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Husqvarna PP 418 Operator's Manual

Husqvarna pp 418 power pack operator's manual
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Operator's Manual
Read these instructions carefully and make sure
you understand them before using the PP 418.
Manual del operador
Lea cuidadosamente estas instrucciones y asegúrese
de que las comprende bien antes de usar el PP 418.
Manuel d'utilisation
Veuillez lire attentivement ces instructions et assurez-vous de
bien les comprendre avant d'utiliser la machine modèle PP 418.
PP 418


Table of Contents

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  Summary of Contents for Husqvarna PP 418

  • Page 1 PP 418. Manual del operador Lea cuidadosamente estas instrucciones y asegúrese de que las comprende bien antes de usar el PP 418. Manuel d’utilisation Veuillez lire attentivement ces instructions et assurez-vous de bien les comprendre avant d’utiliser la machine modèle PP 418.
  • Page 2: I Ntroduction, Personal Safety

    If you have further questions you can contact the closest Husqvarna Construction Products location by writing or calling, see information below. You can also fi nd the closest location by searching the internet at;...
  • Page 3: Registration Of The Product

    The power pack model and serial number as well as the engine model number, engine type and code are critical in order to obtain the correct service parts. Husqvarna Construction Products does not supply any engine service parts. Engine parts are distributed through the engine manufacturer’s dealer network.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    LIFTING AND LOADING CONTENTS Lifting and Loading the PP 418 Content Page ntroduction, personal safety ...... 2 Registration of the product ………………… 3 The Power Pack 418 weighs approx 135kg/298lb. General safety message......The safest way to move the power pack from a trailer to the Table of contents …………………………..
  • Page 5: What Is What

    WHAT IS WHAT Engine model, type and code Power Pack model number and serial number What is what? More information on page Lifting eyelet..........Rack for hydraulic hoses C. Fuel gauge/fuel cap........D. Choke lever Lock for handle Transport handle G.
  • Page 6: Decals

    DECALS AND LOCATIONS Part number: 541 20 76-21 Part number: 542 16 90-65 Part number: Part number: 510 04 40-01 541 20 76-22 HYDRAULIC HYDRAULIC ISO-46 ISO-46 Part number: 501 98 70-01 Part number: 510 19 10-01 Part number: 510 19 09-01 Part number: 510 19 08-01 Part number:...
  • Page 7: What Tools Can Be Powered

    Always consult the manufacturer of a tool before hooking it up to the power pack. HYDRAULIC HOSES AND COUPLERS The PP 418 includes a 7.5 m (25 ft) long hose set in a 1/2” NOTICE: (12.7 mm) inside diameter. You can attach ONE additional The direction of fl...
  • Page 8: Fuel And Fuel Safety Warnings

    The engine will not operate on gasoline The Hydraulic system is also compatible with some “Food Grade” oils that can be used for specifi c applications. Please marketed as E-85 (85% ethanol) contact Husqvarna Construction Products for advice.
  • Page 9: Assembly

    Hook up the hydraulic hoses to the power pack. Connect the two couplers in the free end of the hose. The hoses are now The PP 418 power pack must be serviced before use. ready to be charged with oil from the oil tank.
  • Page 10: Connecting The Battery

    SERVICING THE BATTERY Use the following procedure when removing, installing and The battery supplied as original equipment is maintenance attaching the battery cables. free. Do not attempt to open or remove caps or covers. Adding or checking the electrolyte level is not necessary. Replace only with an equivalent maintenance free battery with The battery is located in the support foot of the power pack.
  • Page 11: Controls And Operation

    CONTROLS - OPERATION Choke Lever Throttle Control Ignition Switch Flow Selector IGNITION SWITCH cont.. STOP – Kills the engine – no power to any of the There is a slight delay for the engine to go from idle speed to electrical devices.
  • Page 12: Starting

    STARTING CHECKLIST BEFORE YOU OPERATE THE POWER PACK, STARTING PROCEDURE: PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING CHECKLIST: WARNING - Have you read and do you understand ALL instructions and warnings in this manual? ASPHYXIATION HAZARD Running an engine in a confi ned or badly ventilated - Is the battery properly charged and installed? (page 10) area can result in injury or death due to asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Page 13: Adjusting The Automatic Throttle Control

    GENERAL DESCRIPTION ADJUSTMENT The AUTOMATIC THROTTLE function is triggered by an On the PP 418 the threshold pressure at which the adjustable pressure switch located on the hydraulic manifold. throttle reacts can be adjusted to reach a desired function for a specifi...
  • Page 14: Engine Maintenance

    ENGINE MAINTENANCE Engine Oil NOTICE Checking, Adding and Changing Oil Used oil is a hazardous waste product. Dispose of Always check the oil level before starting the engine. used oil properly. Do not discard with household Keep oil level at FULL. Do not overfi ll. Check level daily, or waste.
  • Page 15: Hydraulic Maintenance

    fl ow meter and pressure gauge. Never readjust the pressure relief valve without the proper hydraulic diagnostic tool. CONTACT a local Husqvarna dealer or Husqvarna Construction Products for diagnostic help. OIL TANK Drain plug.
  • Page 16: Technical Specifi Cations

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Weight and Dimensions PP 418 Weight – dry without hoses 127 kg 280 lbs Weight with oil but without gasoline 135 kg 298 lbs Weight - hose set ½” x 7.5 m (25 feet) – dry 8.5 kg 19 lbs Weight - hose set –...
  • Page 17: Warranty

    HUSQVARNA EQUIPMENT WARRANTY New Hydraulic Power Packs sold by Husqvarna Construction Products are warranted to be free from manufactur- ing defects in normal service for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase by the original consumer purchas- er.
  • Page 18: Conformity Certifi Cates

    CONFORMITY CERTIFICATES CALIFORNIA AIR RESOURCES BOARD (CARB): This machine is considered a preempt Off-Road Ap plication as relating to CARB standards. Under construction equipment, and in particular, as a Hydraulic Power Pack (Power pack: hydraulic), with engine power less than 19KW (25hp), CARB standards do not apply to this machine.
  • Page 20 510 02 98-01 Printed In U.S.A. 2008-31...