Installing The Gps Antenna - Fujitsu Eclipse AVN51D Installation Manual

Dvd navigation system with 6.5" wide tft display and dvd multi-source receiver
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Installing the GPS antenna

Installing the GPS antenna
• • The wires should be bound together with tape or a similar securing method (example: wire ties) so that
they do not interfere with driving. If it becomes wound or entangled around parts such as the steering
wheel, shifting lever, or brake pedal, accidents may result.
• • Do not install the GPS antenna where it will obstruct the driver's vision or where it will be an obstacle
while driving, otherwise traffic accidents may result.
• • If the vehicle glass is a special type of glass such as
heat-reflective glass or bullet-proof glass, be sure to
install the GPS antenna outside of the vehicle. If the
GPS antenna is installed inside of the vehicle, the
reception sensitivity will severely drop and will affect
the accuracy of the position measurement.
• • If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, be
sure it is mounted to the ground plate.
• • If installing the GPS antenna inside the vehicle, the
location and the slope of the vehicle's windshield will
determine the accuracy of the GPS antenna to
receive the GPS signal. If the GPS antenna location
inside the vehicle is hindering the accuracy of the
GPS antenna, then you may want to install the
antenna outside of the vehicle.
• • The materials used in front and rear vehicle windows
can cause GPS reception sensitivity to drop
significantly. If this happens, install the GPS antenna
on the outside of the vehicle.
• • If the attachment surface is a non-plastic surface
such as genuine leather, wood panel, or cloth,
attaching the antenna may damage the surface
finish. Do not attach the ground plate to such
• • Wipe the installation surface thoroughly so that it is
clear of any dirt, moisture, or grease before installing
the antenna.
• • Do not apply any coatings to the GPS antenna,
otherwise it may cause a drop in the reception
sensitivity of the antenna.
• • Route the GPS antenna wire as far away as possible
from TV and radio antennas, and wires, otherwise, it
may cause interference with video and audio signals.
Notes on installation
• • Do not install the antenna in places (such as front
pillars and roof panel) that are shielded from the sky.
• • The GPS antenna should be installed in a level
position where the signals will be as unobstructed as
much as possible, such as on the vehicle's roof.
Satellite signals cannot be received if the antenna is
obscured or obstructed.
• • If installing the GPS antenna outside the vehicle,
remove the main antenna unit if leaving the vehicle
unattended for long periods in order to prevent theft
or malicious damage to the antenna.
• • Hold the main antenna unit when removing the
antenna. Do not pull on the wire, otherwise it may
become damaged and result in problems with correct
• • If installing the GPS antenna outside the vehicle,
remove the main antenna unit when washing the
vehicle. (If you wash the vehicle with the main
antenna unit still attached, avoid spraying the wire
section directly with water so that no water gets
inside the vehicle.)
• • The magnet that is attached to the GPS antenna is
extremely strong. Be sure to note the following when
installing the antenna.
• Do not put the antenna down on the ground or on
dirty or dusty surfaces. If iron filings become
attached to the magnet, they may cause damage
to the vehicle's body.
• Keep tway from watches and he antenna
amagnetic cards, otherwise they may be
damaged and/or rendered unusable.
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