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Digital camera dock
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Technical information

Technical support

Please refer to your camera electronic User Guide for support procedures and contact


section in your camera electronic User Guide.
The camera batteries will not
charge, and the camera
charging light is on.
The camera batteries will not
charge, and the camera
charging light is off.
The camera is not
recognized by the computer
when it is in the dock.
For additional troubleshooting information, please see the Troubleshooting
Possible cause
Batteries in the camera are
not rechargeable.
The camera has not been left
in the dock long enough.
Battery voltage is too low for
charging to start.
The camera is not securely in
the dock.
The camera dock does not
have electrical power.
The dock is connected to the
computer through a USB hub
or the USB port on the front
of the computer.
The USB cable connecting
the dock to the computer is
Install rechargeable batteries
(either Lithium Ion or NiMH
as required by your camera).
Make sure the camera has
been left in the camera dock
for at least 4 to 6 hours to
charge completely, and the
charging light has stopped
The camera will not attempt
to charge batteries that may
be damaged or over-
discharged. If the battery will
not charge sufficiently, it is
likely that the battery is bad.
Purchase new rechargeable
batteries and try again.
Make sure the camera is
inserted completely into the
Confirm that the power cord
is plugged into the dock.
Connect the USB cable
directly to one of the USB
ports on the computer.
If your camera has a USB
connector, try connecting the
camera directly to the
computer using the cable that
is connecting the dock to the
computer. If it works, then the
problem is not the cable. If it
HP Photosmart 6220 Digital Camera Dock


Table of Contents

Table of Contents