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RCA Full Logic Controlled Stereo Cassette Deck Owner's Manual page 4

Professional series full logic controlled stereo cassette deck
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Your RCA SCT-570 Full Logic Controlled Stereo Cassette Deck combines two auto-reverse cassette decks
for professional-quality dubbing and the convenience of extended play. Its features include:
Auto Music Search (AMS) — lets you quickly locate a selection.
Dolby B-C
Noise Reduction System with Built-In MPX Filter — reduces tape hiss and noise for the
best possible audio recording.
Auto Tape Selector — automatically adjusts equalization and bias to match the type of tape you use.
Auto-Reverse — lets you play or record (Deck II only) both sides of a cassette tape without turning it
Blank Skip — skips long blank spaces on the tape.
Relay Play — lets you repeatedly play two tapes for hours of continuous play.
High-Speed Dubbing — lets you copy tapes at twice the normal playback speed.
Record Mute — lets you record a few seconds of silence between selections.
Auto-Stop — protects the tape and the playback/record mechanisms by stopping playback or recording
at the end of the tape.
Logic-Controlled Operation — gives you error-free, soft-touch control.
Recording Level Control and Two-Channel Peak Level Meters — let you control the quality of your
Caution: Most material on prerecorded tapes is copyrighted. The unauthorized duplication of
copyrighted material is a violation of the copyright laws of most countries and such duplication might
result in fines and imprisonment. Note, however, in the United States, it is not a violation of U.S.
copyright laws for a consumer to use an audio recording device to duplicate musical recordings for
noncommercial (personal) use.
Dolby and the double-D symbol 2 are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
Dolby Noise Reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
©2000 RadioShack Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.



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