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Commercial Series
Radio CP140
User Guide
Issue: December 2003


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   Summary of Contents for Motorola CP140

  • Page 1

    Commercial Series Radio CP140 User Guide 6866550D02-O Issue: December 2003...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Sending a Call ..... .15 CONTENTS Monitoring ......16 Computer Software Copyrights .

  • Page 4: Computer Software Copyrights

    The products described in this manual may include copyrighted computer programmes stored in semiconductor memories or other media. Laws in the United States of America and other countries preserve for Motorola Europe and Motorola Inc. certain exclusive rights for copyrighted computer programmes, including the right to copy or reproduce in any form the copyrighted computer programme.

  • Page 5: Radio Overview, Operation And Control Functions, Radio Controls

    RADIO OVERVIEW 3. Channel Selector Knob Used to switch the radio to different channels. 4. LED Indicators This user guide covers the operation of the CP140 Indicate radio status: Portable Radios. Green: Solid during power up routine; off after Before using this product, read the successful power up;...

  • Page 6: Programmable Buttons

    Programmable Buttons The following table is a summary of programmable radio features and corresponding page references. Your radio has two programmable buttons. Your In the “Button” column, have your dealer record the dealer can program these buttons as shortcuts to name of the programmable button next to the various radio features.

  • Page 7

    Feature Indicator Short Press Long Press Hold Down Page Button Checks the Battery — — battery charge Indicator status. Sounds a tone for adjusting the Volume Set — — — radio’s volume level. Monitors the A long press initiates Monitor. A short selected —...

  • Page 8

    Feature Indicator Short Press Long Press Hold Down Page Button Toggle squelch level between tight and Squelch — — † normal squelch. Toggle transmit power level between Power Level — — † High and Low power. † Option Board — Toggle the option board on and off.

  • Page 9: Indicator Tones

    Indicator Tones Programmable Positive Negative High pitched tone Low pitched tone Buttons Indicator Tone Indicator Tone Scan Start Stop Power Level High Self Test Pass Tone Squelch Tight Normal Repeater/ Does not use Uses repeater Self Test Fail Tone Talkaround repeater Enabled Disabled...

  • Page 10: Battery Charge Status, Led Indicator

    Battery Charge Status LED Indicator You can check battery charge status if your dealer The LED shows radio status as follows: has preprogrammed one of the programmable buttons. Hold down the preprogrammed Battery State Indication Indicator button. The charge status is shown by the colour of the LED indicator.

  • Page 11: Getting Started, Battery Information, Charging Your Battery

    Charging a hot battery (above 35°C [95°F]) results in reduced discharge capacity, affecting the performance of the radio. Motorola rapid-rate battery chargers contain a temperature-sensing circuit to ensure that batteries are charged within the temperature limits stated above.

  • Page 12: Desktop Rapid Charger

    Desktop Rapid Charger LED color Status To Charge the Battery No LED Indication Battery inserted incorrectly Turn the radio off. or battery not detected. Single Green Flash Successful charger Place the battery, with or without the radio, in power-up. the charger pocket. Flashing Red Battery unchargeable or not •...

  • Page 13: Accessory Information, Attaching The Battery, Removing The Battery

    ACCESSORY INFORMATION Removing the Battery Attaching the Battery Battery Latch Locked Un-locked Turn off the radio if it is turned on. Slide the battery latch into the unlock position. Align the battery to the battery rails on the Disengage by pushing downward and holding back of the radio (approximately 1 cm from the the latch towards the front of the radio.

  • Page 14: Attaching The Antenna, Removing The Antenna

    Attaching the Antenna Removing the Antenna Turn the antenna clockwise to attach it. Turn the antenna counter-clockwise to remove it. English...

  • Page 15: Attaching The Belt Clip, Removing The Belt Clip

    Attaching the Belt Clip Removing the Belt Clip Belt Clip Tab Align the grooves of the belt clip with those of Use a key to press the belt clip tab away from the battery. the battery to unlock the belt clip. Press the belt clip downward until you hear a Slide the belt clip upward to remove it.

  • Page 16: Turning The Radio On Or Off, Adjusting The Volume, Selecting A Radio Channel

    TURNING THE RADIO ON OR OFF ADJUSTING THE VOLUME Turn the On/Off/Volume Control knob clockwise to increase the volume, or counterclockwise to decrease the volume. – – use the pre-programmed Volume Set button Hold down the Volume Set button; you will hear a continuous tone.

  • Page 17: Receiving A Call, Sending A Call

    RECEIVING A CALL SENDING A CALL Turn your radio on. Turn your radio on. Adjust the radio’s volume. Select the desired channel. Select the desired channel. Monitor for traffic (using the pre-programmed Monitor button) before transmitting to ensure Listen for voice activity. The LED indicator that you do not ‘talk over’...

  • Page 18: Monitoring, Vox Operation, Connecting A Vox Headset

    MONITORING VOX OPERATION It is important to monitor traffic before transmitting to When hands-free operation is desired, your radio ensure that you do not “talk over” someone who is can be activated by voice alone using the VOX already transmitting. feature when you speak through an accessory that is connected to your radio.

  • Page 19: Enable/disable Headset Sidetone, Vox Headset, Non-vox Headset With In-line Ptt

    ENABLE/DISABLE HEADSET Non-VOX Headset with In-Line PTT SIDETONE Turn off your radio. Your dealer can program your radio to hear your Connect the non-VOX accessory to your voice through the headset during transmit. radio. VOX Headset Press and hold the In-line PTT on your headset.

  • Page 20

    Notes: English...

  • Page 21: Radio Calls, Receiving A Selective Call, Receiving A Call Alert

    RADIO CALLS RECEIVING A CALL ALERT PAGE RECEIVING A SELECTIVE CALL When you receive a Call Alert page: When you receive a selective call: • The LED indicator flashes yellow, if programmed • The LED indicator flashes yellow, if programmed by your dealer/programmer.

  • Page 22: Repeater Or Talkaround Mode

    REPEATER OR TALKAROUND MODE Talkaround Mode enables you to communicate with another radio when either: • the repeater is not operating —or— • your radio is out of the repeater’s range but within communicating distance of another radio. To Select either Repeater Mode or Talkaround Mode Press the preprogrammed Repeater/Talkaround button to toggle between Repeater Mode and...

  • Page 23: Scan, Start System Scan, Stop System Scan, Start Auto Scan, Stop Auto Scan, Talkback

    SCAN START AUTO SCAN Auto Scan automatically starts scanning once a Your radio is equipped with the Scan feature, which channel with Auto Scan enabled is selected. allows you to monitor multiple channels for voice Select a channel that has been preprogrammed for activity.

  • Page 24: Delete A Nuisance Channel, Restore Channels To The Scan List

    DELETE A NUISANCE CHANNEL Restore Channels to the Scan List Note: Your dealer/programmer must preprogram a Power off the radio. Once the radio is powered button to access this feature. on again, the deleted nuisance channels are restored to the scan list. If a channel continually generates unwanted calls or noise (a “nuisance”...

  • Page 25: User Settings, Escalert, Set Squelch Level, Set Power Level, Option Board On/off

    USER SETTINGS You can enable/disable some of your radio features using the programmable buttons pre-programmed by your dealer. SET POWER LEVEL ESCALERT Each channel in your radio has a predefined Your radio can be programmed to increase the transmit power level that can be changed. volume of the alarm tones when a radio call is not High power allows you to reach a radio that is answered.

  • Page 26


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