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   Summary of Contents for Motorola CP160

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    CP180 CP160...

  • Page 3: Safety Information, Computer Software Copyright

    C a u t i o n Programmable Buttons ....3 Menu Buttons (CP160/CP180)..4 ATTENTION! Menu Navigation Chart (CP160/CP180) . . 5 This radio is restricted to occupational use only to LCD Display and Icons (CP160/CP180) .

  • Page 4: Radio Overview

    9. Belt Clip 2. On-Off / Volume Knob CP160/CP180 Radios Used to turn the radio on or off, and to adjust the 6. LCD Display radio’s volume. An 8 character single line display with up to 9 3.

  • Page 5: Audio Signal Tones

    Customer Programming Software Signal Description (CPS), as short-cut buttons for many of the radio’s features. Programmable buttons include: Self Test Pass Tone. CP160/CP180 • The two side buttons (S1 and S2) Self Test Fail Tone. • The two front buttons ( Positive Indicator Tone.

  • Page 6: Menu Buttons (cp160/cp180)

    Menu Buttons (CP160/CP180) Menu Scroll Buttons L M Menu Select Button Used to scroll when in Menu Mode. button is dedicated to Menu access and L or M to scroll through menu options. If you menu option selections. scroll past the last option the selection wraps around and starts again.

  • Page 7: Menu Navigation Chart (cp160/cp180)

    MENU NAVIGATION CHART (CP160/CP180) (Refer to Menu Navigation guidelines— lower, left-hand corner of this page) Radio Repeater/ Phone Program Utilities System Tones Calls Talkround Lists Scan Squelch Reptr mode / On/Off Tone Talkrnd mode CP180 only Normal/Tight On/Off Power Level...

  • Page 8: Lcd Display And Icons (cp160/cp180)

    LCD DISPLAY AND ICONS (CP160/CP180) Symbol Name and Description Scan Indicator CHAN 32 Indicates that the scan feature is activated. Priority Scan Indicator Indicates that the scan feature is activated. The dot is flashing during Displays radio Status, Addresses or Channel, on priority scan mode when scan has one line of 8 characters.

  • Page 9: Getting Started, Battery Information

    GETTING STARTED LED color Status BATTERY INFORMATION No LED Indication Battery inserted incorrectly Charging Your Battery or battery not detected. Single Green Flash Successful charger If a battery is new, or its charge level is very low, you power-up. will need to charge it before you can use it. When the battery level is low and the radio is in transmit Flashing Red Battery unchargeable or not...

  • Page 10: Accessory Information

    ACCESSORY INFORMATION Removing the Battery Attaching the Battery Battery Latch Locked Un-locked Turn off the radio if it is turned on. Slide the battery latch into the unlock position. Align the battery to the battery rails on the Disengage by pushing downward and holding back of the radio (approximately 1 cm from the the latch towards the front of the radio.

  • Page 11

    Attaching the Antenna Removing the Antenna Turn the antenna clockwise to attach it. Turn the antenna counter-clockwise to remove it. English...

  • Page 12

    Attaching the Belt Clip Removing the Belt Clip Belt Clip Tab Align the grooves of the belt clip with those of Use a key to press the belt clip tab away from the battery. the battery to unlock the belt clip. Press the belt clip downward until you hear a Slide the belt clip upward to remove it.

  • Page 13: Turning The Radio On-off

    Turn the On/Off/Volume Control knob to the desired volume level. Release the Volume Set button. Radio On Message (CP160/CP180) At power up the radio may display a message customised by your dealer, e.g.: Rotate the On/Off/...

  • Page 14: Selecting A Radio Channel

    Your radio offers up to 64 channels (CP180), 32 During the routine the Green LED lights. On channels (CP160) or 16 channels (CP140), however completion of a successful self test the radio some may not be programmed. Check with your produces the Self-Test pass Tone, the Green LED dealer for more information.

  • Page 15: Receiving A Call

    Receiving a Call Sending a Call Turn your radio on. Turn your radio on. Adjust the radio’s volume. Select the desired channel. Select the desired channel. Monitor for traffic (using the pre-programmed Monitor button) before transmitting to ensure Listen for voice activity. The LED indicator that you do not ‘talk over’...

  • Page 16: Making A Selective Call (cp160/cp180)

    When you receive a selective call, the LED indicator flashes yellow (if programmed by your dealer) and you will hear two high pitched tones. On CP160 and CP180 radios the display shows and the pre-programmed name or ID of the calling radio.

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