Gasoline
is extremely flammable and carelessness in
handling can result in personal injury or fire.
Stop and inspect the equipment if you run over or
into anything. If necessary, make repairs before
beginning again.
Whatever happens, you should always park the
machine on even ground, disengage the drive,
turn off the engine and wait until all moving
parts have stopped before leaving the operating
position behind the machine.
Engine exhaust, some of its constituents
and certain vehicle components
contain or emit chemicals considered
to cause cancer, birth defects or other
reproductive harm. The engine emits
carbon monoxide, which is a colorless,
poisonous gas. Do not use the machine
in enclosed spaces.
The engine exhaust is poisonous. Never run the engine
Keep your hands and feet away from moving parts.
Smoking near the machine is strictly prohibited.



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