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Installation Guide At The Seaside - LG 20k Installation Manual

Floor standing type air conditioner
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Installation guide at the seaside

1. Air conditioners should not be installed in areas where corrosive gases, such as acid or alkaline gas, are produced.
2. Do not install the product where it could be exposed to sea wind (salty wind) directly. It can result corrosion
on the product. Corrosion, particularly on the condenser and evaporator fins, could cause product malfunc-
tion or inefficient performance.
3. If outdoor unit is installed close to the seaside, it should avoid direct exposure to the sea wind. Otherwise it
needs additional anticorrosion treatment on the heat exchanger.
Selecting the location(Outdoor Unit)
1. If the outdoor unit is to be installed close to the seaside, direct exposure to the sea wind should be avoided.
Install the outdoor unit on the opposite side of the sea wind direction.
Sea wind
2. In case, to install the outdoor unit on the seaside, set up a windbreak not to be exposed to the sea wind.
Sea wind
3. Select a well-drained place.
1. If you can't meet above guide line in the seaside installation, please contact LG Electronics for the additional anticorrosion treatment.
2. Periodic ( more than once/year ) cleaning of the dust or salt particles stuck on the heat exchanger by using water
Sea wind
• It should be strong enough like concrete to prevent
the sea wind from the sea.
• The height and width should be more than 150% of
the outdoor unit.
• It should be keep more than 70 cm of space
between outdoor unit and the windbreak for easy
air flow.
Installation of Unit
Installation Manual 9



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