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Honeywell High Gain Omni Directional Antenna User Manual page 9

High gain omni directional antenna


Honeywell Industrial Wireless
Rev. 4
Warning: Always use caution when installing this antenna. You can be
seriously injured if this antenna comes near or in contact with a power line.
Follow all local and national electrical code requirements when installing the
Base Radio with the high gain antenna.
Select the locations for the high gain antenna, the lightning arrestor and
Base Radio.
Any Base Radio with an Omni Directional antenna is for
ordinary locations only.
It is recommended that the lightning arrestor be mounted in close
proximity to the building egress. The lightning arrestor should be
mounted indoors unless you have the weatherproof enclosure.
The location for the high gain antenna should be selected based on
optimal positioning for RF communications with the field units and allow
for sufficient length of coaxial cable to reach the building egress.
The Base Radio should be installed in a location where there is sufficient
coaxial cable available to reach the building egress.
Position the antenna so that the gold sleeve clears any obstructions.
Mount the antenna using the
2 mounting brackets. One
clamp must be placed at the
center of the gold sleeve, the
other at any point below.
Connect the Base Radio coaxial cable to the lightning arrestor and tighten
by hand.
Attach the ground wire to a suitable earth ground connection. Keep this
wire as short as possible. Make sure this connection conforms to
electrical code requirements.
Connect the lightning arrestor coaxial cable to the antenna and hand
Install a drip loop in the cable to insure proper drainage.
Wrap the antenna connection with the supplied waterproofing material.
Note: Do not cover the drain holes on the bottom of the antenna as they
provide drainage for moisture.
High Gain Omni-Directional Antenna
User Manual