LG 20k Installation Manual

Floor standing type air conditioner
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LG Floor Standing Type

Air Conditioner


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• Please read this installation manual completely before
installing the product.
• Installation work must be performed in accordance with
the national wiring standards by authorized personnel
• Please retain this installation manual for future reference
after reading it thoroughly.
P/No.: 3828A20025V



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  Summary of Contents for LG 20k

  • Page 1: Air Conditioner

    LG Floor Standing Type Air Conditioner INSTALLATION MANUAL IMPORTANT • Please read this installation manual completely before installing the product. • Installation work must be performed in accordance with the national wiring standards by authorized personnel only.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Floor Standing Type Air Conditioner Installation Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS OUT-LINE OF INSTALLATION Safety Precautions ..................3 Installation of Indoor, Outdoor Unit .............. 6 1) Selection of the best location..........................6 2) Indoor Unit Installation ............................8 3) Outdoor unit installation ............................8 4) Refrigerant amount ..............................8 5) Installation guide at the seaside ..........................9 6) Installation method procedure..........................10...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Safety Precautions To prevent injury to the user or other people and property damage, the following instructions must be followed. I Incorrect operation due to ignoring instruction will cause harm or damage. The seriousness is classified by the following indications. WARNING This symbol indicates the possibility of death or serious injury.
  • Page 4 Safety Precautions Do not modify or extend the power cable. Be cautious when unpacking and installing the product. • There is risk of fire or electric shock. • Sharp edges could cause injury. Be especially careful of the case edges and the fins on the condenser and evaporator.
  • Page 5 Safety Precautions CAUTION I Installation Always check for gas (refrigerant) leakage after Install the drain hose to ensure that water is installation or repair of product. drained away properly. • Low refrigerant levels may cause failure of • A bad connection may cause water leakage. product.
  • Page 6: Installation Of Indoor, Outdoor Unit

    Installation of Unit Installation of Unit Selection of the best location 1. Indoor unit • There should not be any heat source or steam near the unit. • There should not be any obstacles to 5 c m 4 0 c m prevent the air circulation.
  • Page 7 Max. Max. PIPE SIZE MODEL Elevation Length (BTU/h) GAS SIDE LIQUID SIDE A (m) B (m) 20k/28k/30k/40k 5/8" 3/8" 44k/48k/50k/55k/60k 3/4" 3/8" 1" 5/8" Indoor unit Outdoor unit CAUTION: • Capacity is based on standard length and maximum allowance length is on the basis of reliability.
  • Page 8: Indoor Unit Installation

    Refrigerant amount Before shipment, this air conditioner is filled REFRIGERANT CHARGE MODEL with the rated amount of refrigerant including 20k/28k/30k/40k additional amount required for air-purging, 30g/m (1.06oz/m) (BTU/h) subject to 7.5m piping length. (The rated amount of refrigerant is indicated on the name 44k/48k/50k/55k/60k 40g/m (1.41oz/m)
  • Page 9: Installation Guide At The Seaside

    3. Select a well-drained place. 1. If you can’t meet above guide line in the seaside installation, please contact LG Electronics for the additional anticorrosion treatment. 2. Periodic ( more than once/year ) cleaning of the dust or salt particles stuck on the heat exchanger by using water...
  • Page 10: Installation Method Procedure

    Installation of Unit Installation Method Installation works Descriptions Preparation of tools and installation parts Preparation of installation Flaring the pipes To insert the flare nuts, mounted on the connection parts of both indoor and outdoor unit, onto the copper pipes. Pipe bending To reduce the flow resistance of refrigerant.
  • Page 11: Preparation Of Installation Parts And Tools

    Installation of Unit Preparation of installation parts and tools Installation Parts, Tools Flaring tool (Ø 6.35 - Ø 19.05) Flaring the pipes Remear Remove burrs from cut edges of pipes. Pipe cutter (MAX 35mm Copper pipe) Cutting the pipings Wrench (H5, H4 hexagonal wrench) To open the service valve Pipe bender Bending the pipings...
  • Page 12: Preparation Of Piping

    Installation of Unit Preparation of Piping Main cause of gas leakage is defect in flaring work. Carry out correct flaring work in the Copper following procedure. Slanted Uneven Rough tube 90° 1. Cut the pipes and the cable. • Use the accessory piping kit or the pipes purchased locally.
  • Page 13: Connection Of Piping

    Installation of Unit Connection of piping 1. Move the indoor tubing and drain hose to the hole • Remove tubing holder and pull the tubing out of the chassis. 2. Replace the tubing holder into original position 3. Route the tubing and the drain hose staight backwards. 4.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Cable To The Indoor Unit

    1. Open the inlet grille manually.(Fig.1) 2. Open the terminal block cover with driver( 3. Connect the cables(LG doesn't sypply) to the Terminal Block in the front Bracket. (Fig.2) 4. Secure the terminal block cover to the original position with the screw.
  • Page 15: Connecting The Piping To The Outdoor Unit

    Installation of Unit Connecting pipings to the outdoor unit . 1. Align the center of the pipings and sufficiently tighten the flare nut with fingers. 2. Finally tighten the flare nut with torque wrench until the wrench clicks. • When tightening the flare nut with torque wrench, ensure the direction for tightening Gas side piping follows the arrow on the wrench.
  • Page 16: Power Supply And Wiring

    VOLTS (BTU/h) cross-sectional area that they are all tightly fastened. (If they are loose, it could give rise to burn- 450/750V 4.0mm 20k/28k/ out of the wires.) 30k/40k 450/750V 4.0mm 450/750V 5.5mm • See to it that the starting voltage is...
  • Page 17: Vacuum Drying Of The Connecting Pipes And The Indoor Unit

    Installation of Unit Vacuum Drying of the Connecting Pipes and the Indoor Unit The air which contains moisture remaining in the refrigeration cycle may cause a malfunction on the compressor. 1. Confirm that both the liquid side valve and the gas side valve are set to the closed position. 2.
  • Page 18: Form The Piping

    Installation of Unit Form the Piping 1. Wrap the connecting portion of indoor unit with the insulation material and secure it with two Plastic Bands. (for the right piping) • If you connect an additional drain hose, Gas side the end of the drain-outlet should be kept piping distance from the ground.
  • Page 19: Final Check And Test Run

    Final Check and Test Run Final Check and Test Run After installing the unit, perform the final check Running test should be accomplished as follows: and running test as follows: Final check points Set operation switch at "FAN" and the fan Is the unit securely mounted? will start.
  • Page 20 Memo 20 Floor Standing type Air Conditioner...

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