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Honda H4013 Owner's Manual

Honda lawn mower user manual
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  Summary of Contents for Honda H4013

  • Page 3 Owner’s Manual about your lawn dealer. RESERVED H4013 and it must result injury or service requires of others. before...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS 1. SAFETY INFORMATION 2. COMPONENT IDENTIFICATION 3. CONTROLS Engine switch Throttle lever Cutter deck height adjusting Shift lever Power take-off (P.T.O.) Brake pedal Parking brake lever and warning 4. PRE-OPERATION CHECKS Dust screen Engine oil ... Gasoline Gasolines containing Air cleaner Battery Brake...
  • Page 5 7. MAINTENANCE Maintenance schedule Engine oil change Air cleaner service Spark plug service Battery service Wheel removal Cutter deck removal Cutter deck drive belt replacement Blade belt replacement Blade bolt tightness/Blade Spark arrester maintenance Fuse replacement Fuel filter oil ... Transmission 8.
  • Page 6: Safety Information

  • Page 7 SAFETY INFORMATION For your safety and the safety precautions: Operator Responsibility Keep the lawn tractor tractor that is in poor, or questionable injury. Be sure all safety are in place, these items are installed Know how to stop the engine and blades quickly Understand the use of all controls.
  • Page 8 Cutting Blade Hazard The cutting blades are sharp, and they turn at high speed. Accidental tact can cause serious Keep your hands and feet away from the mower is running. Stop the engine, remove the key before inspection Disconnect the spark plug cap to prevent starting.
  • Page 9 The engine and exhaust main hot for a while can cause burn injuries . Avoid touching a hot engine Allow the engine to cool before performing lawn tractor indoors. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Exhaust contains poisonous gas. Breathing exhaust death. If you run the engine in an area that is confined, ed, the air you breathe gas.
  • Page 10: Component Identification

  • Page 11 Engine compartment SUB FUSE OIL FILLER OIL DRAIN BOLT * Record the frame and engine serial numbers the serial numbers warranty inquiries Frame serial number: Engine serial number: SPARK PLiJG when ordering parts, and when making technical (see page 72). HOOD *ENGINE NUMBER...
  • Page 12: Controls

    3. CONTROLS Engine switch Always remove lawn tractor is &attended from starting the engine. This lawn tractor is equipped which controls all the electrical hand side of the control Key positions: “START” “ON” “OFF” ENGINE SWITCH 1 IMPORTANT NoTCE Do not leave the engine switch position) when the engine...
  • Page 13: Cutter Deck Height Adjusting Lever

    Cutter deck height adjusting This lever is used to raise and lower the cutter deck. To adjust the cutting height, squeeze the handle lock and then press in and hold the set button. Raise or lower the lever until the desired cutting dicator.
  • Page 14: Shift Lever

    Shift lever This lever is used to select reverse. The drive clutch moved. The clutch will then engage automatically unless the brake pedal is depressed. Improper trol which could lead to injury. IMPORTANT NoTlCE 1 Improper transmission. Bring the lawn tractor speed to reverse, or from reverse to forward ward and reverse...
  • Page 15: Power Take-Off (P.t.o.) Lever

    Power Take-Off (P.T.O.) This lever engages and disengages blades. Lever positions: OFF (Disengaged)... P.T.O. LEVE NOTE: An interlock switch P.T.O. lever is in the OFF position. Brake pedal Depressing the pedal will first disengage to depress the pedal, the brake will be applied When the brake pedal...
  • Page 16: Parking Brake Lever And Warning Buzzer

    Parking brake lever and warning This lever is used to set the brake when the lawn tractor To set the parking brake, pull the lever fully up until the ratchet be sure that the parking To release the parking button, lower the lever while The warning...
  • Page 17: Pre-Operation Checks

    Follow the procedures each use: 1. Park the lawn tractor 2. Place the shift lever in the neutral 3. Disconnect the spark plug cap and remove prevent accidental If the engine the pre-operation checks, Dust screen the engine very hot; allow the6 1.
  • Page 18: Engine Oil

    ENGINE OIL IMPORTANT NOTICE 1 Running serious engine damage. 1. Place the lawn tractor 2. Open the engine hood, wipe dust and dirt from around the oil filler cap, remove the cap and wipe the dipstick 3. Insert the dipstick 4.
  • Page 19: Gasoline

    GASOLINE Remove the gas cap and check the fuel level. Refill the tank if the level is low. If the low fuel indicator US gal) or less remaining tank capacity: 9.0 P (2.38 Gasoline is extremely treme care when handling Refuel in a well ventilated and sparks away, Gasoline...
  • Page 20 Gasoline Recommendation Pump octane rating: We recommend unleaded spark plug deposits and extends If “spark knock” (metallic a steady engine speed under spark knock or pinging dealer. 1 IMPORTANT NOTICE pinging can cause engine Running the engine with misuse, and the Distributor’s damaged by misuse.
  • Page 21: Gasolines Containing Alcohol

    GASOLINES CONTAINING If you decide to use a gasoline tane rating is at least Gasoline Recommendation one containing “gasohol”: 1 IMPORTANT NOTICE or gasoline containing also contain cosolvents serious fuel system Never use gasoline cosolvents and corrosion Honda cannot endorse evidence of its suitability NOTE:...
  • Page 22: Air Cleaner

    Air cleaner Check that the air cleaner elements ty air cleaner will restrict mance. A damaged air cleaner rapid engine wear. 1. Open the engine hood, cleaner cover and air cleaner 2. Inspect air cleaner necessary. If the air cleaner cedure described on page 47.
  • Page 23: Battery

    Battery Open the hood, and check the battery The electrolyte level must be kept between marks. If the electrolyte filler caps and carefully reaches the UPPER level mark (see page 50). UPPER LEVEL LOWER LEVEL Batteries produce explosive sion, causing serious and provide adequate...
  • Page 24: Brake

    Brake Inspect brake lining condition Firmly set the parking indicator. If the indicator authorized Honda lawn tractor Under no circumstances the brake lining is at or past the service WEAR INDICATOR WEAR LIMIT every time the lawn tractor brake, and then check the position is near the wear limit, take the lawn tractor dealer for repair.
  • Page 25: Cutter Deck

    Cutter deck Prior to using the mower, not built up in the deck. For cleaning, Cutter deck drive belt and blade belt INSPECTION 1. Lower the cutter 2. Inspect the belts for damage or excessive ed or excessively CUTTER DECK DRIVE BELT Cutter...
  • Page 26: Anti-Scalp Roller Adjustment

    Anti-scalp roller adjustment The anti-scalp rollers vent the blades from gouging “scalping” high spots. The deck is designed to “float”, portant to set the anti-scalp correctly. The setting the type of terrain being and the cut height. FLAT ANTI-SCALP ROLLER SHAFT For flat terrain, use the lower...
  • Page 27: Tires

    Tires IMPORTANT NOTICE Inflate the tires to manufacturer’s Check the tire pressure Front ....1 .O kg/cm2 (14 psi) Pressure: Rear ..... 0.8 kg/cm* AIR PRESSURE GAUGE Seat adjustment...
  • Page 28: Blade

    Blade Before each use, inspect Remove the engine prevent accidental Wear heavy gloves 1. Set the parking brake, and move the P.T.O. lever to the OFF (disengag- ed) position. 2. .Raise the deck height 3. Inspect the blades for cracks, The right blade can be seen through The left blade can be seen under the left side of the deck.
  • Page 29 4. If either of the blades remove the cutter deck, and thoroughly deck removal instructions sharpened, but blades that are worn damaged must be replaced. ment, take the cutter dealer. Or, if you have the proper tools, blades yourself (see blade pages 58 and 59).
  • Page 30: Safety Switch

    Safety switch Before performing these inspections, 1. P.T.O. switch inspection With the shift lever in the N (Neutral) the ON (Engaged) Check that the starter switch is turned Return the P.T.O. 2. Neutral switch inspection With the P.T.O. lever in the MOWING Check that the starter...
  • Page 31: Operation

    Starting the engine Exhaust contains poisonous consciousness and may lead to death. Never run the engine in an enclosed area. Be sure to provide 1. Sit on the seat and check transmission is in neutral position. 2. Move the throttle lever to the START NOTE: When the engine...
  • Page 32 3. Turn the engine switch ENGINE SWITCH IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Running can damage the motor. If the engine fails to start, release the engirne switch 10 seconds before operating 4. After the engine starts, 5. After engine warms position. to START. (5 seconds the starter motor...
  • Page 33: Seat Safety Switch Operation Check

    Seat safety switch operation The seat safety switch weight is off the seat when the following 1. While parked on a level surface, lever to ON (Engaged). Rise off the seat; the engine 2. Return the P.T.O. lever to OFF (Disengaged) Release the parking While...
  • Page 34 Mowing Before operating this lawn tractor, SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Rotating blades and thrown stop the engine before grass bags. Unseen hazards may cause loss of control tor. Look for and avoid terrain. Operating the lawn tractor could cause it to tip or roll over. Sharp turns, rapid acceleration, to tip or roll over on sloping...
  • Page 35: Mowing

    For best cut quality and overall FAST position and select the proper mowing Mowing at low or medium and cut quality. For best results, select Rapid speed changes Do not shift the transmission while mowing as this will affect and 5th; TRANSPORT from the mowing area.
  • Page 36: Starting The Lawn Tractor

    Starting the lawn tractor Be sure the area is clear mowing. 1. Set the cutter deck height NOTE: Be sure that the anti-scalp the selected cutting CUTTING HEIGHT ADJUSTING 2. Move the throttle lever to the FAST position. NOTE: For best cut quality, throttle lever in the FAST desired...
  • Page 37 3. Move the P.T.O. lever to the ON (Engaged) IMPORTANT NoTtCE 1 To avoid premature brake system, always quick, smooth motion. P.T.O. LEVER 4. Move the shift lever to select the desired The clutch will engage If clutch engagement second, have the lawn dealer.
  • Page 38: Cutting Patterns

    Cutting patterns These cutting patterns surface. In a small area First make 2 or 3 turns in a clockwise tinue cutting in the reverse * In a large area The first round of cuts is the key to making a neat finish. turns in a clockwise direction.
  • Page 39 Mowing unsquare areas If your mowing area is not square or four-sided, blocks so you can mow in a neat mowing Overlapping on straightaways Be sure that each mowing overlap width is between of one of the mower’s Overlapping in curves When cutting in curves and turns, shift the transmission sure to overlap...
  • Page 40: Operating On Hills

    Operation on hills This lawn tractor is intended Operating on slopes exceeding to tip over. NOTE: If you feel that you cannot we suggest that available at many hardware Mowing on hills Reduce speed and exercise Always drive up and down or drive across the face of the grade;...
  • Page 41: Stopping The Engine

    Stopping the engine In an emergency: 1. Turn the engine switch 2. Set the parking brake. ENGINE SWITCH In normal use: 1. Move the P.T.O. lever to OFF (Disengaged). P.T.O. LEVER 2. Move the shift lever to the Neutral 3. Set the parking brake.
  • Page 42: High Altitude Operation

    High Altitude Operation At high altitude, the standard Performance will decrease, fuel mixture may also foul the spark plugs and cause hard starting. High altitude performance main fuel jet in the carburetor always operate the engine level, have an authorized buretor modification.
  • Page 43: Transporting

    Transporting The engine and remain hot for a while ponents or the exhaust materials. Avoid touching the engine or exhaust the engine has stopped. lawn tractor. 1 IMPORTANT NoT’CE 1 Towing ing it to push another Transport the lawn tractor avoid gasoline spillage, Gasoline...
  • Page 44: Towing

    Towing Trailer safety Avoid sudden starts the trailer or attachment accident. Never allow anyone Failure to use the proper type of trailer hitch could cause the tractor overturn resulting in severe The weight of a trailer especially when operating To avoid loss of control, or rough surface.
  • Page 45 Maximum towing weight: On flat surface ............On grade (1 O”...
  • Page 46: Maintenance

    7. MAINTENANCE Periodic maintenance tor in good operating MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE. To avoid carbon performing any maintenance. confined, or even partially dangerous amount reason, be sure the area is well-ventilated. To avoid serious burns, maintenance. Shut the engine off and set the parking maintenance.
  • Page 47: Maintenance Schedule

    Maintenance schedule ITEM Perform at every indrcated hour interval. NOTE: Service air cleaner I nese stems be servrced snould mechanically proficient. 131 For professional commercial Must be serviced by an authorized period whichever more frequently when used in dusty by an authorized Honda dealer.
  • Page 48: Engine Oil Change

    Engine Oil Change Drain the oil while the engine draining. Used motor tact with the skin for prolonged Although this is unlikely, still advisable to thoroughly as possible after handling 1. Open the engine hood. 2. Remove the oil filler cap and drain bolt, and drain the oil into a suitable container.
  • Page 49: Air Cleaner Service

    Air Cleaner Service A dirty air cleaner will restrict lawn tractor in very dusty specified in the MAINTENANCE Operating the engine without 1. Open the engine hood. 2. Remove the wing nut and air cleaner cover. air cleaner elements. 3. Foam element: Clean in warm, soapy water, Or, clean in nonflammable Dip the element...
  • Page 50: Spark Plug Service

    Spark Plug Service Recommended spark plug: Touching burns. Let the engine IMPORTANT NOTICE engine damage. For best performance, deposits. 1. Open the engine 2. Clean any dirt from around 3. Use a spark plug wrench SPARK PLUG WRE>a\ 4. Visually inspect parent wear,...
  • Page 51 6. Install the spark plug carefully, by hand, to avoid cross-threading. 7. After the spark plug is seated, tighten with a spark plug wrench to com- press the washer. [jlVIPORTANT NOTKE 1 A loose spark plug can get hot enough to damage the engine.
  • Page 52: Battery Service

    Battery Service WRefilling battery fluid If the lawn tractor is operated tion and battery plate damage If rapid loss of electrolyte weak, causing slow starting ed Honda dealer. Open the engine hood and check the electrolyte Fill the battery with distilled battery.
  • Page 53 Battery cleaning If the battery and clean the terminals. 1. Disconnect 2. Reomve battery 3. Disconnect BATTERY POSITIVE TERMINAL NEGATIVE TERMINAL 4. Remove the battery terminals with Clean the battery ing care not to get the solution tery thoroughly. 5. Connect the battery minal.
  • Page 54: Wheel Removal

    Wheel removal Do not attempt to remove and knowledge to do so properly. 1. Block the wheels securely. 2. Remove the wheel cap, and then remove the cotter 19 mm nut one turn. 3. Jack up the front or rear of the lawn tractor, under the frame.
  • Page 55: Cutter Deck Removal

    Cutter deck removal Never attempt running. Remove the key from the engine switch plug cap to prevent accidental 1. Lower the cutter deck and loosen the belt tension 23). 2. Remove the belt from the engine 3. Remove the belt from the deck driven FRONT to remove the cutter...
  • Page 56 3. Remove the six yellow-colored lock pins (three on each side), and then remove the front deck links. FRONT DECK LINK WASHER LOCK 4. Raise the deck height adjusting lever as far as it will go. 5. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left, and carefully remove the...
  • Page 57 6. Installation is the reverse of disassembly. WASHER LOCK -PIN NOTE: After installation, readjust drive belt tension.
  • Page 58: Cutter Deck Drive Belt Replacement

    Cutter deck drive belt replacement Shut the engine off and set the parking maintenance. To prevent accidental nect the spark plug cap. Wear heavy gloves when working with If the tractor has been running, very hot. Allow them to cool before 1.
  • Page 59: Blade Belt Replacement

    Blade belt replacement 1. Remove the cutter 2. Remove the nuts and then remove 3. Pull the belt off pulley tensioner pulley. Wear heavy blade belt, and don’t 4. Remove the belt from the other pulleys, deck (see pages 53 and 54). the belt stopper A, hold the belt securely gloves...
  • Page 60: Blade Bolt Tightness/Blade Replacement

    Blade bolt tightness/Blade HBlade bolt tightness 1. Remove the cutter 2. Turn the cutter deck upside 3. Clean dirt and grass from the blade and the inside of the cutter 4. While wearing heavy to check wrench that the blade bolt is properly Blade bolt torque: 6.0 kg-m (44 ft-lb) Blade removal...
  • Page 61 1 Blade installation 1 IMPORTANT NOTICE lent. 1. Clean dirt and grass from the blade, blade holder, cutter deck. 2. Install the blade holder, NOTE: Right and left blades are not interchangeable. high-lift blade on the right (discharge the left side, as shown. Be sure the blade is properly tightening of the holder.
  • Page 62: Spark Arrester Maintenance (Optional Part)

    Spark arrester maintenance You can purchase an optional, product from your authorized resters are required in some areas; check local laws and regulations operaing this Honda product. The muffler hot for a while after the engine while it is hot. Allow it to cool before proceeding.
  • Page 63: Fuse Replacement

    Fuse replacement The 20 A main fuse is located When frequent fuse failure overload in the electrical repair. To replace a fuse, pull the old fuse out of the clips with your finger. new fuse into the clips. 20 A MAIN FUSE Never use a fuse with...
  • Page 64: Fuel Filter

    Fuel filter Remove the fuel filter visually inspect it through Replace the filter if it is contaminated NOTE: Drain the fuel tank before disconnecting filter (see page 63). Transmission 1. Park the tractor on level ground. 2. Remove the oil filler cap and make sure that the oil level is up to the lower edge of the oil filler hole.
  • Page 65: Long Term Storage

    Preparation for storage The engine becomes very hot during operation after stopping. Allow the engine to cool before storing. Contact with a hot engine or exhaust burns or fires. Let the engine The following steps should it will be stored for longer than 30 days.
  • Page 66 2. Change the engine NOTE: If the lawn remove the spark plug and pour three tablespoons of clean motor oil into the cylinder. Place P.T.O. (Power front clutch several the OFF position. Reinstall Be sure to wear heavy-duty clutch. If the lawn tractor Allow it to cool before 3.
  • Page 67: Removal From Storage

    4. If equipped with the optional clean the bags before storage. 5. Remove the cutter 6. Turn the cutter deck upside with water, and dry thoroughly. 7. For longer service mower housing clean washing it down with brush and scraper. Cleaning and rust prevention storage.
  • Page 68: Troubleshooting

    9. TROUBLESHOOTING Engine fails to start 1. No fuel. 2. Shift lever in gear. -Position lever engaged. - 3. P.T.O. or -Regap 4. Spark plug faulty improperly gapped. 5. Spark plug wire loose -Check or disconnected. 6. Fuel not reaching carburetor.
  • Page 69 Oil consumption 1. Incorrect oil viscosity- 2. Oil leaks 3. Worn piston 4. Oil level too high Excessive vibration 1. Loose blade or engine- mounting hardware. 2. Blade damaged balance. Belt damaged. 4. Each pulley pulleys not aligned. Battery will not charge 1.
  • Page 70 Uneven mowing 1. Lawn tractor speed too fast-shift 2. Grass accumulation- inside deck. 3. Dull blade. 4. Tires improperly inflated.- 5. Mower not level. 6. Wrong cutter deck height.-+ 7. Chute clogged (if equipped with optional grass bag). 8. Lawn wet 9.
  • Page 71 Blade does not rotate or stop 1. Blade belt worn or broken 2. P.T.O. lever malfunction Scalping 1. Anti-scalp rollers not adjusted properly. 2. Cutting height too low.---) 3. Turning speed fast.- 4. Uneven surface. 5. Rough and uneven surface.---, Mowing load is too heavy 1.
  • Page 72: Specifications

    5.1 km/h (3.2 miles/h) 6.4 km/h (4.0 miles/h) 7.6 km/h (4.7 miles/h) 3.6 km/h (2.2 miles/h) 9.0 P (2.38 US gal, 1.98 Imp gal) 12V30AH are subject to change H4013 MZAR cu in) x 2.51 in) (ND) x 1,050 speed without notice.
  • Page 74: Warranty Service

    12. WARRANTY Owner Satisfaction Your satisfaction and goodwill Honda warranty details ty. Normally, any problems dealer’s service department. been handled to your action: Discuss your problem complaints can be quickly already been reviewed the dealership or the General If your problem American P.O.
  • Page 75 When you write or call, please provide the following information: • Model and serial numbers • Name of the dealer who sold the Honda power equipment to you • Name and address of the dealer who services your equipment •...