Honda EB12D Owner's Manual

Honda portable generator owner's manual
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  Summary of Contents for Honda EB12D

  • Page 3 No part of this publication This manual is a permanent generator if resold. The Honda EB12D generator In some areas, it is illegal to operate spark arrester. Check tional spark arrester dealer.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SAFETY INFORMATION 2. COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION 3. CONTROLS Engine switch Circuit breaker Circuit protector Ground Fault Circuit Fuel meter Hour meter Indicator lights 4. PRE-OPERATION Maintenance cover opening Engine oil ... Fuel Coolant Fuel filter Battery Indicator lights 5. STARTING AND STOPPING Starting the engine...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety and the safety precautions: Operator Responsibility Know how to stop the generator tand connections. Be sure that anyone struction. Do not let children supervision. Electric Shock Hazards The generator produces or electrocution if misused. Using a generator or snow, or near a pool or sprinkler wet,...
  • Page 6 WARNING LABEL LOCATION Read these labels before Your Honda generator safety information. Anyoune understand this information The labels should be considered label comes off or becomes generator dealer for replacements. operating the generator. comes with several uses the generator before operating as permanent hard to read, contact...
  • Page 7: Component Identification

  • Page 9: Controls

    Engine Switch To start and stop the engine. Key position: OFF: To stop the engine. To run the engine START: To start the engine the key to the ON position Do not use the starter If the engine seconds Make sure the engine, switch engine is stopped.
  • Page 10: Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker The circuit breaker protects 120/24OV receptacle. the circuit is overloaded If the circuit breaker pliance is working properly circuit before switching Circuit Protector circuit protectors overloaded or the appliance breaker is switched OFF automatically, ing properly or is exceeding resetting the circuit protector.
  • Page 11: Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (Gfci) Receptacle

    Ground Fault Circuit Using the generator death from electric shock. This receptacle is protected protection against electrical TEST BUTTON RESET BUTTON Perform this test monthly tacle. If the generator test the GFCI receptacle test card provided on the control TEST BUTTON Interrupter (GFCI) Receptacle in rain, snow...
  • Page 12: Fuel Meter

    Fuel Meter Indicates the amount the ON position. Turn the engine fuel tank when the needle Hour Meter Indicates the hours the gener,ator when scheduled maintenance HOUR METER of fuel in the fuel tank when switch to the OFF position and refill the is near the “E”...
  • Page 13: Indicator Lights

    Indicator Lights The EB12D generator three engine functions when the engine switch tion. This allows the operator The for lights will stay on for 4 seconds ON position. The lights start position before Oil pressure Light Lights when the engine not working properly.
  • Page 14 Generator Indicator Light generator indicator automatically when there is a problem capacity of the generator If this occurs: ,Turn the engine switch Disconnect the appliance Reset the AC circuit Start the engine (see page 21) and observe If the light does not come on, plug the apppliance if the light comes automatically,...
  • Page 15: Pre-Operation Checks

    Check these items before on a level surface. Block the wheels Maintenance Cover Opening To open: 1. Turn the maintenance up on the cover. 2. Pull the support from the holder shown. To close: 1. Lift the maintenance hook. 2. Set the support in the holder lower the cover.
  • Page 16: Engine Oil

    Engine En gine oil is a major service life. Running engine damage. Non-detergent recommended. Be sure to check the engine and the wheels blocked Use only high-detergent ceed American Petroleum CDII. (Motors oils intended designation on the container). use. Select the appropriate temperature in your area.
  • Page 17: Fuel

    Fuel Fuel tank capacity: 38 lit. (IO US gal, 8.4 Imp. gal1 Turn the engine switch Refill the tank to the upper level if necessary. the upper level mark. Use ONLY clean high-quality Recommended fuel specifications: Use No. 2-D fuel at temperatures Use No.
  • Page 18 NOTE: Depending on the season grade of diesel fuel should winter, the summer ting. Winter grade fuel is used in the summer engine power. Be sure to use the proper grade of diesel fuel which plies with the ambient Keep the fuel tank filled in the winter. densation if the tank is kept only partially each use.
  • Page 19: Coolant

    Coolant Open the maintenance Check the coolant level in the reserve tank when the engine is at normal operating temperature. If the level is near the MIN level, add coolant level (see page 18 for coolant MAX (UPPER LEVEL) MIN (LOWER LEVEL) 3.
  • Page 20: Fuel Filter

    Coolant Recommendation Use high quality ethylene for use in aluminum engines. water or distilled water. A 50/50 mixture of ethylene for most temperature concentration of antifreeze ed only if additional protection of less than 40% antifreeze [ NOTICE ] Th e use of unsuitable cause corrosion damage...
  • Page 21: Battery

    Battery The electrolyte level must be kept between marks. If the electrolyte filler caps and carefully 38). UPPER LEVEL LOWER LEVEL The battery or skin causes burns. when working near the battery. POISON-KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Eyes -Flush 15 minutes.
  • Page 22: Indicator Lights

    Indicator lights Turn the engine switch lights come on. The indicator engine switch in the ON position. Return the engine switch If the indicator light(s) with the engine switch generator dealer. to the ON position and check to see if the indicator lights should go out after 4 seconds to the OFF position.
  • Page 23: Starting And Stopping The Engine

    5. STARTING AND STOPPING THE ENGINE Starting the engine Before starting the engine disconnect any load from the AC receptacle. 1. Open the maintenance cover (see page 13) and turn the fuel valve to the ON position. 2. Close the maintenance cover (see page 13).
  • Page 24 4. Insert the key and turn the engine bient temperature OFF before turning plug to pre-heat the combustion 5. Turn the engine switch engine starts. /TiEiq Q) erating damage the motor. If the engine least 10 seconds before ENGINE switch is below freezing, wait for the indicator...
  • Page 25 6. After the engine starts, 7. Warm the engine generator. Blue smoke warm-up. This is a normal piEiq pr oper engine needed to warm-up parts. let the engine switch for 2 or 3 minutes might be emitted occurrence. warm-up will stabiliie the engine oil and properly return to the ON position.
  • Page 26: Stopping The Engine

    Stopping the engine In an emergency: Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. -ENGINE SWITCH In normal use: 1. Turn all electrical appliance’s connected to the generator OFF. 2. Turn the AC circuit breaker OFF. AC CIRCUIT BREAKER...
  • Page 27 3. Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. ENGINE SWITCH 4. Open the maintenance cover (see page 13) and turn the fuel valve to the OFF position.
  • Page 28: Generator Use

    6. GENERATOR Connections to a Building’s If the generator will be used as an alternative isolation switch must be installed building when the generator by a qualified electrician electrical codes. Improper allow electricity from the generator cause serious injury or death contact the lines.
  • Page 29 AC Applications Make sure all appliances them to the generator. becomes sluggish, or stops suddenly, the appliance, and determine rated load capacity of the generator Substantial cuit breaker. Marginal but will shorten the service not exceed the generator’s and that they never exceed Most appliance operating...
  • Page 30 Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter Using the generator death from electric shock. INSPECTION Before each use: If the generator is stored outdoors, GFCI receptacle before Monthly: Under normal operating Record your test on the GFCI test card provided Unplug all appliance’s Start the engine. Turn the circuit breaker Press the TEST BUTTON...
  • Page 31 5. Press the RESET BUTTON 6. When the RESET BUTTON Unplug all appliance’s Press the RESET BUTTON. IF THE GFCI CAN NOT BE RESET: IF THE GFCI RESETS PROPERLY: -The RESET flush with the test button. the RESET BUTTON with the TEST authorized dealer.
  • Page 32 Operation 1. Start the engine (see page 21). 2. Switch the AC circuit breaker CIRCUIT BREAKER 3. Plug the appliance into the appropriate AC receptacle.
  • Page 33 How to use the receptacle When two or more receptacles the load to each receptacle Voltage fluctuation can be prevented single phase receptacles. Receotacle Case usmg LLCU only Using both 120 V and 240 V When both 240 V and 120 V receptacles draw at each receptacle ampere(s)
  • Page 34: Maintenance

    7. MAINTENANCE Periodic maintenance good operating condition. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE. To avoid before performing any maintenance. confined, or even partially dangerous amount of exhaust reason, be sure the area is well-ventilated. avoid serious burns, maintenance. piEq us e only maintenance and repair. Tool kit The tools necessary...
  • Page 35: Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance Schedule NOTE: (1) Service more frequently (2) These items should unless the owner Shop Manual. (3) For professional maintenance intervals. when used in dusty be serviced by an authorized has the proper tools and is mechanically commercial use log hours areas.
  • Page 36: Engine Oil Change

    Engine oil change Drain oil while the engine draining. 1. Open the maintenance 2. Remove the oil filler cap and drain plug to drain the oil. 3. After draining is complete, condition (replace if necessary), 4. Refill with the recommended oil level gauge (see page 14).
  • Page 37: Air Cleaner

    Air cleaner If you operate the generator cleaner more often Operating engine wear. 1. Open the maintenance 2. Unhook the clips and remove AIR CLEANER COVER 3. Remove the wing NOTE: Do not clean the paper element. dirty. WING BOLT in very dusty than specified in the MAINTENANCE...
  • Page 38 4. Install the element, inner cover and air cleaner cover in the reverse order of removal. NOTE: Install the cover with the inner cover and the air cleaner case. 5. Fasten the cover clips securely. AIR CLEANER COVER the UP mark facing cover with the cutout up and align the tabs of of the air cleaner...
  • Page 39: Fuel Filter

    Fuel filter Diesel fuel is extremely condition. Do not smoke 1. Open the maintenance 2. Turn the fuel valve to the OFF position. 3. Loosen the ring nut and then remove the strainer element. 4. Inspect the fuel in the strainer strainer cup thoroughly.
  • Page 40: Battery

    Battery H Refilling battery fluid If the generator is operated and battery plate damage If rapid loss of electrolyte weak, causing slow authorized Honda generator Open the maintenance tery cell. Fill the battery overfill the battery. The battery or skin causes burns.
  • Page 41 Battery cleaning If the battery terminals and clean the terminals. Removal: 1. Remove the battery 2. Disconnect the negative positive (+) battery 3. Remove the battery. 4. Clean the terminals with a solution of baking the solution of water 5. Clean the battery Installation: 1.
  • Page 42: Fuse Replacement

    Fuse replacement Turn the engine switch ing fuses to prevent accidental To replace a sub fuse, Push a new fuse into the clips. If frequent fuse failure blem before attempting If a main fuse is blown, MAIN FUSE 1 NOTICE 1 Ne ver use a fuse Serious damage to the electrical...
  • Page 43: Transporting And Storage

    The engine becomes after stopping. Allow indoors. Transporting Contact burns or fires. Let the engine When transporting tion and keep the generator Take care not to drop or strike place heavy objects Load and unload ting the generator. When maneuvering posite the control ropes to the frame...
  • Page 44 Before storing the generator 1. Be sure the storage 2. Clean the generator. 3. Check the generator 33) and repair/replace 4. Fill the fuel tank with 5. Fully charge the battery. 6. Cover the generator Before starting the engine 1. Change the engine 2.
  • Page 46: Specifications

    10. SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions Model Description Length x Width x Height Dry weight Engine Model Type Displacement [Bore x Stroke1 Rated output Max. torque Cooling system Combustion method Fuel Fuel tank capacity Oil caoacitv Generator Type Rated voltage Rated frequency Rated ampere AC output 1 Rated output...
  • Page 48: Warranty Service

    12. WARRANTY Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill Honda warranty details ty. Normally, any problems dealer’s service department. been handled to your action: Discuss your problem complaints can be quickly already been reviewed the dealership or the General If your problem still has not been resolved American Honda...
  • Page 49 MEMO...
  • Page 50 MEMO...