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Installing The High Gain Antenna; Package Contents - Honeywell High Gain Omni Directional Antenna User Manual

High gain omni directional antenna


Honeywell Industrial Wireless

3. Installing the High Gain Antenna

Rev. 4
This section will show you how to install the high gain antenna without a
lightning arrestor. If you are using a lightning arrestor, go to section 2. For
additional information about the Base Radio see the Base Radio User Manual.
This configuration is for indoor use only. If you are mounting
the antenna outdoors, a lightning arrestor must be used.
Any of the Base Radio model numbers mentioned in section 1 may be used with
the following remote antenna model:
Omni Directional 6 dBd Pole remote antenna
WBH-00-TW-HA-9X Omni Directional 6 dBd Pole remote antenna

3.1. Package Contents

The high gain Omni 6 dBd antenna kit comes complete with:
High gain antenna pole
2 Mounting brackets for the high gain antenna
Waterproofing material for the antenna coaxial connection
The following comes attached to the Base Radio:
Coaxial cable assembly:
10' length for the WBH-00-TE-HA-9X
25' length for the WBH-00-TW-HA-9X
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High Gain Omni-Directional Antenna