Honda TL6552 Operator's Manual

Honda rotary tiller for h6522 compact tractor
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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Safety Labels ... TRACTOR PREPARATION Hitch ... Front Counterweight Tire Pressure ... DEALER ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS DEALER CHECK LISTS ATTACHING TILLER TO THE TRACTOR TILLER ADJUSTMENTS Depth Adjustment Rear Shield Adjustment THREE POINT HITCH ADJUSTMENTS Height Adjustment Upper Link Adjustment Lift Rod Adjustment TILLING ...
  • Page 3 Thank you for purchasing a Honda Rotary Tiller. This manual describes operation and maintenance of the Honda TL6552 Rotary Tiller. All information in this manual is based on the latest product information available at the time of printing. American Honda Motor Co., reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation.
  • Page 4: Introduction And Description

    SERIAL NUMBER DESCRIPTION The TL6552 is a light duty rotary tiller that is designed for use on Honda's H6522 Compact. Tractors. The tiller is designed to be powered by the (type 1,540 R.P.M.) rear Power Take Off (PTO), and is raised and lowered by the optional (category 1) three point hitch.
  • Page 5: General Tiller Safety

    TRACTOR PREPARATION HITCH Operation of the TL6552 Rotary Tiller requires the optional three point hitch be installed on the tractor. FRONT COUNTER WEIGHT Proper operation of the Rotary Tiller requires the installation of an optional front counterweight bracket and one (1) 35 pound (17 Kg ) weight.
  • Page 6: Maintenance Safety

    - stop the engine and remove the key. If you strike an object while driving or tilling, stop the engine and inspect the tractor and the tiller. Repair any damage before you resume operation. Operating the tiller or the tractor with damaged, worn or broken parts may result in severe personal injury.
  • Page 7 Fig. 1 Universal joints can be damaged lift angle is excessive and PTO is engaged. Adjust tractor lift linkage or hydraulic lever lifting stops. Fig. 2 KEEP AWAY FROM ROTATING TINES Fig. 4 each use to prevent gearbox Fig. 5 will Rotatina tines cause injury...
  • Page 8: Dealer Assembly Instructions

    LUBRICATION section. Make certain all safety shields and safety labels are in place and in good condition. Check the tiller tine bolts to ensure they are tight. Torque to 73 ft. Ibs. (10.1 Km) Fig. 4 . Apply a coating of grease to the telescoping parts of the driveline Fig.
  • Page 9 Fig. 3 hitch pin bracket Fig. 7 26" Fig. 4 > Fig. 9 Fig. 10...
  • Page 10: Dealer Check Lists

    5 Adjust the hitch top link to make tiller parallel with the ground (front to rear). Increasing the length of the top link will cause the rear of the tiller to drop, shortening the link will cause the rear of the tiller to raise.
  • Page 11: Tiller Adjustments

    Fig. 12 TILLER ADJUSTMENTS DEPTH ADJUSTMENT Position the tiller skids (one on each side) to the desired tilling depth. To adjust, raise the tiller off the ground and block it securely in position. Loosen the skid pivot bolt. Remove the adjusting bolt.
  • Page 12: Rear Shield Adjustment

    The top hitch link is adjusted to position the tiller parallel (front to rear) with the ground. Making the top link longer will cause the rear of the tiller to go down, making the upper linkshorterwill cause the rear or the tiller to go up. To adjust the upper link,...
  • Page 13: Tilling

    Keep hands and feet from under the machine at all times.Make certain everyone is clear before operating. Drive forward slowly as you lower the tiller to the ground. NOTE: The tractor ground speed controls the size bites the tiller tines take in the soil. A slow ground speed results in smaller bites which require less power.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    Lubricate tiller driveline as described in lubrication section of this manual. Check tiller tines and rotor to be sure that no foreign objects such as wire or steel strapping bands are wrapped around them. TINES Tiller tines should be replaced when they have approximately 1/4"...
  • Page 15: Troubleshooting

    Loosen the eight nuts retaining the slip clutch springs exactly one full turn. With tiller firmly on the ground and tractor at idle speed, engage tractor PTO drive for 1 - 2 seconds. Clutch should slip without turning blades.
  • Page 16: Slip Clutch Adjustment

    SLIP CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT The slip clutch is factory preset to the correct torque for protecting implement and tractor, and should seldom require adjusting. Should adjustment be needed, first check to be sure all spring lengths are within 1/16" (1.6 mm). If necessary loosen nuts on any springs that are unequal.
  • Page 17: Torque Specifications

    Use 85% of the specified torque values for lubrificated fasteners. Proper torque for American fasteners used on HONDA equipment. Recommended Torque in Foot Pounds (Newton Meters) Proper torque for metric fasteners used on TL 6552 Tiller. Recommended Torque in Foot Pounds (Newton Meters).*...
  • Page 19 Ref. Description Qty. Pin/Split Screw Spacer Washer 52-56 Washer Screw Screw Bearing Gear/Bevel/Pinion Bearing Sea/Oil Washer Screw Spacer Bearing Shaft/Rotor support Bearing Ring/Lock Gearbox Plug Hook Plug Screw Screw Screw Frame Screw Hitch, Lower Gearbox Gear Gear Bearing Spacer Gasket Cover Washer Screw...
  • Page 21 Ref. Description Q t y . Yoke Cross journal ass. Circlip Grease nipple Outer tube yoke Flexible pin Cm. cardan tube Cm. cardan tube Flexible pin Inner tube yoke Torque lim. FF1-4 0. Bearing 3-4 0. Cone sets F3-4 Cm. Safety tube Cm.
  • Page 22: Warranty Service

    WARRANTY SERVICE OWNER SATISFACTION Your satisfaction and goodwill are important to your dealer and to us. All Honda warranty details are explained in the Distributor's Limited Warranty. Normally, any problems concerning the product will be handled by your dealer's service department. If you have a warranty problem that has not been handled to your satisfaction, we suggest you take the following action: - Discuss your problem with a member of dealership management.
  • Page 23 When you write or call, please provide the following information: • Model and serial numbers • Name of the dealer who sold the Honda power equipment to you • Name and address of the dealer who services your equipment •...

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