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Buttons And Lamps On The Front; Panel - Kenwood C-BX3 Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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Table of Contents
Pausing/resuming playback
Press iPod 6.
Skipping forward/back
Press and hold ¢ or 4.
Skipping to the next track
Press ¢.
Skipping back to the previous track
Press 4 twice or more repeatedly.
Returning to the beginning of the track
Press 4 once.
Putting iPod in sleep mode
Press and hold iPod 6.
Buttons and lamps on the front panel
(power) button
2 INPUT button
Press the button repeatedly to select the input source
3 iPod 6 button
Press the button to play back iPod.
4 SSHD button
Press to turn on/off StudioSound HD.
5 VOLUME +/– buttons
Adjusts the volume within the range of 0 (MIN) to 40 (MAX).
6 Remote sensor
Receives the signal from the remote control.
Displaying a menu/Returning to the
previous menu
Press MENU.
Selecting an item on the menu
Press UP or DOWN, then press SELECT.
Operate iPhone or iPod touch itself in the following cases:
When operating the home button.
When selecting application icons on the home screen.
When dragging the slider.
Sound distortion may occur when playing back audio sources with high
recording levels. If distortion occurs, it is recommended to turn off the
equalizer of iPod.
You can select the video signal format (NTSC or PAL) in the setting
menu on iPod.
7 STANDBY indicator lamp
Lights up while the power is turned off.
SSHD indicator lamp
Lights up while StudioSound HD is activated.
TVOL indicator lamp
Lights up while TruVolume is activated.
8 Tray for iPod dock
Push the tray to open the dock for iPod.
9 Display
Shows the volume level, the current source and the settings.


Table of Contents

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