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Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2012
西 伊
Printed in China


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    POWER CARRIER HP500H OWNER'S MANUAL MANUEL DE L'UTILISATEUR BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG MANUAL DE EXPLICACIONES Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 2012 36776630 400.2012.06 英 仏 独 西 伊 MANUALE DELL'UTENTE 00X36-776-6300 Printed in China HP500H_OM表紙_36776630 背幅8mm...

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    Original instructions MANUEL DE L’UTILISATEUR Notice originale BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG Originalbetriebsanleitung MANUAL DE EXPLICACIONES Manual original MANUALE DELL’UTENTE Istruzioni originali The ‘‘e-SPEC’’ mark symbolizes environmentally responsible technologies applied to Honda power equipment, which contains our wish to ‘‘preserve nature for generations to come.’’...

  • Page 3

    All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of printing. Honda Motor Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice and without incurring any obligation. No part of this publication may be reproduced without written permission.

  • Page 4 1 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Disposal To protect the environment, do not dispose of this product, battery, engine oil, etc. carelessly by leaving them in the waste. Observe the local laws and regulations or consult your authorized Honda dealer for disposal.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    •High altitude operation ............22 7.OPERATION................23 8.CARRYING LOADS ..............25 9.STOPPING THE ENGINE ............31 10.MAINTENANCE..............34 11.TRANSPORTING/STORAGE ........... 49 12.TROUBLESHOOTING ............52 13.SPECIFICATIONS ..............53 MAJOR Honda DISTRIBUTOR ADDRESSES ..... Inside back cover ‘‘EC Declaration of Conformity’’ CONTENT OUTLINE..Inside back cover...

  • Page 6: Safety Instructions 3 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 1. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To ensure safe operation– • Honda power carrier is designed to give safe and dependable service if operated according to instructions. Read and understand the Owner’s Manual before operating the power carrier. Failure to do so could result in personal injury or equipment damage.

  • Page 7 4 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 To ensure safe operation– • The muffler becomes very hot during operation and remains hot for a while after stopping the engine. Be careful not to touch the muffler while it is hot. To avoid severe burns or fire hazards, let the engine cool before transporting the power carrier or starting it indoors.

  • Page 8: Safety Label Locations

    This label warns you of potential hazards that can cause serious injury. Read the labels and safety notes and precautions described in this manual carefully. If a label comes off or becomes hard to read, contact your Honda dealer for a replacement. EXHAUST CAUTION...

  • Page 9: Ce Mark And Noise Label Locations 6 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 CE mark and noise label locations NOISE LABEL CE MARK Description code Name and address of authorized representative Name and address of Load carrying capacity manufacturer Year of manufacture Net power Machine mass (standard specification) Frame serial number...


  • Page 11: Controls 8 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 4. CONTROLS Fuel valve The fuel valve opens and closes the fuel passage to the carburetor. Turn the fuel valve to the ON position before starting the engine and to the OFF position when the engine is stopped. When the power carrier is not in use, always leave the fuel valve in the OFF position to reduce the possibility of fuel leakage.

  • Page 12: Throttle Lever 9 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Throttle lever The throttle lever controls engine speed from SLOW to FAST, it will stay in any designated position. SLOW FAST THROTTLE LEVER FAST SLOW Choke lever The choke is used to provide proper starting mixture when the engine is cold....

  • Page 13 10 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Recoil starter Pulling the starter grip operates the recoil starter to crank the engine for starting. STARTER GRIP Shift lever Forward and reverse speeds can be selecting by shifting this lever; it will alow remain in any designated position. Set the lever in NEUTRAL position when power carrier is not used.

  • Page 14 11 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Drive clutch levers When this lever is squeezed, the power carrier travels; When it is released, the clutch cuts out, the brake is actuated and the power carrier stops. DRIVE CLUTCH LEVERS DRIVE STOP DRIVE STOP Steering clutch levers Use the steering clutch levers to steer the power carrier.

  • Page 15 12 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Carrier bed release lever Pull the release lever to unlock the carrier bed when you wish to tilt the bed for dumping a load. With the carrier bed unlocked, tilt it by lifting the handlebar. To lock the carrier bed again, push down firmly on the handlebar.

  • Page 16: Pre-operation Checks 13 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 5. PRE-OPERATION CHECKS Checking the gasoline Remove the filler cap and check the fuel level. Refill the tank if the fuel level is low. Do not fill above the shoulder of fuel strainer. Use automotive unleaded gasoline with a Research Octane Number of 91 or higher (a Pump Octane Number of 86 or higher)....

  • Page 17

    Gasolines containing alcohol If you decide to use a gasoline containing alcohol (gasohol), be sure its octane rating is at least as high as that recommended by Honda. There are two types of ‘‘gasohol’’: one containing ethanol, and the other containing methanol....

  • Page 18 15 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Engine oil The engine oil level must be checked with the power carrier parked on a level surface. 1.Remove the oil filler cap, and wipe the dipstick clean. 2.Check the oil level by inserting the dipstick into the filler neck  without screwing it in.

  • Page 19 16 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Air cleaner Check that the foam element is clean and in good condition. A dirty air cleaner will restrict air flow to the carburetor, reducing engine performance. A damaged air cleaner will allow dirt to enter the engine, causing rapid engine wear.

  • Page 20

    3.Reinstall the seal, and tighten the cap securely. CAUTION: Operating the power carrier with low transmission fluid level will cause serious transmission damage. Stop the power carrier immediately and have it checked by your Honda power carrier dealer. TRANSMISSION RESERVOIR CAP FLUID RESERVOIR...

  • Page 21 18 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Tracks Inspect the tracks for signs of damage and excessive slack. When a force <about 98 N (10 kgf, 22 lbf)> is applied to the middle of the tracks, check that the slackness is between: 8.0–12.0 mm (0.31–0.47 in) For adjustment, refer to page 47.

  • Page 22: Starting The Engine 19 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 6. STARTING THE ENGINE (Once you have familiarized yourself with the procedure for stopping the engine, before start the engine). 1.Move the shift lever to the NEUTRAL position, and the drive clutch lever to the STOP position. DRIVE CLUTCH LEVER NEUTRAL SHIFT LEVER...

  • Page 23 20 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 3.In cold weather and when the engine is cold, turn the choke lever to the CLOSED position. NOTE: Do not use the choke if the engine is warm or the air temperature is high. CHOKE LEVER CLOSED CLOSED 4.Turn the engine switch to the ON position.

  • Page 24 21 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 6.Pull the starter grip lightly until you feel resistance, then pull briskly in the direction of the arrow as shown below. STARTER GRIP Direction to pull CAUTION: • Do not allow the starter grip to snap back against the engine. Return it gently to prevent damage to the starter.

  • Page 25: High Altitude Operation

    High altitude performance can be improved by specifications to the carburetor. If you always operate the power carrier at altitude higher than 1,500 m (5,000 ft) above sea level, have your authorized Honda dealer perform these carburetor modifications. Even with suitable carburetor jetting, engine horsepower will decrease approximately 3.5% for each 300 m (1,000 ft) increase in altitude.

  • Page 26: Operation 23 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 7. OPERATION CAUTION: Before starting work, check the operation of the brakes. 1.Start the engine as instructed on page 19. 2.Move the throttle lever to the FAST position. FAST THROTTLE LEVER FAST 3.Release the drive clutch levers and move the shift lever to select the desired drive speed....

  • Page 27 24 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 4.Squeeze the drive clutch levers to start the power carrier. NOTE: The power carrier starts when either right or left drive clutch is squeezed. The power carrier stops when the drive clutch is released. DRIVE CLUTCH LEVERS DRIVE DRIVE •...

  • Page 28: Carrying Loads 25 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 8. CARRYING LOADS Load carrying safety To avoid accidents or overturning: • Observe the load limits described on page 29. • Do not stack the load so that the power carrier becomes top-heavy and unstable. • Carry only lightweight loads when the carrier side rails are extended. •...

  • Page 29 26 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Tie-down hooks CAUTION: When loading objects onto the carrier, be sure to adhere to the  regulated loading weight, proper loading methods and tilt angle. Failure to heed these regulations will not only exert an adverse effect on the engine and frame but will also pose extreme danger from the load collapsing or toppling over.

  • Page 30 27 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Side plates The side plates may be extended up to 85 mm, 170 mm (3.3 in, 6.7 in) at each side for carrying bulky, lightweight loads. To extend the side plates loosen the ten lock bolts, pull both side plates out an equal amount, then tighten the lock bolts securely.

  • Page 31 28 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Dumping loads Dump loads with the power carrier stopped and the drive clutch levers released. 1.Pull the carrier bed release lever, and tilt the carrier bed by lifting the handlebar. 2.After dumping the load, push down firmly on the handlebar to lock the carrier bed in the normal position.

  • Page 32 29 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Load carrying capacity To avoid personal injury and property or equipment damage due to overturning, do not carry loads on upward slopes greater than 25° (46%) or downward slopes greater than 15° (26%). Observe the  following safe loading and operating limits: •...

  • Page 33 30 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Using the power carrier on slopes Driving: 1.Be sure to reduce speed and exercise extreme caution. 2.If the ground is unstable, reduce the speed and tread carefully when proceeding with the work at hand. 3.Special care is needed for advancing and stopping the power carrier on slopes.

  • Page 34: Stopping The Engine 31 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 9. STOPPING THE ENGINE • In an emergency 1.Release the drive clutch levers to stop the power carrier. DRIVE CLUTCH LEVERS STOP STOP STOP 2.Turn the engine switch OFF. ENGINE SWITCH To restart the engine, move the shift lever back to the LOW position.

  • Page 35 32 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 • In normal use 1.Move the shift lever to the NEUTRAL position. NEUTRAL NEUTRAL SHIFT LEVER 2.Release the drive clutch levers to stop the power carrier. DRIVE CLUTCH LEVERS STOP STOP STOP 3.Move the throttle lever to the SLOW position. SLOW THROTTLE LEVER SLOW...

  • Page 36 33 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 4.Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. ENGINE SWITCH 5.Turn the fuel valve to the OFF position. FUEL VALVE Transporting Transport the power carrier on a flat, level trailer or in a pickup truck with the fuel valve in the OFF position and the drive clutch lever in the STOP position.

  • Page 37: Maintenance

    Exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas that may cause loss of consciousness and lead to death. CAUTION: Use genuine Honda parts or their equivalent. The use of replacement parts which are not of equivalent quality may damage the engine.

  • Page 38: Maintenance Schedule

    (2) These items should be serviced by your servicing dealer,  unless you have the proper tools and are mechanically  proficient. Refer to Honda shop manual for service procedures. (3) For commercial use, log hours of operation to determine ...

  • Page 39 36 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Tools The tools supplied with the carrier are necessary for performing some periodic maintenance, simple adjustments and repairs. Always keep the tool kit with the carrier. SPARK PLUG WRENCH HANDLE SPARK PLUG WRENCH OIL FUNNEL...

  • Page 40 37 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Engine oil change NOTE: Drain the oil while the engine is still warm to assure rapid and complete draining. Changing the oil 1.Remove the engine oil filler cap and loosen the oil drain bolt. DRAIN 2.Set the oil funnel as shown, remove BOLT the oil drain bolt and drain the oil into a suitable container.

  • Page 41 38 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Spark plug service Recommended spark plug: BPR6ES (NGK) W20EPR-U (DENSO)  If the engine has been running, the muffler will be very hot. Be careful not to touch the muffler. To ensure proper engine operation, the spark plug must be properly gapped and free of deposits.

  • Page 42 39 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Servicing the air cleaner A dirty air cleaner will restrict air flow to the carburetor. To prevent carburetor malfunction, service the air cleaner regularly. Service more frequently when operating the power carrier in extremely dusty areas. ...

  • Page 43 40 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Adjusting the track tautness If the tracks are not properly taut, they may slip off the wheels or their service life may be markedly reduced. Inspection When a force <about 98 N (10 kgf, 22 lbf)> is applied to the middle of the tracks, check that the slackness is between:...

  • Page 44 41 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Adjusting the drive clutch cable The clutch will slip and the power carrier may not move unless the drive clutch cable is adjusted properly. Inspection 1.Remove the belt cover. 2.Move the drive clutch lever to the STOP position. 3.Measure the length ‘‘...

  • Page 45 42 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Adjusting the brake cable Braking effectiveness will be impaired if the brake cable is not adjusted properly. Adjustment 1.With the drive clutch lever set in the STOP position (brake is applied), measure the brake spring collar to spring holder distance: Specified distance: 14.0–16.0 mm (0.55–0.63 in) 2.If adjustment is necessary, loosen the lock nuts and move the brake cable until the correct distance is obtained.

  • Page 46

    If the side of the brake arm lines up with the wear limit hole when the drive clutch lever is moved to the STOP position, have the brake shoes replaced by your Honda power carrier dealer. SIDE OF BRAKE WEAR LIMIT...

  • Page 47 44 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Adjusting the side clutch cable Steering control will be impaired unless both side clutch cables are adjusted properly. 1.With the engine off, rock the power carrier forward and backward to find the position at which each lever can be pulled closest to the  handle grip.

  • Page 48 45 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Adjusting the dumping lock cable 1.With the carrier locked, check whether the play at the end of the dumping lock release lever is: 15.0–20.0 mm (0.59–0.79 in) 2.To adjust, loosen the lock nut and turn the adjust bolt to set the  prescribed distance.

  • Page 49 46 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Checking the transmission oil Remove the oil cap and check that the oil is up to the lower edge of the check bolt hole. If it is low, consult your Honda dealer. LOWER EDGE OF THE CHECK BOLT...

  • Page 50 47 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Temporary installation of a disengaged track In the unlikely event that a track slips off the sprockets during operation, proceed with the following: 1.Stop the engine (refer to page 31). 2.Remove any load in the carrier, by hand. Do not empty it by dumping the carrier.

  • Page 51

    • Special care should be exercised when mounting the tracks. • Do not tip the carrier onto its side; oil and gasoline may spill out. • After following the above temporary procedure, have the power  carrier inspected by your authorized Honda dealer as soon as  possible.

  • Page 52: Transporting/storage 49 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 11. TRANSPORTING/STORAGE When transporting or storing the power carrier, make sure the engine switch is in the OFF position and the spark plug cap is disconnected to prevent accidental engine start up. • To avoid severe burns or fire hazards, let the engine cool before transporting the power carrier or storing it indoors.

  • Page 53 50 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 2.Change the engine oil (see page 37 for details). 3.Clean the cleaner (see page 39 for details). 4.Clean the power carrier and inspect all parts to make sure they are securely tightened. Lubricate the points noted on page 46. NOTE:...

  • Page 54 51 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 Hoisting procedure 1)Lower the entire load. 2)Make sure the engine switch and fuel valve are OFF. 3)Set the drive clutch levers in their lowered position and fix them in place with vinyl tape or other means. CAUTION:...

  • Page 55: Troubleshooting

    To assure maximum service life from your carrier, don’t disassemble it unnecessarily. If the following basic troubleshooting does not get you and your carrier back to work, it is time to consult your authorized Honda dealer. Check the following points if the engine does not start. 1.Is there sufficient fuel? 2.Is the fuel valve on?

  • Page 56: Specifications 53 ページ 2012年5月15日 火曜日 午前11時17分 13. SPECIFICATIONS Model HP500H Description code NZAA Type BXE1 Engine Model GX160 Engine type 4-stroke, overhead valve, 1 cylinder Engine net power 3.6 kW (4.9 PS)/3,600 rpm (in accordance with SAE J1349*) Displacement 163 cm (9.9 cu-in) Bore×stroke...

  • Page 57

    2.3 L (2.4 US qt, 2.0 lmp qt) Track width×lengh 180×2,220 mm (7.1×87.4 in) Noise and Vibration • Except for NXE type MODEL HP500H Sound pressure level at  operator’s ears  83 dB (A) (EN ISO 11200: 1995) Uncertainty 1 dB (A) Measured sound power level...

  • Page 58: Major Honda Distributor Addresses

    DIRECCIONES DE LOS PRINCIPALES CONCESIONARIOS Honda Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con el Centro de información para clientes Honda en la dirección o número de teléfono siguientes: INDIRIZZI CONCESSIONARI Honda PRINCIPALI Per ulteriori informazioni rivolgersi al Centro informazioni clienti Honda al seguente...

  • Page 59

    Alexander Dimitriou & Sons Ltd. Lithuania) TSA 80627 162, Yiannos Kranidiotis 45146 St Jean de la Ruelle Cedex Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Avenue Tel. : 02 38 81 33 90 Estonian Branch 2235 Latsia, Nicosia Fax : 02 38 81 33 91 Tulika 15/17 Tel.

  • Page 60 ITALY POLAND RUSSIA Honda Italia Industriale S.p.A. Aries Power Equipment Sp. z o.o. Honda Motor RUS LLC Via della Cecchignola, 5/7 ul. Wroclawska 25 21. MKAD 47 km., Leninsky 00143 Roma 01-493 Warszawa district.

  • Page 61

    SLOVAKIA REPUBLIC SWEDEN UNITED KINGDOM Honda Slovakia, spol. s r.o. Honda Nordic AB Honda (UK) Power Equipment Prievozská 6 821 09 Bratislava 470 London Road Box 31002 - Långhusgatan 4 Tel. : + 421 2 32131112 Slough - Berkshire, SL3 8QY 215 86 Malmö...

  • Page 62: Ec Declaration Of Conformity'' Content Outline

    Authorized representative elektro 1. Ondergetekende, Piet Renne 2-1-1 Minamiaoyama de gemachtigde van de fabrikan * Rich Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Aalst Office Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN dat het hieronder beschreven m geluid alle toepasselijke bepalingen va 2. Bes Wijngaardveld 1 (Noord V),...

  • Page 63

    Français. (French) Italiano (Italian) Deutsch (German) Déclaration CE de Conformité Dichiarazione CE di Conformità EG-Konformitätserklärung 1. Le sous signé, Piet Renneboog, de la part du 1. Il sottoscritto, Piet Renneboog, in qualità di 1. Der Unterzeichner, Piet Renneboog erklärt hiermit représentant autorisé, déclare que la machine décrit rappresentante autorizzato, dichiara qui di seguito im Namen der Bevollmächtigten, dass das hierunter...

  • Page 64

    Português ( Portuguese ) Português ( Portuguese ) Polski ( Polish ) Polski ( Polish ) Suomi / Suomen kieli (Finnish) Suomi / Suomen kieli (Finnish) Lietuvių ka Lietuv Declaração CE de Conformidade Declaração CE de Conformidade Deklaracja zgodności WE Deklaracja zgodności WE EY-VAATIMUSTENMUKAISUUSVAKUUTUS EY-VAATIMUSTENMUKAISUUSVAKUUTUS...

  • Page 65

    Lietuvių kalba (Lithuanian) Lietuvių kalba (Lithuanian) Български (Bulgarian) Български (Bulgarian) Norsk (Norwegian) Norsk (Norwegian) EB atitikties deklaracija EB atitikties deklaracija ЕО декларация за съответствие ЕО декларация за съответствие EF- Samsvarserklæring EF- Samsvarserklæring ettu 1. Įgaliotojo atstovo vardu pasirašęs Piet 1. Įgaliotojo atstovo vardu pasirašęs Piet 1.

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