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Service Precautions; Power Supply; Cleaning; When You Have A Problem - Honda Digital Audio System for Motorcycle Owner's Manual

Digital audio system for honda motorcycle
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Although this accessory was designed and manufactured with vibration-proof
performance in mind, always remember to ride your motorcycle safely on paved
The temperature of the amplifier unit rises when it is used for a prolonged time. This
is normal.
Note that the digital audio system can emit noise when you use a device that emits
electric waves near this accessory or near a portable audio unit connected to this
accessory. Keep devices like this away from this digital audio system and the portable
audio unit.
• Device that emits electric waves :
• Equipment emitting electric waves :
If you ride the motorcycle with the amplifier turned ON without connecting a portable
audio player, you may hear noises from the speaker. If you connect the amplifier to
a portable radio, you may hear noises.

Power supply

The motorcycle's 12 V battery is used as the power source for this accessory. Do not use any
battery that is not designed for your motorcycle. If you feel that the battery is too weak to
operate the starter motor, charge the battery or replace it immediately.
To prevent a discharged battery
Do not use this accessory for a prolonged time without starting the engine or with the engine
idling, as it discharges the battery.


Although they are designed to be waterproof, do not apply high-pressured water to the amplifier
unit and speaker when you wash your motorcycle.
Wipe the amplifier unit with a dry soft cloth to clean. Clean with a mild detergent and water
solution. Do not use an organic solvent (e.g. acid detergent, alkali detergent, gasoline, benzine,
thinner, etc.) or an abrasive powder. Do not spill battery fluid or brake fluid on the accessory
as they will damage the finish.

When you have a problem

When you notice a problem, refer to "TROUBLESHOOTING" on page 14 and check the part.
If you cannot resolve the problem, bring the digital audio system to your authorized Honda
motorcycle dealer and consult with them for repair.
Electronic notebook, mobile phone, walkie-talkie, etc.
TV tower, power plant, radio/TV station, airport, etc.



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