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Connecting The Dishwasher - Electrolux FAVORIT 40860 User Manual

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Connecting the dishwasher

Connecting the dishwasher
Connecting to the water supply
• The dishwasher can be connected to cold and hot water supplies up to max.
• The dishwasher must not be connected to open hot water appliances or in
stantaneous water heaters.
Permitted water pressure
Lowest permitted water pressure:
0,1 MPa ( = 1 bar = 10 N/cm
Highest permitted water pressure:
1 MPa ( = 10 bar = 100 N/cm
Connecting the inlet hose
The water inlet hose must not be kinked, crushed or entangled when it is being
Connect the threaded hose fitting (ISO 228 1:2000) on the water inlet hose to a
tap with an external thread (¾ inch). The inlet hose is fitted with either a plastic
or a metal nut:
– Only tighten the nut hand tight.
Then do a visual check for water tightness. (Make sure that the tap is not drip
So that access to the tap in the kitchen is not restricted by the use of the dish
washer, we recommend installing an additional tap, or fitting a T branch to the
existing tap.
WARNING! Dangerous voltage
(This does apply to dishwashers with safety
The electrical cable for the safety valve is in
the double walled water inlet hose and is
Therefore do not immerse the water inlet
hose or the safety valve in water.
Consult your plumber if the water pressure is
less than 0,1 MPa.
If the water pressure is greater than
1 MPa, a pressure reduction valve must be used
(available from your dealer).


Table of Contents

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