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Honeywell RCWL301A Instruction Manual page 2

Premium portable wirefree chime with push, converter, and door contacts
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Installation instructions–RCWL301A
Sliding Window
Release the catch (B) and slide open the window (Fig. 4).
Fig. 4
Volume Control
The volume control is behind the sliding window on the front of the chime. Initially, set
the control to mid-point. After you have tested your system, adjust to the desired
volume (Fig. 5).
Fig. 5
Use of Icons
In addition to the chime sounds, your chime has a visual indication to show which
device has activated it. An icon will illuminate when the chime is activated by the bell
push, the converter or another compatible device. The chime supports 3 icons.
The 'Main door' and 'Back door' icons are usually used for bell pushes. The other icon
is intended for use with other compatible devices, such as the door contacts. Icons
numbered 1 to 3 are also included. The Icons are self-adhesive, supplied in strips of 3.
They can be changed, if required, by opening the sliding window of the chime and
gently peeling off the strips. If desired, the strips can be cut into individual icons and
attached to the chime in a different order. Use the Programming Procedure to change
the icon associated with a push.
Programming Procedure
Learn Procedure
To enable your chime to learn the identity of your transmitter:
• Press the
in turn. When the Icon you want is lit, release the button.
• While the Icon you have selected is lit, operate your push. The chime will sound.
The Icon will flash.
Unlearn Procedure
If you want to remove a push from the chime's memory:
• Press the
• Each Icon will light in turn. When the Icon associated with the push to be unlearned
is lit, release the button.
• Press and hold down both
Changing the Tune
Operate the push. While the Icon is flashing, press the
again and the tune will change. Repeat until the tune you want plays.
Recall Function
A short push of the
Chime Sounds
To hear the chime sounds without operating the bell push, press the
Press the button again and the tune will change.
Mount the Push
Mount using either the double-sided adhesive pad or the screws provided. (See Fig.
6). Test your push before mounting. Avoid mounting to metal structures.
Fig. 6
button on top of the chime and keep it pressed. Each Icon will light
button and keep it pressed.
button will flash the Icon that was last in use.
buttons, until a 'beep' sound is heard.
button. Press the button


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