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Part List And Supplied Accessories; Getting Started; Unpacking And Assembling The System; Placing The System - Kenwood C-BX3 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Since the System may deteriorate in quality, become damaged or get
its paint peeled off, be careful about the following:
DO NOT wipe it forcefully.
DO NOT wipe it with thinners, benzines or other organic solvents
including disinfectants.
DO NOT apply any volatile substances such as insecticides to it.
DO NOT allow any rubber or plastic to remain in contact with it for
a long time.
The manufacturer accepts absolutely no liability for any accidents or
damage resulting from inadequate assembly or mounting, insufficient
strength of attachment, misuse or abuse, or natural disasters.
If water gets inside the System
Turn the System off and disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet,
then call the store where you purchased this System. Using the System
in this condition may cause a fire or electrical shock.

Part list and supplied accessories

Check to make sure you have all of the parts for main system and
supplied accessories.
If anything is missing, contact your dealer immediately.
Parts for main system:
Main body (× 1)
Top glass (× 1)
Stand system:
(Refer to "How to assemble the system" on a separate manual.)
Strap band (× 1)
Screw (for strap band) (M5 × 10 mm) (× 1)
Supplied accessories:
AC adaptor (AC-190337A) (× 1)
AC power cord (× 1)
Digital optical cord (× 1)
Remote control RC-F0325E (× 1)
Lithium coin battery CR2025 (× 1)
The battery has been installed in the remote control when shipped
from the factory.
Core filter (large × 1, small × 2)
Adhesive tape (× 2)
For holding the power cord at the bottom of the stand base. For
details, refer to "Connecting the DC power cord."

Getting started

DO NOT connect the power cord until all other
connections have been made.
Unpacking and assembling the
For details, refer to "How to assemble the system" on a separate

Placing the system

Be careful of the following when placing the system.
Leave 10 cm or more space between the rear of the system and
the wall.
Place the system on a level surface and alongside a wall. Do not
place the system on a unstable place.
The AC adaptor should not be hanging/placed above any other
item. Place the AC adaptor on the flat floor only.
Be careful of the following when placing a TV or other devices.
Place a TV with more than two persons, and be careful not to catch
your fingers between the system and the TV.
See also the supplied instructions and confirm the safety cautions
for each device when placing the device.
Do not place a device weigh more than 20 kg.
Place a device (such as a TV) so as not to protrude from the top
glass. If the device is not placed on the center (ex. the base of
the TV is protruding), it may cause the device to fall down or the
system to topple over, and injury may result.
Place a device (such as a TV) on the center of the top glass.
When moving the device placed on the top glass, lift it up and
move it. Dragging it may damage the top glass.
Do not climb on to or sit on the system.
Do not place any object filled with liquids such as vases.
When you place an object on the system, see also "Warnings, Cautions
and Others".
You can use the system without attaching the stand. In this case,
place the main unit on the audio rack, etc.


Table of Contents

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