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Whirlpool PVWN600 Series Installation Instructions page 4


Concrete or concreteblock
• Align the lower edge of the
mounting bracket assembly with the
level line. Select and mark a hole
location on each side of the bracket.
Set bracket aside and drill
holes. Drive the wall anchors into
the holes with hammer.
e Fasten the mounting bracket to
wall. Check that the bracket is level
then securely tighten the lag bolts.
bracket '
wood stud
• Space the mounting bracket
nuts 1/2" to 3/8" away from mounting
m Lift clothes vitalizer up and
slide keyhole slots over nuts. Lower
vitalizer down onto mounting bracket
studs and tighten nuts.
Model shown:
= Check tops of doors for
uniform vertical alignment. Wall
irregularities may require shimming
the back bottom corners of the
cabinet away from wall to align the
door tops.
If door tops are not aligned:
• Carefully pull a bottom cabinet
corner away from the wall and
observe the alignment shift.
• Separate adhesive backed spacers
(in accessory box) but do not
remove from the adhesive backing.
• Insert spacers at either or both
bottom comers to obtain door
alignment. The spacers may be
stacked for additional thickness if
• When alignment is obtained,
remove the spacers from the
adhesive backing and attach to
back of cabinet.
a Remove mounting bracket
cover from accessory box.
Peel off adhesive
protective strips. Align cover with
bracket and press cover down
against top of appliance.
Note: Mounting bracket cover can be
painted or covered with wallpaper.
• Plug power supply cord into
grounded outlet.
If your clothes vitalizer
came with a storage drawer, follow
the instructions packed with the
drawer and install it now.
If clothes vitalizer
does not operate:
• Check that circuit breaker is not
tripped or house fuse blown.
• Check that power supply cord is
plugged into wall outlet.
• See Owner's Manual for
If you need
• Refer to Owner's
• Call the Consumer Interaction
Center. Check your Owner's
Manual for a toll-free number to call
or call the dealer from whom you
purchased the clothes vitalizer. The
dealer is listed in the Yellow Pages
of your phone directory under
"Appliances -Household - Major --
Service and Repair."
If you need service:
Maintain the quality built into your
clothes vitalizer by calling an
authorized service company.
To obtain the name and number of
an authorized service company:
• Contact the dealer from whom you
purchased your clothes vitalizer, or
• Look in the Yellow Pages of your
phone directory under "Appliances
- Major -- Service and
Repair," or
• Call the Consumer Interaction
Center. The toll-free number is
listed in your Owner's Manual.
When you call, you
will need:
• The clothes vitalizer model number.
• The clothes vitalizer serial number.
Both numbers are listed on the
model/serial number plate located on
the lower cabinet frame next to the
door magnet.
The following storage drawer kits are
available from your dealer:
Kit No. 8527309 White
Kit No. 8527310 Biscuit
Kit No, 8527308 Signet Grey
Part No.8527279
O2001 Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022
Printed in U.S.A.



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