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Engine; Fueling; Cutting Unit; Depth Lever - Husqvarna DT18BF Operator's Manual

Power rake seeder
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Refer to your engine manual.


Read the safety instructions before fueling.
Keep the fuel and fuel tank clean. Avoid filling the
machine with dirty fuel. Make sure the fuel cap is
properly tightened and the gasket is not damaged,
particularly before washing the machine.
Use unleaded gasoline with minimum 86 octane
rating. Never use gasoline mixed with two-cycle oil.
For ethanol and methanol fuel, the following applies:
Maximum allowable ethanol 10% (volume).
Maximum allowable methanol 5% (volume).
Maximum allowable MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl
Ether) 15% (volume).
The engine can be damaged if it knocks or pings
at normal load. Drain the fuel tank and replace with
fresh fuel. If this does not help, contact an authorized
service workshop.
Do not fill the tank completely; leave space for the fuel
to expand as it warms up.

Cutting Unit

Depth Lever

Use the depth lever to raise and lower the blades
between working and transport position. The depth
lever has a lock-out bolt that should be left in until the
blades wear down. Then move the bolt to a lower hole
to allow the blades to penetrate the soil.
Flail Blades or Spring Tines
depth so that the blades or tines just touch on a
flat surface such as a sidewalk or driveway.
Set blades to penetrate the soil to
Delta Blades
a depth of
" to ¼" with a maximum penetration
of ½". Check seed bag for the manufacture's
recommended depth of application
Lawns with deep thatch exceeding ¾" may be
best dethatched in two treatments (spring and
fall) to avoid major shock to an older lawn.


The clutch tightens the drive belt and engages the
drive for the blades. When the clutch lever is pressed
against the handle, the blades begin to rotate. Hold
the clutch tightly when working so the belt does not
Set blade or tine
Gasoline is highly flammable. Observe
caution and fill the tank outdoors.
(See the safety instructions.)



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