Husky Spray Gun Operating Instructions Manual
Husky Spray Gun Operating Instructions Manual

Husky Spray Gun Operating Instructions Manual

Detail spray gun


Operating Instructions
Instructions d'Utilisation
Manual de Instrucciones
See Warranty on page 6 for important information about commercial use of this product.
Operating Instructions
Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product described.
Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal injury and/or prop-
erty damage! Retain instructions for future reference.


Damage could result in bursting and
cause injury or property damage.
A conventional siphon feed detail spray
gun designed to spray all light to medi-

Spray Gun Terms

um viscosity materials. It has fluid and
pattern controls and is supplied with an
FEED – Method used to bring paint
8 oz. material cup. The compact design
into the gun for spraying.
makes this spray gun handy for detail,
PRESSURE FEED – Method of paint
touch-up and small painting projects.
feed where a canister or paint tank is
pressurized to force paint to the gun.

Safety Guidelines

Either internal or external mix air caps
are used with this method. Pressure feed
This manual contains information that is
is generally used for spraying heavy bod-
very important to know and under-
ied paints or for large size projects.
stand. This information is provided for
SIPHON FEED – Method of paint feed
PROBLEMS. To help recognize this infor-
where atmospheric pressure creates a
mation, observe the following symbols.
partial vacuum to siphon paint to the
gun. Only external mix air caps are
Danger indicates
used with this method. Siphon feed is
an imminently haz-
ardous situation which, if not avoided,
used with light bodied paints.
WILL result in death or serious injury.
GRAVITY FEED – Method of paint
Warning indicates
feed similar to the siphon feed
a potentially haz-
method. However, the cup is inverted
ardous situation which, if not avoided,
COULD result in death or serious
to create a positive fluid pressure at
the nozzle.
Caution indicates a
MIX – The mixing of paint and air
potentially haz-
when spraying.
ardous situation which, if not avoided,
MAY result in minor or moderate injury.
INTERNAL MIX – Process where the air
Notice indicates
and paint are mixed inside the air cap
important infor-
just before being sprayed. This method
mation, that if not followed, may
is best for heavy bodied, slow drying
cause damage to equipment.
paints and can only be used with the
pressure feed method. Do not use fast
drying paints with internal mix. The
After unpacking the product, inspect
paint will dry inside and quickly clog
carefully for any damage that may
the air cap.
have occurred during transit. Make
EXTERNAL MIX – Process where the
sure to tighten fittings, bolts, etc.,
air and paint are mixed just after leav-
before putting unit into service.
ing the nozzle. This type of mix should
be used for fast drying paints and
Do not operate
tool if damaged
when a high quality finish is needed.
during shipping, handling or use.
REMINDER: Keep your dated proof of purchase for warranty purposes! Attach it to this manual or file it for safekeeping.
© 2004
Detail Spray Gun
whether air flows through the gun con-
tinuously or as the trigger is pulled.
BLEEDER – In this mode, air passes con-
tinuously through the gun whether
spraying or not. This mode is generally
used when the air is supplied by a con-
tinuously running compressor that does
not have a tank.
NON-BLEEDER – In this mode, air flows
only when the trigger is pulled. This
type of operation is used with a com-
pressor equipped with a tank or with a
large factory air system.
VISCOSITY – A measurement of the
resistance of the flow of a liquid.
ATOMIZATION - Conversion of liquid
to spray droplets (mist).
form the proper pattern (size and
shape) of paint as it is sprayed from the
gun to the work piece.
trol the amount of paint being mixed
with air.
PAINT TANK – An auxiliary pressurized
paint reservoir that allows continuous
spraying of large amounts of paint with-
out stopping for refills as with a canister. It
also allows using the spray gun at any
angle or orientation.
General Safety
1. Read all manuals included
with this product careful-
ly. Be thoroughly familiar
with the controls and the
proper use of the equipment.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Husky Spray Gun

  • Page 1: Safety Guidelines

    PAINT TANK – An auxiliary pressurized paint reservoir that allows continuous spraying of large amounts of paint with- out stopping for refills as with a canister. It also allows using the spray gun at any angle or orientation. General Safety Information 1.
  • Page 2: Pattern Adjustment

    90 degrees (See Figure 1). Hand tighten lock ring after adjustment. PATTERN ADJUSTMENT 1. Adjust air pressure to the spray gun according to the recommendations supplied with the spray material. This air pressure usually falls between 40 - 60 PSI.
  • Page 3 Manual de Instrucciones Garantía Limitada - Pistolas Pulverizadoras Husky de Campbell Hausfeld DURACION: A partir de la fecha de compra por el comprador original tal como se especifica a continuación: Productos Estándard (Standard Duty) - Un año, Productos Resistentes (Serious Duty) -Dos años, Productos Robustos (Extreme Duty) - Tres años.
  • Page 4 Notes STORING 1. When not using spray gun, turn the fluid adjustment knob counterclock- wise to open which will reduce spring tension on needle fluid tip. 2. Spray gun MUST BE well cleaned and lightly lubricated.
  • Page 5 Fluid leaking from pack- ing nut Air leaking from air cap without pulling trigger Fluid leaking from fluid tip of pressure feed spray gun Excessive overspray Will not spray Possible Cause(s) Corrective Action Right or Holes in left or right side of the Clean.
  • Page 6 3. WHO RECEIVES THIS WARRANTY (PURCHASER): The original purchaser (other than for purposes of resale) of the Campbell Hausfeld product. 4. WHAT PRODUCTS ARE COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY: Any Campbell Hausfeld nailer, stapler, air tool, spray gun, infla- tor or air accessory supplied or manufactured by Warrantor.
  • Page 7 Manual de Instrucciones Informaciones Generales Nunca ADVERTENCIA apunte la de Seguridad pistola ni rocíe hacia Ud. u otras personas ya que podría ocasionarle heridas de 1. Lea con cuidado todos los gravedad. manuales incluídos con 6. Siempre trabaje en un área limpia. este producto.
  • Page 8 Instructions d’Utilisation Ne jamais Généralités Sur La Sécurité AVERTISSEMENT diriger la 1. Lire attentivement tous pulvérisation vers soi-même ni vers une manuels compris avec ce autre personne. Ceci peut causer des MANUEL produit. Se familiariser avec blessures graves. ce produit, ses commandes 6.
  • Page 9 Instructions d’Utilisation Garantie Limitée - Pistolets Vaporisateurs Husky de Campbell Hausfeld DURÉE: À partir de la date d’achat par l’acheteur original comme suit - Produits À Service Standard (Standard Duty) - Un An, Produits À Service Sérieux (Serious Duty) - Deux Ans, Produits À Service Extrême (Extreme Duty) - Trois Ans.
  • Page 10 Instructions d’Utilisation Entretien (Suite) NETTOYAGE PÉRIODIQUE À cause des grumaux qu’il peut y avoir 1. Enlever et vider le godet puis le rincer dans la peinture, il sera peut-être néces- avec le solvant recommandé pour le saire de démonter de temps en temps le produit utilisé.

Table of Contents