Canon i320 Simplified Service Manual

Bubble jet printer
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  • Page 1 SERVICE MANUAL Canon...
  • Page 2 4. SERVICE MODE (test print, EEPROM initialization, destination setting) 5. EXTERNAL VIEW / PARTS LIST 6. TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHART 7. SERVICE INFROMATION APPENDIX 1: S HIPMENT INSPECTION PATTERN APPENDIX 2: i320 SERVICE TOOL QY8-1383-000 Rev. 00 September 4, 2002 Canon Inc.
  • Page 3: Product List

    1. PRODUCT LIST 1-1. Main Units Product name Product code Sales Territory Remarks Canon Bubble Jet Printer 7816A001AA 7816A002AA i320 7816A003AA LAM LVT 7816A004AA LAM HVT 7816A005AA 7816A006AA 7816A007AA 7816A008AA 7816A009AA ASA HVT 7816A010AA 7816A011AA 7816A012AA 7816A013AA 7816A014AA 7816A015AA Canon Bubble Jet Printer...
  • Page 4: Product Specifications

    2. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 2-1. Printer Main Unit Specifications Paper feeding method Resolution 2,400dpi x 1,200dpi (at the highest resolution) Printing speed 3 ppm (CL through-put pattern) 7 ppm (BK through-put pattern) 6 ppm (CL through-put pattern) 10 ppm (BK through-put pattern) Printing direction Bi-directional / Uni-directional (automatically switched according to print data and print mode)
  • Page 5 Note: This print head can only be used in the i320 only, and cannot be used in the old model, S300/S330 series. The print head can be physically installed in the S300/S330, however the print head type is different. Similarly, the S300/S330 print...
  • Page 6: Error Diaplay

    3. ERROR DIAPLAY Errors are displayed by the LEDs, and warnings are displayed by the status monitor. 3-1. Operator Call Error (Orange LED blinking) LED Display Content Corrective Action Blinking 2 times Paper out Set the paper, and press the RESUME button to feed the paper.
  • Page 7: Service Mode

    RESUME button changes the LED color: the LED lights in orange the first time, and in green at the second time.) c. Load A4-sized paper. d. Connect the printer to the computer, select “USB PORT” using the i320 servi ce tool (QY9-0058). (Refer to Appendix 2, i320 Service Tool.) e.
  • Page 8: External View / Parts List

    5. EXTERNAL VIEW / PARTS LIST Parts List Part Number Rank Q'ty Description Remark i320 0009U22001 WHOLE UNIT, W/O POWER SUPPLY UNIT QH3-3561-000 AC ADAPTER: 100/120V 50/60HZ LV (USA,CANADA,JAPAN) QH3-3563-000 AC ADAPTER: 220/240V 50/60HZ HV (EUR) QH3-3565-000 AC ADAPTER: 220/240V 50/60HZ, CHN/ASIA/AUS...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting Flowchart

    6. TROUBLESHOOTING FLOWCHART 6-1. Printer Main Unit Troubleshooting Flowchart (how to printer operation confirmation when refurbishing) Power ON Error displayed? Open access cover, and install head Error displayed? Connect to computer < Shipment inspection pattern check items of > (Refer to the attached print sample.) Shipment inspection *Refer to 4.
  • Page 10 6-2. Print Head Troubleshooting Flowchart (print head operation confirmation) Connect to computer *Refer to 4. SERVICE MODE Nozzle check pattern regarding printing method. printing Correct? *Refer to 4. SERVICE MODE Head cleaning regarding printing method. Nozzle check pattern printing Correct? *Refer to 4.
  • Page 11: Service Information

    ASF in the upper position). < Composition of WHOLE UNIT, W/O POWER SUPPLY UNIT > Enclosed items: - Printer unit (without I320’s access cover and AC adapter) - Rating plate (for Asia and Oceania) - Packing material...
  • Page 12 7-2. Product Technical Information 1) FAQ (Problems specific to the i320, and corrective actions) No. Rank* Function Phenomenon Condition Cause Corrective action Possible Call / Claim Installatio No cartridge installation The packing material used to fix The user may have failed to remove the...
  • Page 13 DL and COM#10 envelops. resulting in smearing. print quality assurance -Paper edge crease -The problem may occur in the area. (In the i320, the address side of KH201 (after head-to-paper distance continuous borderless printing to cannot be changed.) the message side), in the high...
  • Page 14 Vertical uneven print -When a low specification When scan overflow control fails, the scan 1. Close the other -Lines/uneven print density at the density and lines. performance computer is used complement control** is performed at the applications. top edge of paper <Supplement>...
  • Page 15 2) New functions 1. HAPS system The printer adopts a HAPS system for the engine firmware, instead of the previously-used NATIVE system. With the HAPS system, a part of processing functions of the engine firmware has been transferred to the host computer processing, utilizing the computer processing to a maximum, thereby minimizing the engine firmware processing.
  • Page 16 4. Quiet mode The printer has a quiet mode function. Compared with the normal mode, Acoustic noise level: Slightly lowers. (HQ, normal: Approx. 50dB, Quiet: Approx. 49dB) Audible overtone level: Sound quality changes, and sound becomes quieter. Print speed: Slows. (Bk printing in HQ/HS mode using an acoustic noise measurement pattern: Approx.1.3 times) 3) Other functions 1.
  • Page 17 < Reference > Cleaning types, amount of ink used and time required *Bk and Cl ink suction is simultaneously performed. Cleaning type Amount of ink used Time required Manual cleaning Bk: Approx. 0.15g Dot count cleaning Approx. 40 sec. Approx. 0.15g Timer cleaning (24 hours to 2 weeks) Head replacement Bk: Approx.
  • Page 18: Appendix 1: Shipment Inspection Pattern

    APPENDIX 1: SHIPMENT INSPECTION PATTERN Check item 1 (Ink non-ejection): Total area of the sample below Check item 2 (Top margin) Print EEPROM information -> Refer to 4. SERVICE MODE for details. C nozzle check pattern M nozzle check pattern Y nozzle check pattern Bk nozzle check pattern Check item 3 (Line)

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