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Digital camera dock
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Safety information

To prevent fire or
shock hazard, do not expose
this product to rain or any
type of moisture.
Always follow basic safety
precautions when using this product
to reduce risk of injury from fire or
electric shock.
Potential shock
Read and understand all
instructions in this guide.
Unplug this product from wall
outlets before cleaning.
Do not install or use this product
near water or when you are wet.
Install the product securely on a
stable surface.
Install the product in a protected
location where no one can step
on or trip over the power cord,
and where the power cord will
not be damaged.
No operator-serviceable parts
inside. Refer servicing to
qualified service personnel.
Use in a well-ventilated area.
Use only with the power adapter
supplied by HP.
This equipment
will be inoperable when
main power fails.
Disposal of Waste
Equipment by Users in
Private Households in the

European Union

This symbol on the product or on its
packaging indicates that this product
must not be disposed of with your
other household waste. Instead, it is
your responsibility to dispose of your
waste equipment by handing it over to
a designated collection point for the
recycling of waste electrical and
electronic equipment. The separate
collection and recycling of your waste
equipment at the time of disposal will
help to conserve natural resources
and ensure that it is recycled in a
manner that protects human health
and the environment. For more
information about where you can drop
off your waste equipment for
recycling, please contact your local
city office, your household waste
disposal service or the shop where
you purchased the product.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents