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Section 1:Before Using; Safety Warnings; Recommendations - Zanussi ZWF2105W2 User Manual

Washing machine
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Do not use a multiple socket or extension cord.
Do not insert a plug with damaged or broken cord into the socket.
If the cord is damaged it should be replaced by the manufacturer or
appointed service agent in order to avoid a hazard.
Never remove the plug from the socket by pulling from the cord
section. Remove the plug by holding.
Do not plug the power supply with wet hands.
Never touch the machine with wet hands or feet.
Never open the detergent drawer while the device is running.
Never force the door open whilst the machine is running
Since the machine can reach high temperatures while running, do not
touch the drain hose and water during draining.
In case of any failure, first unplug the device and close the water tap.
Do not attempt to repair.Please apply to the nearest authorized
service provider.
Do not forget that the packing material of your machine may be
hazardous for children.
Do not let your children play with the washing machine.
Keep your pet away from your machine.
Your machine should only be used by adults within the information
written in this manual.
Your machine is designed for use in the home environment. Warranty
will be invalid if you use it for commercial purposes.
The appliance should not be put on a carpet which can block the air
ventilation on the bottom side.


The detergent or softener in contact with air for a long time will dry
and stick to your detergent drawer.To avoid this put your detergent
and softener into the detergent drawer just before washing.
It is recommended that you use pre-washing program for only very
dirty clothes.
Please do not exceed the maximum loading capacity.
The appliance is not intended for use by people (including children)
with reduced physical, sensor or mental capabilities , or lack of
experience and knowledge , unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by the person
responsible for their safety.Children should be supervised to ensure
that they don't play with the appliance.

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