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Atari 65XE Owner's Manual page 15

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Table of Contents
The Memory Test works a little like a stoplight. Two bars appear on
the screen when the ROM is tested. If the bars turn green, the ROM is
okay, and you may proceed. Red means stop; the ROM is out of order,
and you must contact your ATARI retailer.
During the RAM test, 48 squares—each representing a RAM section-
are tested. The remaining 16K RAM is available only with certain soft-
ware programs. If a square turns white, then green, the corresponding
section is good. If no square turns red, the RAM is okay.
Note: If you enter the test program by typing BYE, you'll get 40
squares during the Memory Test, not 48.
The Audio-Visual Test checks the four programmable sound voices
and the color and graphics capabilities. A musical staff and treble clef
appear on the screen above the number of the voice being tested. Six
notes are played and displayed on your screen. The six notes repeat
once for each of the four voices.
If a voice number appears but you don't hear music, that voice is not
working properly. Make sure that the volume on your television is
turned up.
The colors displayed on the screen should be consistent during each

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents