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Operation Of Dvd-Player; Play-Back And Track Selection; Creation Of Mp3 Cd-Rs - Bosch PLN-DVDT Installation And User Instructions Manual

Plena dvd player-tuner
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Plena DVD Player-Tuner | Installation and User Instructions | Operation

Operation of DVD-player


Play-back and track selection

After inserting a disc (CD or DVD), the DVD-player
will detect the type of disc and either display
information on the DVD display or TV screen.
If an audio CD is loaded, the number of tracks on
the CD will be shown on the DVD display.
If a disc is loaded containing MP3s or JPEGs, a
directory structure will be shown on the TV screen.
If a DVD is loaded, the DVD menu will be shown
on the TV screen.
The loading of some discs may take longer, depending
on the number of files and subdirectories on the disc.
The Plena DVD Player-Tuner will read the data on the
CD depending on the type of CD loaded:
Mixed mode CD (normal CD with additional CD-
ROM content). Only the CD-ROM content is read. The
normal CD portion is not read.
CD extra CD (normal CD with additional CD-ROM
content). Only the audio content is read. The data
portion is not read.
For track selection proceed as follows:
Shortly press the DVD previous key (5) and/or the
DVD next key (8) to select the chapter or track.
Prolonged pressing results in fast reverse or fast
Use the DVD play key (6) to start playing.
Use the DVD pause key (2) to pause playing.
Use the DVD stop key (9) to stop playing.
Use the DVD eject key (3) to eject the disc.
If fast forward is pressed on the unit, it will only
fast forward while the key is held in; the unit will
start to play as soon as the key is released. If
fast forward is pressed on the remote control,
the unit will continue to fast forward until the
play key is pressed.
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By repeatedly pressing the mode key (4) you can select
the following modes:
Repeat all tracks. The display shows
monitor shows [rep. ALL].
Switch off the repeat function. The monitor shows
[rep. OFF].
Repeat the current track. The display shows '1' and
the monitor shows [rep. 1].
Repeat the current folder. The display shows
and the monitor shows [rep. DIR].
If a DVD was loaded, repeating the current
folder results in a repetition of the current

Creation of MP3 CD-Rs

Use the Musicmatch software (provided with the Plena
bonus CD) to create your own MP3 CD-Rs (CD-
ROMs). For more information on Musicmatch see:
Constant MP3-bit rates (CBR) of 32 - 320 kbps are
supported, as well as variable bit rate (VBR) files. In
general 128 kbps is used for MP3s. If 160 kbps or 65%
VBR is used, better quality can be achieved.
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