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HP 5992-4755 Sizing Manual

Mysql sizing guide for hp proliant c-class blade servers
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HP OSMS: MySQL Sizing Guide for HP
ProLiant c-Class Blade Servers
HP Part Number: 5992-4755
Published: March 2008
Edition: 1.0


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  • Page 1 HP OSMS: MySQL Sizing Guide for HP ProLiant c-Class Blade Servers HP Part Number: 5992-4755 Published: March 2008 Edition: 1.0...
  • Page 2 The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction...9 Executive Summary...9 Intended Audience...9 Scope and Purpose...9 HP Services...9 Typographic Conventions...11 Publishing History...11 HP Encourages Your Comments...11 Benchmark Software...12 Hardware Test Environment...12 SysBench Configuration...13 MySQL Installation...14 MySQL Configuration...14 Benchmark Results...15 Interpreting the Data...16 HP Proliant BL460c Server...16 HP Proliant BL465c Server...17...
  • Page 5 List of Figures SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL460c Server...17 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL465c Server...18 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL480c Server ...19 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL685c Server...20 Benchmark Test Results...20...
  • Page 7 MySQL Installation Packages...14 MySQL Test Configuration ...14 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL460c Server...16 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL465c Server...17 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL480c Server ...18 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL685c Server...19...
  • Page 9: Introduction

    HP hardware so that you can confidently deploy the complete stack. Once you have completed a successful evaluation, you have the flexibility to “do it yourself” or get assistance from HP to incorporate open source stacks into your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Page 10 • In Asia Pacific: +8522 599 7777 • In Europe/Africa/Middle East: +41 22 780 81 11...
  • Page 11: Typographic Conventions

    The document part number changes only when extensive changes are made. Document updates might be issued between editions to correct errors or document product changes. For the latest version of this document online, see the HP Technical Documentation website at:
  • Page 12: Benchmark Software

    Because this represents a transactional workload, the InnoDB storage engine was used for the MySQL database server. Four different servers from the HP ProLiant family were used for each of the OLTP tests. Each test was performed using read-only queries and then with read/write queries and a varied number of connections.
  • Page 13: Sysbench Configuration

    Table 2 Test Hardware Environment (continued) Hardware BL460c File System (ext3 – no LVM): Partitioning Disk0: /, /boot, swap Disk1: FC attach – 7 36GB disks 10k RPM, RAID 0 Operating RHEL5 AS u1 SMP System kernel (2.6.18-53.el5) with errata updates SysBench Configuration The OLTP test mode emulates real database usage by issuing common SQL queries on typical table structures.
  • Page 14: Mysql Installation

    Table 4 SysBench Options SysBench option Value --test oltp --oltp-table-size 1000000 --mysql-engine-trx --oltp-test-mode complex --oltp-read-only . on/off --oltp-dist-type special --max-requests --num-threads varied from 1 to 128 --init-rng --max-time MySQL Installation The MySQL Certified Software, downloaded from the MySQL Network, provides the mysql-enterprise-gpl-5.0.46-0.rhel5.x86_64.tar file for RHEL5 on x86_64 servers.
  • Page 15: Benchmark Results

    Table 6 MySQL Test Configuration (continued) mysqld Option join_buffer_size thread_cache_size thread_stack query_cache_size ft_min_word_len tmp_table_size innodb_data_file_path innodb_buffer_pool_size innodb_additional_mem_pool_size innodb_log_file_size innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit innodb_locks_unsafe_for_binlog innodb_thread_concurrency innodb_concurrency_tickets Innodb_log_buffer_size innodb_table_locks innodb_support_xa innodb_doublewrite innodb_checksums Benchmark Results For each read-only or read/write test, SysBench was run with a varying number of thread connections to determine the maximum transactions per second (tps).
  • Page 16: Interpreting The Data

    If an application requires 1200 read/write tps from 16 database connections, all of the HP Proliant c-Class Blade Servers used in these tests are suitable because all of the test servers can handle at least 1245 tps.
  • Page 17: Hp Proliant Bl465C Server

    Figure 1 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL460c Server HP Proliant BL465c Server The HP ProLiant BL465c server is a two-way server blade designed for maximum compute density and power efficiencies. The small form factor accommodates two blades in each slot allowing for 16 servers in a standard 6u enclosure.
  • Page 18: Hp Proliant Bl480C Server

    Figure 2 SysBench Results for the HP ProLiant BL465c Server HP Proliant BL480c Server The HP ProLiant BL480c server is a 2-way server blade designed for maximum performance and scalability. The ProLiant BL480c server can support two Quad-Core Inter Xeon processors, which gives the equivalent of eight processing units per server.
  • Page 19: Hp Proliant Bl685C Server

    8000 Series processors, 64GB of DDR2 memory, two hot-plug Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) or Serial ATA (SATA) hard-drives, four embedded Gigabit NICs, and three I/O expansion slots, the HP ProLiant BL685c delivers the density you want with the performance you need to handle the most demanding enterprise class applications.
  • Page 20: Summary

    The test results indicated that optimum price and performance could be achieved using a MySQL Replication configuration with a pair of HP ProLiant BL460c or BL480c servers with 8 cores in a high-availability cluster where HP Proliant c-Class Blade Servers acted as the MySQL master database server.
  • Page 21 MySQL HP BladeSystem HP ActiveAnswers for MySQL Database Server SysBench Benchmark Software Resources...