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Selecting The Input Source; Adjusting The Sound Level; Adjusting The Volume; Using The Surround Mode - Kenwood C-BX3 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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When one of the situations occurs...
The APS indicator is shown for 1 second every 1 minute and starts
flashing 30 seconds before the System turns off.

Selecting the input source

Press one of the input buttons (DIGITAL1, DIGITAL2,
ANALOG) to select the input source.
DIGITAL1 (for the optical connection)
DIGITAL2 (for the coaxial connection)
ANALOG (for the analog connection)

Adjusting the volume

Press VOLUME +/–.
Adjusts the volume within the range of 0 (MIN) to 40 (MAX).
Set the volume to the minimum level before starting any source. If the
volume is set to a high level, the sudden blast of sound may damage your
hearing and blow out the speakers.

Turning off the sound temporarily

To restore the sound, press the button again or press VOLUME + to
adjust the volume.
Maintaining steady volume level
You can set your desired volume level for different input sources to
avoid volume fluctuation when changing from one source to the
other—TruVolume (TVOL).
Press TVOL.
Each time you press the button, TruVolume is turn on and off (TVOL ON
and TVOL OFF scroll on the display).

Changing the display brightness

Each time you press the button, the display brightness changes with the
following scrolling message:
DIMMER OFF (normal) \ DIMMER 1 (darker) \ DIMMER 2 (darkest)

Adjusting the sound level

You can adjust the bass and treble sound level within the range of –3
to +3.
Press BASS/TREBLE repeatedly to select the sound you
want to adjust.
Each time you press the button, BASS and TREBLE alternates on the
– BASS: Adjusts the bass sound level.
– TREBLE: Adjusts the treble sound level.
Press UP or DOWN to adjust the level.
The change in the bass and treble sound level of the speakers differ
depending on the incoming signal of the input source.

Using the surround mode

You can listen to a more realistic sound than stereo sound using
surround—StudioSound HD (SSHD).
Press SSHD.
Each time you press the button, surround mode is toggled on or off
(SSHD ON or SSHD OFF scrolls on the display).

Playing back iPod

iPod (not supplied)

Connecting iPod

While the power of the main unit is turned off...
Push the tray (8) to open the dock for iPod.
Connect iPod to the connector.
You cannot connect iPod to the unit if it is covered by something or
with accessories attached. Remove them before connecting.
Keep iPod in a straight position while connecting/disconnecting it.
Do not carry the unit with iPod connected. It might cause damage to
the dock for iPod or you might drop iPod.
Do not touch or hit the iPod terminal pins or connector pins in the
dock for iPod directly. Doing so might cause damage to the connector
While the power is turned on, iPod can be charged.
Playing back
Press iPod 6.
While the power is turned off, simply pressing iPod
the power and plays back iPod.
6 turns on


Table of Contents

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