Mitsubishi Electric FR-A7AX Instruction Manual

Plug-in option dedicated for the fr-a700/f700 series 16 bit digital input function
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Plug-in option
16 bit digital input function



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  Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric FR-A7AX

  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi Inverter plug-in option. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS This instruction manual gives handling information and precautions for use of this equipment. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault. Before using the equipment, please 1. Electric Shock Prevention read this manual carefully to use the equipment to its optimum.
  • Page 3 2. Injury Prevention 3) Usage WARNING CAUTION • Do not modify the equipment. • Apply only the voltage specified in the instruction manual to • Do not perform parts removal which is not instructed in this each terminal. Otherwise, burst, damage, etc. may occur. •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

     CONTENTS  PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and Product Confirmation .....................1 1.1.1 Packing confirmation ............................1 1.1.2 Parts ................................2 1.1.3 Specifications ..............................3 INSTALLATION AND WIRING Pre-Installation Instructions ......................4 Installation Procedure ........................5 Wiring..............................7 CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL Connection Diagram..........................9 Internal Block Diagram........................11 Terminals ............................12 Code Input Example ........................13 PARAMETERS...
  • Page 5: Pre-Operation Instructions

    PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Unpacking and Product Confirmation Take the plug-in option out of the package, check the unit name, and confirm that the product is as you ordered and intact. This product is a plug-in option dedicated for the FR-A series. 1.1.1 Packing confirmation Check the enclosed items.
  • Page 6: Parts

    PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.1.2 Parts Mounting Terminal Front view Rear view hole block Mounting hole Connector Mounting hole Connect to the inverter option connector (Refer to page 5.) Terminal layout...
  • Page 7: Specifications

    PRE-OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.1.3 Specifications (1) Digital input signal type BCD code 3 digits or 4 digits Binary 12 bits or binary 16 bits (2) Selection of digital input signal Select from the operation panel or parameter unit. (3) Input current 5mA(24VDC) for each circuit (4) Input specifications Contact signal or open collector input...
  • Page 8: Installation And Wiring

    INSTALLATION AND WIRING Pre-Installation Instructions Make sure that the input power of the inverter is off. CAUTION With input power on, do not install or remove the plug-in option. Otherwise, the inverter and plug-in option may be damaged.
  • Page 9: Installation Procedure

    INSTALLATION AND WIRING Installation Procedure 1) Remove the inverter front cover. 2) Mount the hex-head screw for option mounting into the inverter screw hole (on earth plate). (size 5.5mm, tightening torque 0.56N⋅m to 0.75N⋅m) Screw hole for 3) Securely fit the connector of the plug-in option mounting option to the inverter connector along the guides.
  • Page 10 INSTALLATION AND WIRING CAUTION • When two or more options are mounted, priority is in order of inverter option connectors 1, 2 and 3, the options having lower priority are inoperative. • When the inverter cannot recognize that the option is mounted due to improper Mounting Error installation, etc., "...
  • Page 11: Wiring

    INSTALLATION AND WIRING 2.3 Wiring (1) Strip off the sheath of the cable to wire. Strip off the sheath about the size below. If the length of the sheath pealed is too long, a short circuit may occur among neighboring wires. If the length is too short, wires might come off. Wire the stripped cable after twisting it to prevent it from becoming loose.
  • Page 12 INSTALLATION AND WIRING (3) For wiring of the FR-A series 22K or less and the FR-F series 30K (FR-F720-01250, FR-F740- 00620) or less, route wires between the control circuit terminal block and front cover. If cables can not be routed between the control circuit terminal block and front cover due to the increased number of cables, remove a hook of the front cover and use a space become available.
  • Page 13: Connection Diagram And Terminal

    CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL 3.1 Connection Diagram Relay contact signal input (sink logic Open collector signal input (sink logic AY41 type transistor FR-A7AX FR-A7AX output unit Thousand's place Thousand's place Hundred's place Hundred's place Ten's place Ten's place Unit's place...
  • Page 14 CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL REMARKS 1. As the input signals are at low level, use two parallel micro signal contacts or a twin contact for relay contact inputs to prevent a contact fault. Micro signal contacts Twin contacts 2. A transistor of the following specifications should be selected for the open collector signal: Electrical characteristics of the transistor used ⋅...
  • Page 15: Internal Block Diagram

    CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL 3.2 Internal Block Diagram The following is the internal block diagram of the FR-A7AX. Connector Controller...
  • Page 16: Terminals

    CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL 3.3 Terminals Terminal Terminal Description Location Symbol Digital signal input terminal (frequency setting signal terminal) Input the digital signal at the relay contact or open collector terminal. (Refer to page 9.) For the digital signal input, you can choose either the BCD code X0 to X15 input or binary input.
  • Page 17: Code Input Example

    CONNECTION DIAGRAM AND TERMINAL 3.4 Code Input Example The following explains examples of terminal status and input value at BCD code input and binary input. Example: when the input value is 6325 Example: when the input value is AB65 BCD Code Input Binary Input Input Terminal...
  • Page 18: Parameters

    PARAMETERS 4.1 Parameter List When the FR-A7AX is fitted, the following parameters can be set. The FR-A7AX does not function with the factory setting. When a value other than 9999 is set in Pr. 304, " " digital input is enabled.
  • Page 19 PARAMETERS Setting values "4" and "14" are available with the FR-A700 series only. The initial value of the EC version is 50Hz. For Pr. 329, write is disabled during operation even when "2" is set in Pr. 77. When changing the parameter setting, stop the operation.
  • Page 20: Parameter Setting

    PARAMETERS 4.2 Parameter Setting 4.2.1 Selection of input method (Pr. 304) Parameter Initial Setting Name Setting Range Number Value Increments Selection of digital input and analog 0 to 4,10 to 14, 9999 input compensation enable/disable 9999 Availability of Analog Pr. 304 Setting Binary Input BCD Code Input Input Compensation...
  • Page 21 PARAMETERS Use terminal 1 for analog input compensation. Refer to the inverter instruction manual (applied) for details of terminal 1. These parameters can be set for the FR-A700 series only. Refer to page 23 for details of torque command value input. REMARKS ⋅...
  • Page 22: Data Read Timing Signal On-Off Selection (Pr. 305)

    PARAMETERS 4.2.2 Data read timing signal on-off selection (Pr. 305) Parameter Initial Setting Name Setting Range Number Value Increments Data read timing signal on-off selection 0, 1, 10 Pr. 305 Setting Filter Description The set frequency data entered from the digital signal input terminals (X0 to X15) is Without always imported independently of whether the DY signal is on or off.
  • Page 23 PARAMETERS How to use the DY signal (when "1" is set in Pr. 305) 1ms or more 1ms or more Digital signal input (terminal X0 to X15) 20ms or more necessary Data read timing signal (terminal DY) REMARKS When Pr. 305 = "1", each terminal from X0 to X15 is all recognized as off when the inverter is turned on in terminal DY off status.
  • Page 24: Bias And Gain Adjustment (Pr. 300, Pr. 301, Pr. 302, Pr. 303)

    PARAMETERS 4.2.3 Bias and gain adjustment (Pr. 300, Pr. 301, Pr. 302, Pr. 303) Parameter Initial Setting Name Setting Range Number Value Increments BCD code input bias 0 to 400Hz 0.01Hz 60Hz BCD code input gain 0 to 400Hz, 9999 0.01Hz (50Hz) Binary input bias...
  • Page 25 PARAMETERS (2) Gain adjustment The gain may be set in either of the following two ways: How to set the output frequency when the input signal is 999 or 9999 (BCD code), and FFF FFFF (binary). ⋅ BCD code input .. Set using Pr. 301. ⋅...
  • Page 26: Digital Input Increments Selection (Pr. 329)

    PARAMETERS 4.2.4 Digital input increments selection (Pr. 329) Parameter Initial Setting Name Setting Range Number Value Increments Digital input increments selection 0, 1, 2, 3 When "9999" is set in Pr. 301 BCD code input gain or Pr. 303 Binary input gain, the increments when the digital signal is set as output frequency can be set.
  • Page 27: Bit Digital Torque Command (Fr-A700 Series Only)

    Digital torque command can be given under torque control using the FR-A7AX . A digital command using the FR-A7AX can be given when "4 (12 bit)" or "14 (16 bit)" is set in Pr.304 and "4" is set in Pr.804 Torque command source selection.
  • Page 28 PARAMETERS The input signal uses the last 15 (11) bits as torque command and the most significant bit as sign. When 16 bit is selected Bit15 Bit0 sign bit 0 to 7FFF or 0 to 190 (400) 0: positive, 1: negative REMARKS The digital torque command is input only by binary input.
  • Page 29 PARAMETERS Input method of torque command Torque command may be input in either of the following two ways: (1) Method to define the torque command value for the input command by setting the torque command value when the input signal is 0 and plus side torque command value when the input signal is 7FFF (7FF ) as shown in the graph...
  • Page 30 PARAMETERS (2) Method to directly input the torque command value as numeral value in digital When "9999" is set in Pr.448, the input signal is considered as a torque command value. Even if a value higher than 190H (400) is input, the torque command value is clamped at 400%. Torque command value 400% 7FFF...
  • Page 31: Instructions

    0Hz. (3) If 0 to 5V (0 to 10V) is input at the inverter terminal 1 from the external volume with the FR-A7AX fitted, the inverter operates at the frequency obtained by adding the FR-A7AX BCD code input and the...
  • Page 32 REVISIONS *The manual number is given on the bottom left of the back cover. Print Date *Manual Number Revision May, 2004 IB(NA)-0600164ENG-A First edition Additions Sep.,2005 IB(NA)-0600164ENG-B Compatible with the FR-A700 series...
  • Page 33 INVERTER HEAD OFFICE:MITSUBISHI DENKI BLDG MARUNOUCHI TOKYO 100-8310 IB(NA)-0600164ENG-B (0509) MEE Printed in Japan Specifications subject to change without notice.