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Preparations - Husqvarna DT18BF Operator's Manual

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Check that the machine is in serviceable condition
prior to use; see the chapter "Maintenance/
Maintenance Schedule".
only use the machine in daylight or in other well-lit
conditions. Keep the machine a safe distance
from holes or other irregularities in the ground.
Pay attention to other possible risks.
only allow the machine to be used by adults who
are familiar with its use.
Never allow children or persons not trained in
the use of the machine to use it. Local laws may
regulate the age of the user.
People and animals can distract you causing you
to lose control of the machine. For this reason,
always concentrate and focus on the task at hand.
Make sure animals and people maintain a safe
distance from the machine.
Never leave the machine unsupervised with the
engine running.
Make sure that other people are nearby when you
are using the machine so that you can call for
help should an emergency arise.
The machine is tested and approved only with the
equipment originally provided or recommended
by the manufacturer.


Have first aid equipment at hand when using the
Make sure no one else is in the vicinity of the
machine when starting the engine, engaging the
drive or running the machine.
Clear the area of objects such as rocks, toys, wire,
etc., which could be picked up and thrown by the
Locate fixed objects in the ground, such as
sprinkler systems, poles, water valves, bases for
washing lines. Check for hidden electrical cables
or similar in the surface of the lawn. Run the
machine around these objects. Never intentionally
run the machine over foreign objects.
Make sure all guard plates and protective shields
are in place and intact when using the machine.
Make sure no clothing, long hair or jewelry can
catch in moving machine parts.
Never use the machine when barefoot. Always
wear protective shoes or protective boots with
anti-slip and preferably with steel toes.
Wear approved ear-protection when running the
machine. Ask your dealer about approved ear-
The engine can become very hot. To avoid
being burned, you must turn off the engine
and wait until all parts have cooled before
touching the engine.
Always use approved protective clothing
and approved protective equipment when
using the machine. Protective clothing
and protective equipment cannot eliminate
the risk of accidents, but wearing proper
clothing and the correct equipment will
reduce the degree of injury should an
accident occur. Ask your dealer about
approved protective clothing and approved
protective equipment recommended by



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