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Honda Digital Audio System for Motorcycle Owner's Manual page 7

Digital audio system for honda motorcycle
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• Use this accessory only for the specified model.
Use of the accessory on a model other than the specified model can cause an
error in wiring, which possibly leads to fire, machine failure or other accident.
• Use all the parts included in the accessory kit and the attachment
kit designed for the model. Refer to the Installation Instructions
and install accordingly.
Use of any parts that are not designed for the model can cause damage to the
accessory and/or the vehicle, or short circuit resulting in fire. Incorrect wiring
and installation can make the accessory come loose while riding, causing
machine failure, fire, or other accident.
• Hold the handlebar with both hands while riding. Avoid operating
the amplifier unit or portable audio unit that is connected to the
accessory while riding.
Operating the amplifier unit or portable audio unit while riding can impair secure
handling of the motorcycle. You can fall off your motorcycle possibly resulting in
death or serious injury.
• Do not hang any article on the speaker and do not install an
undesignated part on it.
It can come loose while riding, possibly causing machine failure or accident.



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